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    This is huge for me. I haven’t walked this many steps in quite a while. I have so much energy and I’m only four days post op.
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    May 2022 surgery?

    Hi Everyone! I’m new here and have sleeve surgery set for May 20. Anyone else in May? Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone, I am new here and just had my sleeve surgery on May 11. So far everything is going well, however mourning a little the social aspect of eating with family and friends, being able to grab coffee from a local coffee shop, etc. I was wondering at what point could you eat a ‘normal’ meal again, of course smaller portions. What is dinner with family like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year post surgery. Do you eat what they eat but smaller with focus on protein? What is eating out socially like? I have heard many veteran sleevers say they can eat everything but now with greater portion control. Is this true? At times i feel there is mixed messages around what life is really like post gastric sleeve and want to hear from those at various stages on this journey. Thank you.
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    Whats Next


    Love it. I can’t wait for this in future.
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    May 2022 surgery?

    Sleeved May 15th, 2022, and I'm never looking back!
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    Blah...my first stall...

    Day 15 post op. I’m stalling at the moment as well. It’s like it’s a calendar event on my phone or something 🤣 as much as I read about it I’m still irritated hah. No gain, but no loss. Just have to ride it out!
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    6 weeks post op depressed

    yup everyone is different. We all loose at different rates. Some are quick, Some are slow. Its just the way it is. Just stick to your plan and enjoy life.
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    On 19th May 2022, I'll be having Revision Surgery from Lapband to RNY. I just started my Pre-Op Diet on 5th May. My journey has just begun and approaching the date ... as they say, to be continued
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    I just finished my 3rd week after revision from LapBand to Gastric Bypass! I had mine done at the same time, tho. Like previous reply, this has seriously been the best decision. The band was torture, frequent vomiting even with NO fill, my band had slipped and the frequent vomiting maybe led to a hiatal hernia. And I regained every last pound of the 60# I lost with it. The bypass has been great, I started soft foods last week and so far so good. I've lost 25.4#!! All the best to you!
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    Movie Snacks

    One month out might be tricky in finding something that agrees with the stage you are in. Take your cute water bottle and bring crystal light singles, have some protein before you go in, then you won't feel so tempted. There are protein chips and similar items like cheese crisps that you might be able to tolerate. Warning - the smell of them made me nauseous. But here is the kicker... this is an old habit that might need to go. The association of food and movies is something to thibk about. I have the same issue here at home - my husband 'junks' it up while we watch movies. I have a serious love of popcorn, and I can quickly be in trouble with it.... I had to stop watching movies with him for awhile until I could handle not eating at all during a movie. Snacking is a meal, not a snack - of course this is further out in your journey. Right now you have to eat many times just because you cannot consume very much. Good luck.

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