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    No lie, I was angry initially. I don't think I could've stuck to the regulations had I not lived alone. I was fortunate in that case, and didn't cohabitate until almost two months later. I was told my taste buds would reset and have they ever. Because I was eating foods with so much sugar, things like strawberries, oranges, and grapes, just didn't cut it for me. Now that I've abruptly stopped bingeing on added sugars formulated in laboratories and not found anywhere in nature, fruit is a treat to me. I never thought an orange would be so delicious!
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    6 weeks post op depressed

    Can anyone give me some encouragement that I will find happiness in life again? I feel so blah at the moment and I can’t find joy anywhere in my life. Has anyone experienced this? I am usually the positive person in the world and my personality has completely changed. Please give me some insight that this will change. I’ve only lost 17 lbs on top of it all.
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    The Traveler

    May Surgery Buddies

    Hi All, Currently, my surgery is scheduled for May 3rd. I was wondering if there were any other people on a similar timeline who I could buddy up with for support and discussion. It will be covered by the insurance IF the results of my sleeping test were negative. I find that out on Thursday. Then the surgery is a go ahead for the 3rd. I am anxious about both.
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    lapband removed hoping to have bypass

    I had my lap band removed in 2016 after having it nearly 8 years. I had no fill and could barely eat. It didn't slip but I had to have my esophagus dilated a couple of times. The Dr that removed it wanted to do a conversion to sleeve a few months after but I thought I could keep the weight off. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and another chronic pain illness about the same time so it seriously hampered my ability to be active. I put all my 94 lbs lost back on. I also had a lot of scar tissue from the band which caused narrowing at the GE junction and poor esophageal clearing. My Dr wasn't sure he'd be able to do the bypass so I went into surgery not knowing if I was going to wake up with a new stomach. He did get it done but said it was very challenging. I'm so thankful that he was able to give me the bypass. I'm sorry I waited so many years to do it. I was afraid of the bypass. I'm 11 days PO.
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    Kinda annoyed and confused

    Glad to hear that you got the answers that you were looking for. I am 14 months and I eat about every 3 hours still. Breakfast is a protein shake at 9, lunch at 12, snack at 3, dinner at 6 and snack at 9. I set alarms until I got used to it but now that have been doing it for a while and my hunger has come back my body tells me it’s coming up on time for my next meal or snack.
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    Blah...my first stall...

    Yeah, everyone defines a stall differently. Personally I use at least “1 week of consecutive days of non-weight-nor-inches loss” as a definition. I mean, I could drop a good 2 lbs with a nice poop (i pooped every 3-4 days - sometimes even longer than that - back in weight loss phase, so that made sense) …and yes, I used to weigh myself before and after poops cuz it was fun for me 😂) What some people consider stalls, others call daily fluctuations. But however you define it, just keep on trucking, and aim to keep the anxiety at bay. Remember: stress (i.e., cortisol) has a positive correlation to weight gain (i.e., increased hunger and over-eating) Good Luck! ❤️
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    PCOS and vsg pre op diet

    as long as you're following the plan, I wouldn't worry about it. There could be a number of factors affecting your weight loss (hormones? Constipation? Water retention?). The goal of this pre-op diet is to shrink your liver, so you're good..
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    Let’s talk about… skin

    Plastic surgery was the best thing I did for myself post VSG. Head over to the PS forum, lots of folks have shared their stories and before/after pics.
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    Blah...my first stall...

    We call it the 3 week stall but it can occur earlier or later. Think of it as your body needing to take a breath. It’s been going through a lot. It’s like your body shutting the door & pulling the covers over its head just like you might like to do when stressed or anxious. And yes, just stick to your plan, let your body do what it needs to do & you’ll start to lose again. Just remember it may take 1-3 weeks.
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    Was there not a psychologist or psychiatrist in your Bariatric consults or team? We have 2 in our program as resources for patients with mental health needs. I’d hate for that to not be common :( so sorry you are struggling! I wish I had insight but all I have is a friendly internet hug 🥰

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