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  1. Hello! I’m just 5 months post-op and doing fantastic. Everything’s gone so well thus far except for the crazy amounts of hair I’m losing. It started a few weeks ago and hasn’t let up. I knew this would happen and it’s an easy price to pay for how healthy and happy WLS has made me. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to combat or at least mitigate the loss? My hairstylist suggested a supplement called Viviscal, and castor oil for my scalp, and shampoo and conditioner that regrow and thicken hair. Has anything worked for you? Thanks in advance!
  2. This was the moment I was overwhelmed by my sheer hard work and all I’ve accomplished: fitting absolutely PERFECTLY into an airplane seat. I was so excited. When I was first considering WLS, I said I just wanted to be able to do something as simple as being comfortable and able to move down the asile without bumping shoulders along the way. I actually cried when we took off. I was a huge moment for me.
  3. Thank you everyone! Yes, seeing the amount of hair in the mesh drain cover is disturbing. I’m heartened to hear it has grown back for you all. I appreciate your replies!
  4. I’m having an awful time with hair loss too. I posted a plea for suggestions to hear from others coping also. I already had very thin hair and loss to begin with and I didn’t expect the loss to be so profound. It might just come with the territory, like the loose skin. A kid I know calls them angel wings. That makes it sound better. I can empathize with the lumps and saggy skin. It crept up on me overnight and now I can’t stop poking at the spare tire of flab. All I see now is the muffin top and there’s nothing I can do on my own to make it go away. It helps to focus on the things I can do now and all the possibilities we have. There’s so much more we can do in our healthier bodies and you’re fortunate to start this weight loss journey so early in life. Take care.
  5. Hi all! Reporting in! I’m officially down 83lbs since surgery on 2/3/22. Previously size 2XL-3XL and 20, now size Small/Med and size 10. I’ve never felt better or been happier. I’m stoked about what I see in the mirror but am bummed that the excess skin/fat gives me a muffin-top in fitted clothes. Better healthy and saggy though! My hair started falling out a couple weeks ago and it’s a LOT. I knew it would happen but it’s unsettling nonetheless. How is everyone else doing? We’re 5 months past. Can you believe how much life has changed??
  6. SoCalEm

    Feeling fat after vsg

    I'm feeling it too, but as a result of not seeing the drastic and rapid changes I did in the first few months. I actually GAINED weight for the first time since being sleeved and while it was just 1 lb., it was disheartening. I got used to seeing the number drop by several pounds each week and the gain was sobering. I felt like it was the start of a downward spiral. Anyhow, I'm afraid of not being as pleased with how I look in the mirror, but it is what it is. We've made huge strives and I'm trying to keep that in mind.
  7. No lie, I was angry initially. I don't think I could've stuck to the regulations had I not lived alone. I was fortunate in that case, and didn't cohabitate until almost two months later. I was told my taste buds would reset and have they ever. Because I was eating foods with so much sugar, things like strawberries, oranges, and grapes, just didn't cut it for me. Now that I've abruptly stopped bingeing on added sugars formulated in laboratories and not found anywhere in nature, fruit is a treat to me. I never thought an orange would be so delicious!
  8. For me, it was a last resort. I had a come-to-Jesus moment when I realized all else had failed as nothing ever stuck. I was lucky enough to have had a therapist who'd specialized in eating disorders and she was my biggest cheerleader. The absolute necessity of eating nutritious food, and just enough to meet daily goals, forced a reset in my relationship with food. I feel so much better physically and (with very close monitoring by my psychiatrist) am taking one med as opposed to two. Mood swings caused by my sugar addiction have been been eliminated and now I'm able to work on the inherent stuff. It was and continues to be a total gamechanger.
  9. SoCalEm

    VSG and constipation

    Honestly the constipation was more painful for me than the surgery itself. I had to see a doctor because I thought I was dying (swear it) but since incorporating fruits with fiber (especially apples) and green veggies, it hasn't been as bad as before. I've found it to be an issue again when I slack on veggies and water. My nurse recommended Smooth Move tea but I haven't tried it yet. Hang in there!
  10. SoCalEm

    3 months post op breakfast ideas

    I have 6-8oz of unsweetened soy milk and 1 scoop of Gold Standard whey protein powder. That equates to 31g of protein and around 200 calories. It's a lot for my daily limit but it boosts my protein recommendation of 7-100g. The double rich chocolate flavor with a little cinnamon has yet to get old!
  11. SoCalEm

    VSG with no Thyroid

    This brings up a question I logged on to ask! I've never had a thyroid issue until my labs came back almost 4 months later (now). They indicate a low TSH, but my T4 was normal. Doc thinks it's an anomaly so I'm going back for more bloodwork in 6 weeks. Has hyperthyroid begin after WLS? I'm thinking it might've resulted from that...
  12. SoCalEm

    Kinda annoyed and confused

    I think that's the point, to eat until you're comfortable. That's what we're supposed to get used to. Since getting sleeved almost 4 months ago, I've really learned how to tune into my body and hunger signals. Chewing 30 times or until the food dissolves forced me to slow down and be aware of everything I put in my mouth. The challenging part has been what I've chosen to put in! A tip I have I to drink as much water, and as often, as you can. I found I'm significantly hungrier when I'm low on it. And adhere to stop drinking 30 minutes prior to eating, and waiting 30-45 minutes before drinking again.
  13. I’ve always entered a room, store, get together, etc and felt like everyone was staring at me because I was so heavy. It was constantly in my mind. Now that I’ve dropped from 2-3XL sizes to M-L sizes, it’s never a concern. It feels like a “weight” has been lifted and I’m free from the paranoia.
  14. It's been almost 3 months since my surgery, and I have to say that carbonation is the thing I miss the most. Even just unflavored seltzer water. I'd like to try it again at least 6 months out, but I'm afraid it'll lead right back to soda. Good to hear that at least carbonation isn't completely off the table.
  15. I’ve been doing lots of research into sugar and how it effects the body in every aspect. It’s funny that the CDC advises you limit added sugar intake to less than 10% of your total daily calories, while the AHA recommends a limit of 6% daily. I’ve cut out most processed foods and my sugar consumption is very minimal. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made to my moods and energy levels. My tastebuds no longer need that hit of sweetness that only come from laboratories and whole food like tart strawberries and oranges do the trick. If I really crave chocolate, I go for dark chocolate chips.
  16. Hello! I’m about 6 weeks post op and have been really bad about taking both my multi chewable and calcium vitamins. It’s honestly been close to two weeks now, and I’m feeling very off. Tired, not able to focus much, loopy. I started taking them again three days ago but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing?
  17. Hi! My program stresses lean proteins at the stage I'm in (pureed), so I'm eating canned chicken breast, tuna, and sometimes egg salad. They cautioned me on sodium, which is usually very high in canned and condensed soups. I think the concern is sodium can dehydrate you. Sounds funny, but I searched on Pinterest for simple recipes I could make at home and customize to my liking. Many of the pins link to bariatric patient geared sites with people years into their journey, so there's lots of insight and tips.
  18. Hello! Hydration has been my biggest challenge thus far. I was on it up until I started working again, and now sipping every 15 minutes has fallen by the wayside. Everything feels so off when I don't drink. My suggestion is to be dilligent in starting your sips upon waking up, and carrying on until bedtime. I have the Bariastic app to keep track of ounces and the alarm sounds every 15 min. Just be careful not to let too much time pass between "doses", otherwise it's almost impossible to catch up. Good luck!!
  19. I've been sticking to the same old, too. Chicken and mayo, tuna, egg salad. No sugar added applesauce is my go-to side. I bought a sugar free BBQ sauce called G Hughes, so yesterday I heated up a tiny bowl of pureed chicken and mixed in a dab of sauce. Can't recommend it enough!
  20. Hello! I was sleeved 2/3. The new stomach thing is weird, right? It was odd at first to feel the full sensation in my chest as opposed to under my ribcage. Our pouches tell us when we're finished eating now! It feels like I've got floaties on to help keep me from sinking to the bottom of the pool. 🤣 Have you had any changes to your taste buds? Apparently I no longer love intense artificial sugar flavor. I am in no way sorry about that.
  21. So true. For the first time of perhaps my life, I had to listen to my boy and give it what it needed. The hardest part for me was recognizing the warning signs and responding before it got out of hand. I was upset that I was so physically weak and thought I was just exaggerating. I was suspicious and couldn’t trust my physical limitations yet. That changed only after I stopped fighting it and realized how exhausted I was. Glad you’re doing better! To anyone pre or barely just post, don’t ignore your signals. Healing takes its own time and we’ll all different.
  22. SoCalEm

    Periods (women only please)

    I was told the pill was much less effective (not always absorbed fully after surgery) and coupled with the flood of estrogen, fertility is amped up. OB/GYN recommend condoms or IUD. I just had VSG last week so I’m still learning the ropes. I hope that’s helpful!
  23. Hi @freckledmegan! I started chewable multi on day 1. I got the Bariatric Advantage brand and they are tolerable enough. I start the calcium chews 1 month after. The same brand and the variety flavored pack. Those are actually tasty. This was the surgeon’s suggestion following the VSG.
  24. Thanks, @ShoppGirl. Today is my first day of full liquids and it’s been SO much easier getting my protein count up. Hunger pains are only when I’ve gone too long between shakes so I’m feeling much more optimistic and encouraged.

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