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    Whether your body absorbs more protein into the blood from GENEPRO2 or eggs or beans or steak is not the point. Nutrition labels are required to state actual amounts, not imaginary "up to 30g" amounts with double asterisks and shady bro science after it. They can make claims on the rest of their label, but not in the supplement facts section. If it's 58.7 cal and it's got 0.3 g fat (9 cal/g) and 0.6 g (4 cal/g) carbs, then it has 13.4 g (4 cal/g) protein in it. Calorie counts are allowed a 20% leeway by law, so it could be as much as 70.44 cal in which case it's got 16.335 g protein in it. Or it could be as little as 46.96 cal in which case it would have 10.465 g protein in it. Period.
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    3 weeks post op

    I’ve wondered that myself lol. It’s hard to know when I just had so much done! Thank you. That’s possible I guess for the protein shakes. I’ve used a flavorless dissolvable protein powder today. Since surgery I’ve had it once or twice a day but the past two days have been exhaustingly excessive lol. I’ve focused on liquids today and adding my protein to my hydration and have actually been a little better. Thank you for your thoughts!
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Looks so good!! I’m in Texas so not quite fall here lol
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    How many calories a day?

    Are you following your post op guidelines with regards to food volumes/intake? Are you losing weight? If yes to both of these, I can't see how you are eating too much. If would be helpful (but if you choose not to that is fine)if you filled in your profile it gives context to questions and helps members in tailoring their responses.
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    Return to work

    Depending how they react in your digestive system you could end up being the stinky thing at work 😉😆.
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    I've gained weight...

    There is no other alternative than surgery for loose skin in the abdomen area.
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    First All Inclusive vacation

    I just spent 2 weeks at Walt Disney World, go home tomorrow. I’m only 4 months out, so the restriction definitely kept things in check. But I did try various things while still focusing on protein. Some foods “sit” heavy, but I did not have any reactions overall to the different foods. I’m sure the scale will show an increase Monday, water weight due to eating carbs & the humidity. But, I’m hoping for a drop the following week because I did a tonne of walking that more than counteracted the food I ate. (I still tracked best I could - mainly to keep on top of protein intake)
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    It's the little changes I never expected, along with the obvious health related benefits, that reinforces I did the right thing...even on the days that I have struggled with the emotional impact of having this surgery. Looking in the mirror after several hrs with makeup on and not looking like a raccoon makes me happy! 😊
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    Calling all fellow Aussies!!

    Yoohoo, I was sleeved on 4 January, and live on the sunny Gold Coast. Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to find out details you may not remember to ask your surgeon. Remember, it's based on peoples experiences, and not so much medical so it's a pretty descriptive forum haha. So here is a bit about me... My name is Janine and I work in IT - from home all the time now, quite a good thing after surgery! I have always been SUPER active with my weight fluctuating from 70kgs - a healthy weight - to over 100kgs. I was 97 when I finally bit the bullet and went to the surgeon. My food diary was very balanced, just waaaaay too much of it. I have back fractures from my own stupid behaviour on my jetski, which makes me nearly paralysed some days. The pain went as soon as the weight started coming off. I am cranky and moody and such a b***h at times. My moods have definitely improved, but I think my husband will disagree with me there! Post surgery was somewhat of a breeze. I feel full all the time, so getting food in is a challenge. Getting fluids in was really really hard....so I did a 50/50 apple juice and water and that helped. I've had no nausea at all, just the feeling of being full. I am nearly breaking the 80kgs and my goal is 65kgs. A little confession...I nearly pulled out when I was on the table. I'm glad I didn't. Another confession - the day after surgery I thought I'd made the BIGGEST mistake of my life. I was being a drama queen and very precious...it's the BEST thing I have ever done. Feel free to connect via messages here. I don't do social media any more so I'm not a facey or insta girl.
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    Before and After Pics

    I am 10 months post-op, down 158 pounds. Starting BMI of almost 45 and now my BMI is right about 20! Under my ultimate goal by 14 lbs! I went to my very first club over the last weekend and felt so confident!!! So happy and excited to be here. I never thought I'd be here and it's all gone by so quickly. proud of my fellow weight loss warriors for all. your success. I figure I'll hold off on posting any more pictures until I hit that 1-year mark. Working out, maintaining and getting to my healthiest me. Sorry for the lack of "before" pics. I avoided the camera for an entire decade. Now I'm an obnoxious selfie queen! HA! Love and happiness to everyone. This is just to show it CAN BE DONE. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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