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  1. Could be unrelated to your surgery. See a doctor.
  2. Jaye W

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    I am allowed to drink up until I start eating. I drink water while waiting for my meal. Is your plan no drinking 30 mins before and after?
  3. I am 3.5 months post op sleeve and started back to the gym for weight training. I am thinking of going 3 times per week with 1-2 days in between workout days. I walk 60 minutes daily and will keep that up on non gym days. Probably will walk 30 minutes on gym days. Does that seem to be enough weight training to make a difference? Looking to tone up and fill in loose skin in problem areas while continuing to lose weight in honeymoon phase. Will the weight training slow down my weight loss?
  4. Jaye W

    Walking shoes recommendations

    I use Brooks. Unfortunately they cost more but I think you get what you pay for when you need support. I get them on sale at sporting goods stores as long as you are not picky about the color.
  5. Jaye W

    Fitness watch.

    My Apple Watch shattered so I needed a quick cheap replacement. I found an off brand smart watch/ tracker for around 30 dollars on Amazon. It is Letsfit IW1. It syncs with Apple health. If all you want is a true fitness tracker it works
  6. Jaye W

    Joing a gym

    I belonged to the y before and the price is much higher than Planet Fitness. I don’t like classes so PF works better for me. I have knowledge how to use machines and did work with a trainer before so I dont need a lot of support. You can usually do a free trial day at any gym. Might be wise to check it out if you have not already joined one.
  7. Jaye W

    I joined a gym

    I just joined planet fitness too. They have exercises on the app you can follow or you can scan the QR code at each machine to see how to do the exercises. There should be a new orientation session you can attend to learn how to use machines/ get a program set up. I have the cheap membership and have access to all that. Usually you do 15 min. Of cardio for warm up then focus on upper body one session, lower body a different session. Good luck.
  8. Jaye W

    This group is really great

    Wow. I ventured into what I thought was another support group on Facebook for bariatric patients and was really offended by the snarky admins there. Makes me glad I found this group. It is good to hear direct comments, but no need to be so rude in delivery.
  9. Jaye W

    Hit goal

    Way to go! Now time for the maintenance
  10. Jaye W

    This group is really great

    I have been here a while, just appreciating it after a little time in the other group
  11. Jaye W

    What are your go to meals?

    I make what I call taco salad for lunches. 1/3 cup ground chicken cooked in taco seasoning ( cook a pound and refrigerate- then measure 1/3 cup for each meal) I like it cold 1/4 cup pico de Galla (Aldi’s) 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese 2 Tbsp of Lite Catalina dressing 1/2 bag of quest taco flavor protein chips ( small individual bag). I sometimes add up to 1/2 cup bagged salad but I prefer it without the salad.
  12. Jaye W

    1 Year Post-Op Update

    Great job. Keep up the good work
  13. I think it would have to start with the new policy
  14. Jaye W

    Red meat consumption

    No issues with red meat, chicken or pork here. Good luck
  15. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. HW 264 SW 235 CW 195 GW 130 Height 5’5” BMI 32.6 I was sleeved 2/24/21 and am down 40 lbs since surgery and 69 lbs overall. I recently made it to Onederland and am down 3 sizes- gave all my pre-surgery clothes to a friend! Finding this is very doable and sticking with program. Using Baritastic app to track macros/ meet protein and fluid goals. I am attending support group hosted by my surgeon’s practice and belong to a couple other online bariatric social groups/ recipe groups. I am so happy I did this and looking forward to meeting my goal weight sometime. I eat between 650-900 calories per day ( not per surgeon- just the info from my tracking app) and exercise daily. I worry I am too high in calories but I feel good and the weight continues to come off- 5 lbs this week. Looking to start weight lifting to add muscle and help with sagging skin. I would love to hear how you are all doing.
  16. My PCP removed Morbidly obese from my diagnosis list. I am now just Obese, and my HA1Cis now Normal instead of prediabetic
  17. I Finally made it to Onederland. I am 9 weeks post op. Feeling great and looking forward to next goal of 100 Lbs down. At that point I will post a before and after photo. HW 264 SW 235 CW 199 GW 130-140
  18. I agree. With Tim. This has been what I consider easy meaning if you follow the guidelines you get results. No pain or food intolerance. I have no desire for snacks or junk food. My tastes are not changed or off. I am exercising daily. I am down 36 lbs in about 9 weeks since surgery- 65 overall since I started seeing Bari surgeon. I think it is because I did not have a true food addiction or emotional issue involving food. I just enjoyed eating the wrong things too much. Hoping it continues to be easy and I continue to see results and that others can feel this way too without guilt.
  19. Why would you have to give up red meat?
  20. Jaye W

    What is your why?

    When I had Covid my family all talked to each other thinking I was going to die because I was overweight....my sister told me that recently.
  21. Jaye W

    Post-op Portions help (1 month out)

    I had appt at surgeon’s office today. I asked the PA about not feeling the restriction and she said as I increase the density of foods I should feel it more. ( I.e. will feel full earlier with steak than yogurt). She said if I was stopping before I get that feeling and feel I have eaten enough that is fine. The Nut felt 3 oz of chicken at one time is too much for where I am post op even though I feel no restriction, and I should back it down to 2 oz so I can add veggies etc now. I have been progressed to regular bariatric diet after this.
  22. Jaye W

    Post-op Portions help (1 month out)

    I am in the same boat as you Katherine. Sleeved last week of Feb, still on soft foods and I don’t feel a restriction. I can eat 4 oz of chicken and a few green beans with no issues. I stop due to portion control rather than feeling a restriction. I am measuring y food to keep portions under 1/2 cup. I have lost 25 lbs since surgery with stalls here and there. I see surgeon on Monday, plan to ask about this and will share what I am told. I don’t think we are doing anything wrong. I would rather stop eating on my own rather than getting full every meal.
  23. Jaye W

    Stomach noises

    Yep. Very loud when I lay down to go to sleep. My husband thinks it is funny
  24. Jaye W

    Fish on soft food died?

    I had a crab cake from the appetizer menu yesterday at a local place and I am on soft food. It went down ok.
  25. Jaye W

    I Reached My Goal!!!!!

    Way to go!

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