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    My story

    FOLLOW YOUR PROGRAM! 15-17 lbs in month 1 is very normal. I lost 16 lbs the first month, and I started out well over 300 lbs. A 15-25 lb loss in the first month is a pretty normal range. I think the issue is that a lot of people's expectations are shaped by shows like "My 600 lb Life". You have to keep in mind that those people start at well over 600 lbs - so that are not your average WLS patient. Don't go back to all liquids if it's only an attempt to speed up your weight loss. You need to follow your program. The weight WILL come off if you stick to your program. I promise!
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    Gastric Bypass Take 2?

    I posted back in August about my surgery getting canceled because of a covid surge in my area. I was devastated and facing losing my insurance. As luck would have it, I got to keep my insurance another month and was rescheduled for tomorrow. I have been trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but I just had my pre-op appointment and so far everything is a go. I’m crossing every appendage I have that tomorrow goes off without a hitch. I’m supposed to check in at the hospital at 10 am.
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    I dump 6 years post op. Aweful feeling
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    Hi, I had some spots near my incision sites that felt like a mass. I am not sure if that is what you are describing. I thought it might be a hematoma or seroma. I did call the doctor's office a few days after I got out from the hospital, as I was was worried about it. He told me to put a warm compress on it and said to keep an eye on it. He thought it was likely a hematoma. At my 1 month post op the nurse practioner identified it as scar tissue. It was the size of a baseball a few days after surgery, it is now the size of a grape. Mine was sore to the touch, but isn't now (at almost 2 months post op). I think it is best you call the doctor, so you can describe it to them, and they can tell you if it needs medical attention, if you just need to keep an eye on it, or if it is a normal part of the healing process. Good luck with your weight loss process & wishing you a healthy recovery. 😊🍀
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    Women sleeves

    Do you happen to have link to this article? I would be interested in reading it. My initial response would be: if you are following your program, try to give it time, people lose weight at different rates, and is probably a little early at 6 weeks to think this isn't going to work. But I get the anxiety, you will read pages and pages of other people who feel the same way. With that said, to better offer suggestions (just suggestions, mind you as we are mostly not medical professionals and cannot assume we would know what is best for you based on a post on an internet forum)...what are your stats? Starting weight, height? How much weight lost so far? What is your daily average caloric intake?
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    @Paul.VDH No worries - OK, my 2 cents on "pouch reset" and "counting calories" - Let's look at it logically.... We all know you have to consume less calories than you burn - Otherwise = weight gain. At 10 months out, let's face it, you're bored with the "diet" and ready to venture into new foods. At least I know I was. For me, I simply had to come to a compromise with myself and knock on wood, so far it's working. You can do the pouch reset, and you WILL lose weight by going through the phases again - IF you're doing that to get back on track, then go for it. IF you're doing it to lose 5-10 lbs quickly and then go back to what you're doing today - It's a temp fix. No different than what many of us have done before on previous diets. Use the app to make yourself AWARE of what you're doing to self-sabotage and make realistic modifications from there. If you want something that's "forbidden" (cake, alcohol, fried food, etc.), have it - BUT, in a reasonable quantity - I was just talking to a friend last night who also did the surgery and we were talking about these things - Instead of eating something like it's the last time you will EVER have it again (food funeral?), have a bite or two and then put it up and replace it with something more reasonable if you're still hungry. Example - Last night my husband had country fried steak (one of my all time favorites - can you say comfort food!!) - Rather than have 3-4 ounces of it - I had two bites and was still hungry so I had a protein shake. A month or so ago, I would have eaten it until I was stuffed and then swear I wouldn't indulge again (and of course I would!). Drinking... well, again, I told myself that if I was going to fall off the wagon, I should make it worth it and over do it. I'm consciously working on enjoying a glass of wine (vs. a bottle) or a glass of bourbon (vs 1/2 a bottle!). At just over a year out, I pretty much eat and drink whatever I want. It's been an adjustment, but slowly but surely I'm getting where I want to be. Many days/weeks I don't track. When I find that I'm self-sabotaging (I get on the scale each and every day), I go back to tracking. Seeing it in black and white (both the scale and the tracking) helps me get back on track to maintain and/or lose. I may or may not ever get to my goal weight, but I'll be damned if I'm going back to where I started.
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    Do you happen to take a PPI? They can aid in the depletion of magnesium.
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    sabotaging visitor

    Six months post WLS and you've been put in a position to fail. Not by your doing but by an inconsiderate person. You have only ONE CHANCE to do it right. Only one. You need to give it your best shot and not have an inconsiderate person sabotage your path to better health. I once again bring up the comparison to being an alcoholic . Would you allow anyone to hinder your recovery from alcohol by letting them bring it into your home? NO, so why allow him to sabotage your recovery from poor health and obesity by allowing him to bring in junk food? The choice here is very simple, for you to succeed with weight loss and getting back to good health he cannot be a part of your every day lifestyle. Get rid of the food or pack it up and drop it off to the place he is going to but you need to get it out of your home. Remember you are only six months out and you've already gained weight. I'm out four years and I will tell you it gets harder NOT easier to lose and maintain the weight loss. Your in the best position of your life to lose the weight. Don't let Mr. inconsiderate ruin it for you. Despite what you might hear, insurance companies will not pay for a do over. Make the best of this golden opportunity.
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    I love love love Dr. McKenna! Unfortunately he is not in Harford County anymore. Not a fan if his replacement at ALL. I was banded by McKenna in 2008.
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    An inquiring mind wants to know

    I had my surgery in Frederick, Maryland by Dr. Steven McKenna. I would highly recommend him.

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