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    I would say for you don't commit to the surgery YET. I wish I would have done something about my weight sooner. However I think I did surgery at the right time. I had to work out the emotional issues I had and process childhood abuse first to understand why I ate. I didn't do that until I was past 30. Once I did that I was in a better space to get surgery. What I wish I would have done way sooner would have been sought therapy and worked with a dietitian back when my weight was still lower. If you haven't done other serious interventions to lose weight, then maybe surgery is right.
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    getting rid of too-big clothing

    I haven’t gotten rid of anything yet. I’ve lost about 85 pounds so far. I did move some of them from my closet to the basement though! I bought new tops and a few new shorts to get me through summer. I will need new jeans for sure but I probably won’t consider buying a pair until it starts to get cool mid-sept where I live. I haven’t accepted I lost weight yet. It’s been almost 11 weeks since surgery and I really needed new sizes just 4 weeks ago.
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    Today's Rant: Why not what

    I think it's important to talk about what we're eating. We do a lot of that. In minutia. We lable foods good and evil. We obsess about the "right" diet, calories, choices, etc.... But that's really the easy part. The hard part is figuring out WHY we're eating. WHY we ate ourselves to morbid obesity, and what need we were trying to address when we put that food in our bodies. I feel like if those needs aren't figured out and meaningfully delt with this whole process is really vulnerable to failure. I feel like we never talk about why we ate so much. I'm not saying we need pity party hour with extensive confessionals chronicallying every challenge, insecurity and poopy life event...lol. But I feel like sharing those little eureka moments were we've identified some little unmet need that resulted in bad choices....would be a good thing. For instance.... I used to get the KFC six million calorie dinner with the 12 pieces of chicken, 3 sides, biscuits and the chocolate chip cake....after grocery shopping. It was almost an unwritten thing. I deserved it. In some weird justification, I figured that I was shopping, carrying stuff in, putting things away, selflessly giving up time to a task I sort of despised for my family. Of course I deserved chicken! But really, what I wanted at the core of things....was support. I wanted to feel appreciated, and rewarded for being a good doobie. I wanted to feel nurtured after a stressful task that I hated. These days....we have a new rule at the house. The person who does the grocery shopping gets to relax and take a bath while the other person does the cooking. And you know what? It works. I feel appreciated, supported. And I eat a more balanced decent dinner and have a win. That feels good. I learned that I geninely don't like asking for help...and that I need to more often. Just writing that makes me cringe. My bariatric therapist did a lot of talking about the "whys" of over eating, and finding ways to get the desired needs met that aren't self sabotaging. I wish we talked about the "whys" more.
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    Hi, everyone, first of all, English is not my native language, so please, take it easy. I went through Gastric Bypass surgery on May 19th, it's been 45 days today, July 3rd. I found out that I had a stricture 10 days ago (anastomatic stenosis), the diameter of the stricture was 8mm and through endoscopy, the doctor could enlarge it to 12mm. But even after it, it was difficult to eat soft foods, so I was hospitalized once again and yesterday I had my stricture enlarged again, now to 15mm. The doctor told me to eat only pureed foods for 30 days until I get another endoscopy done and see if it's okay to eat solid foods again. So in the best scenario, according to the doctor, I would reintroduce solid foods only within 1 month and 1 week. It feels like an eternity, I crave to eat something else than creamy soups and fruit and protein shakes. I'm thinking about trying to introduce soft foods a little before that to know how it feels, like chicken soup, with soft potatoes and minced chicken. Would you do that too? Have you ever had a stricture? If so, how did you take care of it? I'm so worried and impatient about my case. Thank you!
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    Is it Worth it?

    The pain for upwards of month after, not being able to tolerate food or foods that I enjoy, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, no alcohol for 6 months to a year, no nsaids, potential gallstones, hernia , hair loss to name a few.
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    Ok weird, Pickle Juice

    I’m looking through the talk topics and come across yours as I happen to be drinking pickle juice-lol. I bought this at WalMart for $1.78 for 2.5 oz. It’s good, but not cost effective. I’ll just buy a jar of pickles in the future. Just found the situation a bit humorous.🤪
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    Thank You. Yes I'm home and recovering. Trying to slowing take in my liquids, but Thank Goodness everything went well and I'm home with my boys . Thank you so much
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    Surgeon Disappointed 😞

    Nope… I consistently lost 15 pounds a month for like the first 4-5 months. I thought I was going to be a slow loser since I “only” lost 15 that first month, but it just kept happening. Usually weight loss does slow after the first month or two, but if you stick with your plan you will keep losing and it adds up quick. We all lose at our own rates, so try not to compare yourself to others. 21 pounds the first month is awesome. You are doing great! Just keep on keeping on, and stick with your plan. 😊
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    Today's Rant: Why not what

    I agree - "why" is a key question. I expressed it this way in an earlier post:
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    I had surgery in November of 2020 and I'm 32 lbs away from my goal weight of 175lbs. I can relate to what you are talking about. I am way smaller than what I was and I have pictures to compare myself to but it isn't how I "feel". I still feel really big and sometimes feel very bloated and puffy. I think I really have a distorted view of my size. My boyfriend tried to help me with my perspective when we were on a hike this past weekend. He very discretely and quietly showed me women who were larger or smaller than me. Friends in WLS please don't think we are judging these people. He was only trying to give me a visual perspective of my journey so far. He also reminded me of times we went hiking in the past and how I would sweat profusely and be out of breathe and so very tired when we finished a hike. It really helped me realize that the main reason I did this was to get healthy and my size or number on the scale doesn't matter. It only mattered that I was able to continue to do what I love (hike) more easily and with greater energy so that I could better enjoy this hobby with him.

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