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    River Moon

    Help! Pills question

    Welcome to the healing side of things. I am 1-week post op today and had this same issue. Just as Arabesque said, mixing them with your shake or some soup is a great idea. My nutritionist also said using a little sugar free Jello works too. Jello essentially melts in our mouth and stomach so it's ok for phase 2. Congratulations and well wishes on your recovery.
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    sorry to hear that - but yea - the first month or two after surgery can be like that. It's all trial & error to figure out what your stomach will tolerate - and a lot of those foods you WILL be able to tolerate again, it just takes time.
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    I had GERD before my VSG surgery in 2014, and it only got worse over the next six years. Nothing helped, including PPI's. Fast forward to 2020. After a bunch of diagnostic tests to verify my GERD/Gastritis/Esophagitis, I had bypass surgery October 2020. I haven't had GERD since. I'm off all acid reflux medications. I've lost 56 lbs. since surgery and feel better than I felt in my 40's (I'm 64). I've got a ton of energy, walk 5 miles five days/week and do aquatic fitness classes 5 day/week. I'm loving my new, healthier self and so glad I made the decision to get the surgery. Yes, it is a life-long decision and I've forever changed how I can eat and process food, but so worth it! Needless to say, I would recommend the revision to anyone with severe GERD.
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    When does it get better!?

    It is challenging to meet your protein & fluid goals to begin. My surgeon said it was ok along as I was working towards meeting them. All your skates, broths your eating at the moment are liquids & count towards your fluid goals. Some people experience a lot of surgical pain &/or gas pain but some don’t. Some experience it for less than a week, others longer. I had no gas pain with my sleeve (had 4 days worth with my gall removal though) and my surgical pain was ok & I didn’t need any pain relief by day 4. Walk to ease gas pain & try some gas X. If your pain is severe & your prescribed pain meds aren’t helping, contact your medical team. It seems like people either are constipated or have diarrhoea post surgery. Try some stool softeners or other gentle stimulants (some swear by smooth move tea) in a day or so if you are still constipated. Constipation will be a regular experience while you’re losing. Honestly I have never talked about bowel movements as much as I have since surgery - LOL!! You’ve just had major surgery & altered how your body digests food. It’s completely different than what you’ve ever experienced before. You’re allowed to be be scared, confused, emotional, … We all heal & recover from surgery in our own time. Allow yourself the time you need. It definitely does get better.
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    Part of the reason that I tell everyone that I am having surgery is to lessen the stigma, but it's mostly because I'm an open book. However, not everyone has supportive people in their lives and they should not have to take the abuse that may be hurled their way just so the stigma may be lessened. It's just too hard on a journey that is already hard. I think it's great for those of us who feel we can be open about it, but it's not always easy, and we should be aware that it's not always going to be an option for everyone for a variety of reasons. And honestly, are you really going to run up to random people on the street and tell them? Every time you meet someone who met you when you were heavier you'll have to make a decision as to what to tell them. I the people I chat with who work in the airport club that I was planning to have surgery - after one of the women said I looked like I had lost weight, and I said I was preparing for surgery, and another one started asking questions. It was a nice conversation, but it was a little unnecessary.
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    For me, nothing is off limits or forbidden. To me...that is giving food WAY too much power. That said, I've had to be really mindful about eating some things. Really sugary, refined flour stuff...like birthday cake or a fancy desert....if I want to eat it, I've gotta do the work to figure out what a 200 calorie serving is. If I eat much more than 200 calories of sugary refined stuff it's no longer a treat...it's super unpleasant. I don't puke or anything, I just feel kinda gross and unwell for half an hour. But hey....a little teenie piece of cake, a midget scoop of ice cream, a piece of a favorite donut, a small serving of a "mom desert"....is workable and enjoyable when it's a rare treat and the amount is reasonable. (rich stuff might only be a couple of bites) Rather than having forbidden foods...I have foods that I need a 24 hour waiting period on. LOL. Some foods, I refuse to eat on impulse or short notice anymore. But if I have time to plan for them in my whole day's nutrition and can plan out a reasonable portion....nothing is ever off limits. I'll also run cycles of four weeks with zero junk food, then one week with limited junk as desired. That way....if I want something bad enough to wait a couple of weeks for it...I can have anything I want. Off limits = food wins. I want to win. I want to control food, not have food control me. Stuff I have to be careful of: My beloved corn on the cob. Too much corn no the cob can still cause my banana stomach to feel stuck. I still eat it...cause I love it....but I make sure to eat bites of other things between small bites of corn to keep it from packing up. I do find that I like a lot of my old favorites less. Sugary stuff is wonderful for about the first three bites....then I'm done. Have learned through experience to enjoy a few bites and not push my luck. Several old favorites don't taste the same to me or satisfy the same way. Sometimes it's liberating to try old favorites and find out the appeal isn't there anymore. Lot of things are off my naughty list purely because they don't taste as good as my memory of them.
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    To break a stall... Chew your leg off.
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