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    if you're still seeing your bariatric team, I'd start there. Or if not, is it possible to see them again? Otherwise, if you're not still tracking your food intake, start there. Track for a couple of weeks to figure out what your average calorie intake is now. Then try cutting back by 100 calories or so for another couple of weeks. If that doesn't do the trick, cut back by another 100 calories. Rinse and repeat. Eventually you'll find the level where you'll start losing weight. also, start doing some of things we did that first year after surgery (NOT all the way back to shakes and purees - I mean how we ate after the first couple of months - focusing mostly on protein and non-starchy vegetables. Then if you have room, maybe a small serving of fruit or whole-grain carb). if you're having trouble with hunger while cutting back, add in more vegetables - I try to eat vegetables with every meal when I'm trying to lose (I don't always with breakfast, but I DO blend a cup of fresh spinach or kale in with my morning protein shake to make up for it). I also always keep raw veggies (with a dip made from plain Greek yogurt and ranch dressing mix), sugar free popsicles, and sugar free Jello around, too. Healthy fats like avocado and peanut butter or a handful of nuts can also help with the hunger - but just have a small portion of those since they're pretty high in calories. good luck with this. I know it's tough - I'm battling a 10-lb COVID gain right now and I know it isn't easy, but people do it... At least you're catching it at 40 lbs while it's still do-able oh btw - I know a lot of people who've regained who've had success with Weight Watchers, Keto, and/or intermittent fasting - so those might be options for you, too...
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    What kind of vitamins should i buy

    YMMV of course, the notion of spending a bazillion bux on "bariatric" anything is anathema to me. It's just license for them to charge more IMO. It's been 10.5 months and Wal-Mart's generic Equate equivalent to Flinstones chewables have worked just fine for me. I realize that some people have issues with taste & texture when it comes to medications, food, etc., but I always start with the cheap options first.
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    I love to swim, but the pool in my building is still closed due to COVID. To be honest, I didn't use it that much when it was open because it's tiny and really cold. However, I recently went on vacation and swam almost every day and I realized how much I missed it. I think they are opening the pool soon and I'm going to try to swim again, at least until my surgery, then I'll have to wait until my wounds heal.
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    I had issues with nausea and vomiting. I used to take the multivitamin/iron capsule from this website, as well as Citracal petites. Vomited nearly every day. I changed it to a multivitamin with no iron, that I take after a few bites of breakfast. At lunch, I take a slow release iron after a few bites. This regimen was suggested by a pharmacist. Then I take 1 tablespoon of liquid calcium citrate in late afternoon, and another at night. no more vomiting! GL!
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    @ShoppGirl @Suzi_the_Q @SunnyinSC Thank you for your opinion and advice. I really do appreciate it!
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    What kind of vitamins should i buy

    I agree, it is confusing. I started off with items from this site, such as a bariatric multivitamin capsule that contains iron. I also got two different flavors of chewable calcium citrate from bariatric advantage. Although I was able to swallow the capsule, the chewable calciums were very large, gummed up in the back of my throat which made me gag, and tasted gross. My surgeon’s office recommended Citracal petites. I was able to swallow those. Within a month, however, I had to change up everything. The iron in the capsule made me vomit, so I purchased a slow release iron tablet upon a pharmacist’s advice. This has been a godsend. I had to find a standalone multivitamin without iron, which I found at a grocery store. Then, The Citracal was making me vomit, so I found a liquid calcium citrate, not great tasting but I can definitely tolerate it. Do some reading, look at reviews, and start with a small supply of what you think will be good for you: multivitamin, iron, and calcium citrate. Take them at the start of a meal to help prevent stomach upset. If something doesn’t feel right, contact your doctor or nutritionist, and there are so many other options! Good luck!
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    No more boobs

    My recovery was surprisingly smooth. The first 2-3 days were rough of course, but after that I felt like each day was a big improvement over the previous. I went back to work full time at three weeks post op and felt great.
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    I haven't had surgery yet, but I had the same choice to make so figured I'd share my experience. Keep in mind everyone is different and my choice is just mine. I'm not suggesting that you should make the same decision or anything. So I have had issues with heartburn and I went into my surgery consult set on Gastric Bypass because of that. However, the surgeon recommended, due to my weight, Sleeve because it's less risk of complications. At my weight, the amount of actual loss would be about the same. My nurse then stepped in on my behalf and got an endoscopy to check out my heartburn issues. This was because I am self pay, and I can't really afford to do a sleeve, only to have to get a revision later, so she wanted to see if we could find a root cause of the heartburn/GERD. Endoscopy revealed I had a medium sized Type III hiatal hernia. While the hernia could be repaired during surgery, it also meant I had a good chance of needing a revision in the future if I went with Sleeve. Not guaranteed, but still a high probability. Since I'm self-pay and I definitely don't want to find myself in a position where my heartburn/GERD have gotten worse and I can't pay for a revision, we decided it would be best for me to go with Gastric Bypass. Gastic Bypass is a mal-absorption procedure in addition to just restrictive, so I will have to be extra sure my vitamins are okay, and it is more at risk of complications during surgery/recovery due to multiple incision sites. That being said, overall risk is still really low, it's just higher when compared to sleeve. Definitely weigh out the options, talk honestly and openly with your medical team about risks and complications. Hopefully you can come to a decision that works for you Best of luck!
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    Choosing between sleeve and bypass

    LOL - thanks! I've been hanging out on bariatric boards for a few years - plus I used to work with the pre-op groups at my clinic (well until COVID hit, anyway - so for three or four years). You hear and learn a lot of stuff that way!
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    Thank you! You were right! It went away and now I am down to 251.... losing around 1/3 to 1/2 pound each day!! Started on Stage II more solid than liquid but still soft food this week. Started taking probiotics to get my bowels working more normally. Feeling better!

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