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  1. Kris77

    Thigh lift

    My thighs are in a similar situation. Like you I had surgery in jan That was expensive! Worth it totally but I’ll have to wait for more surgery. I wish in hindsight instead of a tummy tuck that I did a circumferential tuck. That would have taken care of the full tummy tuck, lifting of thighs and bum all at the same time. Oh well. I do love my TT but wish I had firm thighs and I don’t like that my bum looks like and old man bum! Lol
  2. Sounds like you have head hunger. Try doing something active to distract yourself after your meal.
  3. Kris77


    Wow love that dress and you look awesome in it!!
  4. Kris77

    Walking shoes recommendations

    Brooks all the way! I don’t wear anything else. More expensive but worth it. I buy extra in soles too for my arches.
  5. You can do it!! You not only did it once, you went beyond the goal and that’s awesome!! You can do it! Keep your eye on the prize!!!
  6. Kris77


    Or take water w you on the walk and take small sips often. The mall is a good idea too. Cool inside there. Bring a water bottle there too though.
  7. Oh great news!! I misread that. I thought you said he was leaving afterwards! Yay great news!!
  8. Kris77

    PS overwhelm

    I can’t speak for any surgeons outside the country but the one I used is Dr Kerr in Round Rock. I was very happy and I know he has exp w Bariatric weight loss patients.
  9. Id want a surgeon who would be with me all the way through the process. If you want to come a little further to Houston I had a great surgeon. Dr. Khoi Du Surgical Specialist of Clear Lake
  10. Kris77

    My mommy makeover

    I had my MMO in Jan too! @ChubRub and Kristieshannon are all PS buddies. Go to the PS forum and see if you can find a PS buddy doing a similar surgery to yours. It really was cool to me having friends I could chat w about. Also these forums are all great to read of what people have had done and their exp and results. Congrats to you! Glad you are happy w your results!! It’s def the big pay off after all the hard work of losing.
  11. Kris77

    I Never Give Up

    @seattlelady Hey girl!! Fellow H-town girl here! I had mine done here too. Amazing surgeon. His name is Dr. Khoi Du. PM me if you want to talk. 😊
  12. Kris77


    (Holy sh$&balls Batman! ) You look amazing @bayougirl Wow you are killing it in that bikini. I want that suit...did you buy it online?
  13. Kris77

    Snacks on the go

    Unsalted Pumpkin seeds. I put them on my salads. Love them!
  14. Kris77


    Hey there! So what made you choose lap band? And in Turkey? Here in the states a lot of surgeons wont do that surgery anymore?
  15. Kris77

    Tragic accident

    I’m so sorry. 🙏🏻Prayers🙏🏻
  16. 🎉Congrats!!🎉
  17. Kris77

    Scared to eat.

    That’s great you found something you can tolerate!! And tastes good.
  18. Kris77


    Maybe use a butter lettuce as a wrap. I sometimes use that w a burger patty.
  19. Kris77

    Scared to eat.

    What did your surgeon say when you told him?
  20. Kris77


    That’s some hot dog!! You look great! I want that pie!!!
  21. Kris77


    Wow!! You look amazing and hubby can def shop for a girl!
  22. Kris77


    Wow!! You look great!!!
  23. I wish I loved to run like that! Think I’m being overly cautious On the masks-lol I didn’t zoom in so I guess I thought it was a mask! I knew you had said in Canada they were pretty locked down w everything so I thought maybe they were making y’all wear them outside. FYI you look so long legged and slim! I’ve always wanted long legs!! I’m jelly!!
  24. Title Nine? I will have to google that. I’ve been given the all clear but I’m not a runner to begin w (unless I was being chased lol) but I do like the elliptical machine. I’ve been extremely cautious on what I do upper body -haven’t done any upper body weight lifting and w my stomach-no crunches yet. Kinda scared to mess something up even though I got a clear from surgeon to do them. They said to start light. Haven’t done that yet. Just curious what others have felt after they started bk up again.
  25. Five days until my Full tummy tuck, Breast lift w Augmentation! I am so excited but getting pretty nervous now that it’s fast approaching. COVId test is on Monday! Did anyone second guess the CCs they chose? I find myself saying: Are they going to be too big? If I go down on CC will I wish I had stuck w the original CC I chose. Think it’s just nerves. I know I chose right for myself. 💛Glad I have my PS buddies @chubrub and @kristieshannon and past PS peeps to look to for helpful hints and support!💛

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