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    Jaye W

    Made it to Onederland

    I Finally made it to Onederland. I am 9 weeks post op. Feeling great and looking forward to next goal of 100 Lbs down. At that point I will post a before and after photo. HW 264 SW 235 CW 199 GW 130-140
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    Having a hard day today...

    Hiya! I felt the same way right after my surgery. Your hormones are changing a lot and definitely creates emotions you would normally be able to control. It doesn’t last too long so don’t worry. The first couple of months are hard to get used to but it definitely eases once you enter your third month. You made a huge decision and there will be an adjustment period. Don’t worry too much, you’ve got this! and it’s wonderful that your wife is so supportive. Having someone to help you during this time, especially when feeling fragile, is a gift. It’ll get better!
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    Intermediate Fasting

    There are a lot of magical properties ascribed to IF, but from a weight loss perspective, it is a convenient way to reduce the amount of calories that you consume in a day, if you don't overcompensate by loading all of your normally consumed calories into that reduced time slot. It's much the same with any of the other popular diets over the years - cut out fats, that's a lot of calories; cut out carbohydrates, that's a lot of calories. It all comes to an end when you learn to adapt and start consuming as many calories as you were before when you were gaining.
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    Medication After Surgery

    My surgeon and PCP had me stop my metformin when I started my pre-op diet and my hydrochlorothiazide the day of surgery. I have not had to go back on either. I never missed more than one or two doses of the hydrochlorothiazide though, so I don’t know if I had a reaction similar to yours. Since it is tough to meet fluid goals early on, it definitely made sense to me to stop the diuretic with surgery. It is easy enough to restart if you find you are needing it. Please discuss with your PCP and follow their guidance. Best to you with your surgery! 💕
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    Nicotine Test

    I don't think that would be an insurance requirement - more likely a surgeon requirement. Your surgeon must just not do it....
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    Feeling discouraged!

    Weigh once a week. It’s a bigger jump and gives you incentive for the next week.
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    I didn't feel restriction until after the puree stage. I was terrified. Don't worry. The first time you eat one too many bites of meat, It will be "dramatic". Lol Ask me how I know.
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    I'm 11 months out of sleeve surgery. I came to build a routine in what I eat, and I absolutely enjoy every meal. Even if it's exactly the same as yesterday. I love it. Here's what I eat in a day (and the day after, and the one after.... 🙂 Breakfast: 2 eggs, 4 oz of diced lean ham (pork or turkey, or a turkey patty), 1 oz leek, 1 oz sweet peppers, all scrambled together. Add 6-8 cherry tomatoes and an espresso with 1 oz of 2% milk. Lunch: 5 oz of lean meat (chicken breast, pork loin, beef sirloin) grilled or pan seared, 2 cups of shredded fresh cabbage, one tablespoon of light mayonnaise Dinner: 5 oz of fish (cod, mahi, salmon, tuna, shrimp) and 1 cup of sliced zucchini or snap peas, all pan seared together, plus one Danon Light&Fit yogurt. That's about 1100 calories a day. Throw in the occasional apple or cup of berries, and it's 1200 calories, all in. And that's ALL I've been eating for the last 10 months. The only variation is the type of meat or fish I have. Or what flavor yogurt I choose. I'm not bored, and I look forward to every meal. It makes it easy to shop for and cook. Do yourself a huge favour and throw away ALL the crisps, cakes and any other greasy or sugary snacks you may have in the house. Then don't buy them again. If you really must snack, bite into an apple, or chew on a carrot. It keeps the mouth busy, without adding much caloric content. Oh, and I drink a gallon of water a day, to stave off constipation. Hang in there, believe in yourself, and maybe talk to a therapist or a friend about it.
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    Just completed all my requirements and waiting on insurance approval and a date, I guess, at this point and I have not told anyone but my husband, of course, and our son who lives with us. I didn't want to tell anyone for fear that I would get turned down or something would happen along the way that halts it and then I'd need to explain why. So I figured I just won't say anything until it's all over and done with. I don't foresee anyone talking sh*t about it since all my friends and family know how hard I've tried losing in the past and all my struggles with my underlying conditions. I imagine everyone will be happy for me. And if not, that's on them.

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