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  1. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    @james2021 thanks so much for reaching out and way to go on your achievement!! You've lost more than 1/3 of your starting weight. Starting again is always more challenging than staying the course, but being conscious and honest about it is crucial. I've been hovering in the same weight range for a couple months now as well and am at the stage where even a single pound lost is worth celebrating. I struggle with getting enough protein (especially in the morning), avoiding carbs, and moving my body, which are old habits that got me to nearly 300 pounds. Sound familiar? I have a surgery on my right foot two days before Thanksgiving, so I'll be non-weight bearing for a couple months... and unable to drive. I'll be spending my winter/holidays healing and a big part will be to eat healthfully. Let's do this together! Let me know what you're doing toward your health and wellbeing. Won't it be great to spend next Spring and Summer feeling strong and amazing? Let's do this!
  2. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Whelp, you can tell a year out we are living our lives and not checking BP very often! Hello, surgery friends from May of 2021. I hope this finds you all busy and well. To @CJEE, I'd like to hear if your bloating, etc. has resolved. It can be from so many different things and presumably you've worked through it?? I'm feeling terrific. I was dx'd with breast cancer in May (early stage) and just starting radiation, and I am convinced it was caught so early because I'm down 100 lbs. Throughout surgery and radiation prep, I have continued to maintain my weight and I love that my body feels healthy, even through cancer treatment. I feel blessed that I had WLS and am committed to continuing the journey. Would love to hear from any/each of you too.
  3. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Love that quote: "...remind myself its not a race its not a competition its a life change" Right on! I hit about a 5 week stall in February where I was sure I'd be forever. I went back to rigorously consuming protein only in the morning with no carbs until afternoon, no eating after 7pm and drinking as much water as possible. It evidently triggered my metabolism and I have lost another 12 lbs since then. I still have a very strong restriction, so eating a big meal is off the charts uncomfortable for me. I pray that is always the case because my head still feels like more is better. Cheers to our next year of HEALTH AND WELL BEING!
  4. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Yes, absolutely you can turn it around. I've had those (thankfully, short term) times too where carbs and sugar was all I wanted (and had)... your body is amazing, but do it NOW. Let us know how you are!
  5. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hello all- I'm well and still losing, albeit much more slowly. I'm down from a size 24 pant to a size 14, which is probably more exciting to me even than the scale. I'm so glad to see the success everyone has had!! Way to go. I can honestly say WLS was the most important decision I have made in my life, aside from deciding to have kids. I'll be 64 this summer and feel better than I have in decades. This past year, many of you offered support and advice and just reading your stories buoyed me when I was feeling discouraged. Thank you! Cheers to the next stage for us all.
  6. Shame was a constant companion when I was obese. Not going back there for anything in the world. No thanks. I will value my body and be honest about what goes into it.
  7. pk88

    Dipping my toe in!

    Hi Shelley! Congratulations on making this big decision. I found this website before I had surgery too, and absorbed SO much information, then relied on the "veterans" for much of my guidance as my doctor was located out of my home country. I think having realistic expectations is important. I remind people new to surgery to remember that WLS is really about a year long process. The day of surgery is just day 1. For the first 6 months, you'll be taking care of yourself in the form of feeding, hydrating, moving and resting your body, as if you are nursing a valued patient. Be kind to yourself. I quite honestly feel having this surgery was in the top most important things I have done for myself in my life. I wish I had done it many years ago. Best wishes and let us know how your journey unfolds. We're all here supporting you!
  8. Food tasted really weird to me for at least 6 months post-surgery. I googled it and apparently a percentage of folks who have sleeve and bypass surgery experience a change in tastes. I expect it has something to do with the GI hormones, but I'm not sure. Nothing tasted right and I thought I'd never be able to enjoy food again. Not so! First, don't expect anything to be the same (or similar to "before surgery") for about six months. There are so many physical and hormonal changes taking place. You may not "go back to normal," but you WILL find a new normal and it is wonderfully functional! Right now, just treat yourself as a beautiful child who is learning and growing. Do the program (make sure you are getting plenty of protein and water), and you will be able to eat again, and even enjoy it. PS- I discovered quite a few of my "favorite" foods pre-surgery weren't enjoyable after because a part of eating them was to overeat them. Overeating now doesn't feel good and sometimes (even still) hurts terribly. I now have my taste buds back, enjoy what I always did, but have learned to eat them in small quantities. Wishing you ALL THE BEST!!
  9. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    So i feel like I have good news, and not so great. I'm a hair under 90 lbs since starting this process, meaning the pre-op diet, and I'm down 73 lbs since surgery on 5/12/21, all of which still stuns me. I am grateful beyond measure and trying to adjust to my jiggly, flappy body. When ordering clothes online, I wind up ordering 3 of the same item, all in different sizes. I'm proud of the journey, and not so proud of some of the food choices I've been making, ie. skipping meals, lack of exercise and am sitting with the realization that the eating habits that got me to 277 lbs are still right.... there! Er, here! So, here come the holidays, a trip to Hawaii after Christmas and life. I need a pep talk about how my body, my LIFE is important enough to eat healthy, whole, live foods and some serious encouragement throughout the winter (hibernation season in my neck of the woods). I also have an adult daughter who is overweight and has been gaining. We also work together..... it has been challenging. LOVE hearing all your stories.
  10. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I think that's remarkable weight loss! A month-long stall is probably super discouraging. Are you exercising more, less or not at all? Too much salt in your diet? Thyroid meds (should you take them) off? Hang tough, sistah. Nearly 90 lbs less than March is incredible!!
  11. pk88

    Water Consumption

    What kind of surgery did you have? Everyone's restriction is a little different depending on size of pouch and metabolism. I recommend sipping your liquids more slowly, even if you feel like you can gulp without consequences... and as always, call your surgical team or dietician with anything that you think may not be "normal". Best of luck!
  12. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I think these are the best wins; when we can go do "real life" and still remain aware and make good choices. Great weight loss and congratulations!
  13. pk88


    What they said Stick to the post surgery plan. Make SURE you are getting plenty of water and protein. Water and protein are essential to losing fat rather than lean muscle. During the first two months post surgery, I found it best to weigh just once a week. I still had bloating and the healing process encourages fluid retention. That will cause stalls too. You're doing fine. All the best!
  14. pk88

    May surgery.

    How are you feeling now?
  15. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    As we approach November and 6 months post-surgery, how is everyone doing? Thinking about you all and hope you're well.
  16. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Doing well. Sunday marks 4 months since surgery. I’m down 52lbs since surgery and 67 since pre op diet started. Food has begun to taste better to me which is both good and bad news. I reigned myself in after a holiday weekend with family centered around food. It was a good reminder that what got me to 277 lbs is still in and around me. Thankfully, I’m still only able to consume about 5-6 oz at a time. I drink a protein shake almost daily to bump up protein as I’m not able to consume enough food to get there without. Am always working to get enough water tho. All in all I’m great and so thankful I had this surgery. I love hearing from you all!
  17. pk88

    Dr and hospital recommendations

    Weightlossagents.com just refers you out to a provider, and up-charges you for the service. Where are you located? There are a number of good surgeons in the US and, if you do your due diligence, in Mexico as well... but, you HAVE to do some research to find them.
  18. pk88

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Best of luck to you all! It is a learning curve, but so well worth it. Just follow the plan and be kind to yourselves. Congrats on taking this step!
  19. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Three months and five days out from VSG surgery and I am down 50 pounds since surgery and 65 since April when I last saw my primary care doc. I've gone from a size 24 jeans to a size 18 that fit loosely. It is more weight than I thought I'd lose in this period of time and the lowest I've been in nearly 20 years. I love that my feet don't hurt, my ankles don't swell and that I have energy! My family went camping this past weekend and I actually went hiking, including climbing a steep hillside that, afterwards, I knew I'd have never have even tried before. I have had issues with consuming enough calories and finding foods that appeal to me, which I know has contributed to the fast weight loss. I can only eat very small amounts at a time and some days I don't do as well as others with my water and protein intake. While I sometimes miss the pleasure of a big, comforting meal, I don't dwell on it and find that eating to fuel my body has its own appeal. I feel free and that's a wonderful thing.
  20. I was given pantoprazole in IV until I was released, then okay'd to take it orally.
  21. pk88

    Scared to death!

    I think the original poster, AmyG2021 was concerned because they were only 7 days out from surgery.
  22. pk88

    Scared to death!

    There is physical hunger, and there is mind hunger - food fantasies. Because most of us got to WLS as a result of our mental relationships with food, the mind hunger is usually much more of an issue that genuinely being hungry. A huge part of this journey for me, and likely most people having surgery, is being able to distinguish between the two. I experience emptiness ("I'm hungry!"), then have to ask myself how long it's been since I ate or drank anything. This is when it is crucial to have high protein foods that fit into my diet on hand. Because I have been a compulsive eater, a food addict most of my life, I'm trying to approach this whole thing almost as a science. Someone also mentioned reflux and i agree, it can also mimic hunger pangs. Drink something, water or some of a protein shake. It helps coat and fill your pouch so you feel physically fuller. It also buys your mind some time to separate real hunger from food fantasies. Learn from the experience, be grateful if you didn't hurt yourself and move on. You just had surgery. I was an emotional roller coaster after mine. Get support from professionals if you're struggling with food addiction. Addictions don't go away just because you've had surgery. Take care of your body, and your mind. You're not alone.
  23. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    How are you doing since surgery?
  24. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I had an upper endoscopy yesterday at my primary doctor's request to see how my Barrett's esophagus looks and all signs of it are gone! That was good news. The GI doc was able to scope all the way through my sleeve, saying it is shaped like a banana with the bottom tip tilting upward, which may contribute to the significant restriction I feel when eating. He opted not to dilate anything because he had no problems getting the scope all the way through. He did say that I have a hiatal hernia, which was to be repaired during my VSG surgery, explaining it may have formed afterward or, more likely, the repair wasn't completely successful. It doesn't seem to bother me right now, so I'm grateful for that.
  25. pk88

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I appreciate your honesty and I can relate. Not about the coke, but definitely relate to wanting to lean on comfort foods and junk, especially when stressed or anxious. If it weren't for physical restriction (and the resulting misery when I overeat), I can see myself gravitating back to junk food and overeating. Let us know how you navigate this and what kind of help you find. Wishing you all the best!

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