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    PCP’s negative response to my wls

    yes - I'd suggest finding a new PCP. He obviously doesn't understand much about obesity or WLS.
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    ChubRub's Plastic Surgery Thread

    Getting more and more used to the faja. Have it on the 2nd row of hooks. It looks silly, but I decided to leave the crotch flap open and just wear a pair of panties over the faja. It’s more comfortable and feels more sanitary. Added bonus is that the faja gives me a tiny booty!
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    Hair loss @ 3 years post op

    I second catwoman7. Any number of nutrient deficiencies can cause hair loss.
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    Trash Article- Venting.

    Oh yes I see, everything points at "you" being the problem. Shameful.
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    Surgery delayed

    You are in good company. Mine is delayed as well. I jumped every hurdle they gave me and I was good to go..... I finished everything December 23rd....then they shut down due to covid. 😑 I have yet to get a call saying they are scheduling. I took it much like you did though..... more time to lose weight. When I finished everything I was at 304pounds. When my surgeon and I chatted in mid January I was 297pounds. And now in the beginning of February I am probably around 290 pounds (I haven’t weighed myself because I like to wear a particular outfit that is the same every time and it happens to be dirty and I haven’t had a chance to do laundry in almost two weeks 😬😅) I have noticed a significant decrease in joint pain for the weight I’ve lost thus far I can only imagine what it will be like when I get rid of the rest. I imagine what it will be like to walk in the sand with my kids and not fall over or be in excruciating pain lol. I can’t wait
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    His question about "Why aren’t you doing that already?" is so dumb. The whole point of the surgery is that it makes it so much easier to eat drastically less. I mean, I ate about 650 calories a day for the first six months after surgery. Without surgery, that wouldn't have been doable at all.
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    Unfortunately even doctors can still poor information outside of their specialty. This is why you have a Bariatric surgeon to give you real information instead of anecdotal evidence. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery ❤️
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    Well the day is here and all has gone as planned so far! I am waiting for my turn now.
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    Favorite Grocery Products

    I had these last night with some salsa and YUM! The regular chips don't do much for me, but these were really food! I'm going to try and make nachos with them!
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    Nope. Covid makes testing really hard. I've done physical therapy for dizzyness, did a bunch of tests, including an MRI of my brain and they came back normal, took meds for dizzyness and they didn't work... right now my PCP thinks it's either 1. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S for short) which would require testing by the cardiologist and they've been sent the order no less than 5 TIMES and have yet to call back either me or my doctor or 2. a spinal fluid leak (which would have happened from the lumbar puncture I had in 2017 after brain surgery when I got meningitis and it took the 45 minutes to get the needle in due to a back injury that is a result of muscle, tissue, and nerve damage. I have a scar on my back from that lumbar puncture. Spinal fluid leaks mimic P.O.T.S and can go unrecognized for 10 years before symptoms get bad enough to where you really take notice that something is wrong. MY PCP is leaning more toward that and I'm currently doing physical therapy so that my insurance will approve an MRI). I'm lucky in that my PCP actually had WLS. She had VSG several years ago and her son had gastric bypass so she's a fountain of information lol. She encourages anyone who wants WLS, but doesn't press the patients or even MENTION your weight unless YOU bring it up! It was one of the things I loved about her most when I first started seeing her and I respect her so much for that.

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