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  1. I had a lot of pain immediately after my surgery for reasons that had to do with pain medication issues (it is detailed in a post that I made a while back). As soon as the pain meds started working the pain went down to basically nothing. I wouldn't imagine you're going to feel much pain at all, maybe just some discomfort for a little while. As for dry mouth, I did not experience any that I recall. I recommend just trying to drink or chew on ice when they tell you to. Good luck with everything and I wish you the best!
  2. I honestly have no idea why the weight came off so fast. I have always just kind of guessed it was because of my age. I did not lost any hair and I actually wasn't exercising at all for like the first year after my surgery. I was eating VERY little for a long time.
  3. Weight fell off ridiculously quickly in my first few months. Maybe too quick when considering how unhealthy it might have been for my body. In the first two weeks I lost about 30 pounds. I was ~270 pounds the day of my surgery (late August 2016) and by New Years Day 2017 I weighed around 180lbs. I plateaued here for a while but after a month to a month and a half the weight started coming off again, much slower this time. I actually ended up losing too much weight. At my lowest weight I was 133lbs at 5'8" tall. Luckily I was able to slowly start putting weight back on to get myself to a healthier weight. Until I weighed over 150lbs I looked too skinny. I looked like I was sick or anorexic. I am putting a picture in which I was pretty close to my lowest weight attached to this post.
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    Well if he is ever unavailable... 🤣😋
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    Weight loss Insecurity...

    As @Arabesque said, there are many factors at play. I don't know how much you weigh, how old you are, etc. I can say that while I do have loose skin on my arms, you would never know by just looking at me. I can pinch my skin and stretch it way out, but if I am not doing that, it looks pretty much like it is not loose. I did have my surgery pretty young, age 23, so that absolutely effected my outcome. Anyway, good luck! I hope this weight loss journey goes well for you.
  6. I am sorry that you had to go through that. Do you mind if I ask if your friends that have treated you this way are overweight? If so they are probably jealous that you are losing weight and they are having difficulty losing theirs. I always find it funny, too, when people talk about bariatric surgery as cheating. It's like, "I had a health issue and I had a medical procedure done so that I could correct that issue". Is someone with cancer being a cheater if they have surgery to remove a tumor?
  7. As the people above me said, I also had no issue taking pills after surgery. The only thing that may be different for a while is that you won't be able to take a lot of pills at once. So if you need to take 3 pills, you might have to take 1 and then wait a while and take the next one, and so on. It will get easier though as time goes on and eventually it won't be a problem taking multiple pills at once.
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    I don't know if that is a good thing or not 😆
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    This is the outfit I wore to a snow park with my parents, sister, niece, and nephew 3 days ago. Complete with snow gloves and UGGS snow boots 😋
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    Drinking fluids

    That is the one thing I actually miss still from before I had my surgery. On a hot day I would fill a large glass of water and chug the whole thing down and then fill it again and chug it again. I had my surgery ~4.5 years ago and I still cannot drink all that much water at a time. I can drink maybe 6-8oz of water at once but it makes me feel very full and uncomfortable so I do not do that. I think it's probably better to not wait so long in between drinks and then drink tons of water all at once anyway.
  11. The reason I decided to have my surgery when I was so young was because I was still on my parents insurance plan until I turned 26 and they always had phenomenal insurance so I figured it was now or never. I think having it young made the weight loss and recovery process much easier anyway so it worked out very well for me.
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    Tips please on starting purees

    This vanilla custard is so good! I ate it all the time when I was in the puree stage.
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    Water intake?

    I remember after my surgery it was recommended to take a sip of water every 5 minutes to make sure I stayed hydrated. That worked for me back then. As time went on I stopped doing that, as I am able to drink more water at once when I get thirsty. The whole 64 oz of water a day or (insert number) amount of water per day is not true. Obviously we need water and when we are unable to take a lot in at a time we need to follow some strict guidelines to not get dehydrated, but when that no longer applies, your thirst response is a very good indicator of when you should drink water and how much you should drink.
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    Pooping all the time now!

    The medication is Suboxone and I take it as a medication assisted treatment because I am a recovering heroin addict. Technically I could go off of it but I never had any success with staying clean before I started taking Suboxone, now I have nearly 7 years clean. A little constipation is a low price to pay for that. It used to be a lot worse too, but I have since lowered my dose and it is more manageable. I used to go 2, sometimes 3, weeks between bowel movements. I am planning on lowering my dose a little more over the course of the next year or so. Maybe it will get even more manageable
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    Pooping all the time now!

    I'm so jealous of how often you guys defecate! 🤣 I take a medication that causes severe constipation so I am lucky if I go twice a week. That's with the help of miralax too. I am still surprised with how small my bowel movements are though. Before my surgery, their length and diameter were much larger. I guess when you eat a lot less food, a lot less waste needs to come out.
  16. Wow!! Back when I had my surgery (honestly even today but more so back then) if my insurance wouldn't have covered it then it may as well have been $10,000,000, I would be just as unable to pay it haha!
  17. I was just idly wondering if anyone else had an extreme amount of pain after their sleeve (or any weight loss) surgery? I don't mean to scare anyone away from having their surgery because my situation is pretty unique in this regard. I am a recovering heroin addict so at the time of my surgery (August 2016) I was taking a medicine called Suboxone. Suboxone blocks pretty much all other opioid painkillers from working. I told my surgeon and anesthesiologist that I was on this medication and I was concerned that it would make the post-surgery painkillers not work so I brought my prescription to the hospital with me so I could give it to them so they could administer it to me after the surgery. Well fast forward to me waking up after my surgery in agonizing pain. They had literally just made 6 cuts into my abdomen and cut out the majority of my stomach and I had nothing working to dull that pain at all. They wouldn't let me leave the recovery room (I think that's what it's called) until my pain was under control. I was literally screaming in pain which I had never done in my entire life before that and I have not done since then. The nurse actually kept telling me that I needed to be quiet! If I was capable of that I would have been! The nurse kept giving me Dilaudid (an opioid painkiller) injections on someone's orders -who? I don't know. I kept telling the nurse that it wasn't going to work because I was on Suboxone, which by the way takes a very long time to work out of your system - like at least a few days until other painkillers will work. The nurse must have given me at least 4 injections of Dilaudid with no effect whatsoever before she finally believed that it wasn't going to work. Hours had passed since I woke up after my surgery before they finally listened to me when I told them that my mother was in the waiting room with my Suboxone prescription and that would actually work. 15 minutes later they brought it to me and I put it under my tongue to dissolve. Within 10-15 minutes my pain felt like it disappeared completely. Now it hadn't actually completely gone away but compared to the agony that I was experiencing before, this might as well have been nothing. What relief! To anyone that actually read all of that story thank you for making it this far! I don't have a real reason for sharing this, I just like this forum and have recently gotten back to reading and posting here and wanted to share some of my surgery experience. Feel free to comment about my story, ask any questions you want, or share any similar experiences you had. -Joshua
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    Pain After Sleeve?

    Yeah after that few hours everything was smooth sailing. I didn’t have any pain or side effects after that. I never even had any foods that I had any issues eating. It’s the best decision I ever could have made for my health (besides maybe quitting heroin a few years before XD)
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    Pain After Sleeve?

    Thank you for your perspective on this! This may not be true for everyone but I didn’t need anything for the pain other than the suboxone (once I finally got it). I just took a slightly higher dose for a couple days and had no issues.
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    Depressed after dr visit

    I agree with what @catwoman7 said. The numbers for the BMI categories are weird in my opinion. I am 5'8" and 160lbs. I am right on the edge of average/overweight. If I were to gain a half a pound it would put me into overweight. Also BMI can be a decent general indicator of health and weight for some people but if I were to start working out super hard and a year from now I have gained like 25 pounds of muscle, I would probably have an obese BMI. Don't let it get you down, you have worked so hard and come so far. You should be very proud of yourself!
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    Pain After Sleeve?

    I'm so sorry you had to go through such extreme pain also. I was also a little worried about scaring people away with my post but it shouldn't be that bad for the majority of people that go through it. Looking back, even with the experience that I had, it was a million percent worth it!
  22. I have never heard of a vitamin patch, that is actually really awesome! To answer the initial question in this thread, yes. For months after my surgery I couldn't take a vitamin without throwing up. If I took it with food then it was a little better and sometimes I just got nauseous without actually throwing up. I talked to my doctor and switched to a different brand of vitamins and that completely stopped it. I don't know what was in the first brand that caused issues but I was amazed that it just stopped with the other one. Maybe it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor and maybe try switching brands to see if this might be the case. Good luck!
  23. I just told everyone at work (and anywhere else that people asked) the truth. I don't see how WLS can be seen negatively, but even if it is for some reason- screw them. You did it for you! I'm not sure of your gender and maybe the experience is different for men than it is for women but I only got very positive responses to the surgery and my weight loss. After a couple weeks people will get so used to the way you look that they will pretty much forget what you looked like pre-op.
  24. The billing in the whole situation confused me so much. Everything up to the surgery was simple, I just paid my $15-$30 copay for every doctor's visit. For the surgery, I was told in advance that my portion would be ~$200 and I had to pay it on the day of the surgery. At the time I was 23 years old and I did not have much money at all so I made sure to save money so I would have that $200 for my surgery. When I got to the hospital the day of my surgery they gave me a bill and I owed them just under $700. I just paid the $200 that day and explained to them that I was told $200 and I would be able to make payments. They didn't have an issue with that (thankfully).
  25. Good for you for taking this step to better yourself. I had my surgery at age 23 and I am glad I did it so young. I lost a lot of weight very quickly and I do not have much loose skin at all (I have a little of course!). As for your insurance, it really would be impossible for anyone here to say definitively either way. You said you are on month 3/6 so I assume that means that your doctor's office contacted your insurance and they gave them a list of stuff they want you to do before the surgery? If that is the case then as long as you do the stuff and get approved by everyone that needs to approve you, you should be good to go. I had Blue Cross of California when I had the surgery and I got approved right away as soon as I did my diet documentation, cardiologist visit, nutritionist visit, psych visit, and 6 months diet documentation. I think there might have been a one or two day class in there somewhere as well. My apologies for rambling a bit. I wish you the best of luck in this process! -Joshua