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    Protein Problems in Purée Stage

    Just remember its only a stage. Do your best, sip on the protein shakes in between, but it is just a stage. Every single day things will get a little better and soon it will all be in your rear view mirror
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    I had bypass 21 months ago, but the principle is the same. I can definitely eat like a normal person, just smaller portions. Mind you, I have dramatically altered the eating habits that made me obese in the first place. I now am very careful to avoid carbs, fat and sugar. (I can eat all of those things without any ill effects, which surprised me.). One of my biggest reservations was having dinner with friends after surgery. At this point, I can order off the menu and eat a healthy dinner without anyone being able to tell that I've had surgery (although I don't usually finish my meal or order dessert). In short: yes, I can eat like a "normal" person.
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    Hungry at night?

    I am 4 months post op, and pretty lucky in that things seem to have gone quite well so far. Something I've noticed in the last month or so though is how hungry I feel at night, and sometimes I feel like I really need to eat before I go to sleep, which is usually about 4 hours after my last meal. I often wake up feeling the same. Right now I am awake at midnight, not being able to sleep and and feeling like I need to eat. I don't think it is head hunger because I don't actually want to eat, it's more like a sensation of emptiness. Has anyone else had this? Am I actually hungry?! I am consuming around 500-900 calories a day. Pre op I was told I was prediabetes, so I wonder if my blood sugar might have something to do with it. Maybe I need to spread my meals out a bit more? Any ideas appreciated.
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    Non Dairy Protein

    I found unflavored Pea Protein Powder at Puritan's Pride.
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    Hungry at night?

    Maybe you can consume something like a stalk of celery before you go to bed or when you feel hungry? I am two weeks post op and sometimes I get that hunger you are referring to, but am not able to consume much right now. You might also not have enough protein throughout the day? Just a though
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    Hungry at night?

    it could be your hunger coming back. Mine came back at five months out.
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    Hungry at night?

    Whenever I "feel" hungry and I'm not sure if it's real hunger or not, I first start with drinking more water, or here during Winter a hot coffee with sugar-free flavored syrup in it. If that soothes the feeling, then it wasn't really hunger and I'm good. If it doesn't, and it does 99% of the time, I eat a handful of almonds or something small just to make the feeling go away.
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    Loosing too much weight?

    personally, i think the body stops when it's ready. I know it did when i had the band (2009). I started at 232 and was at a happy 143 for years. Thats where my body stopped. Now with the sleeve (8/28/2019) my body stopped at 120 and I go between 120-123.
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    Mr Alley Gator

    Dreaming of food??

    WLS Head games! Funny I never Dream of food, Now watch after this thread I will have visions of Mc Ribs, Pizza, Subs bouncing around to x mas music! Thanx
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    Hi! I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now. I’m sorry you’re going through this! Can you swap the treat with something else to gradually get off of the sugar? E.g. sugar free chocolate candy, sugar free hot chocolate, sugar free chocolate cool whip, etc. I often end my night with a decaf and sugar free sweet cream or a sugar free hot chocolate. It helps curb the chocolate cravings I get. I make the hot chocolate from scratch with sweet n low and cocoa powder. I have also found an egg white protein powder that is sinfully rich and chocolaty - Julian’s bakery. Other ideas could be finding a protein bar that feels like candy, sugar free chocolate pudding, dipping fruit in melted sugar free chocolate chips, baking with chocolate protein powder. You can still have your treats without beating yourself up! You are going to figure it out - it takes a lot of work and determination to get where you are now - you got this!