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  1. Betty1971

    One Year Out, Looking For Advice

    I am also at the one year mark and have about 15 pounds to go. I don't find myself snacking BUT my body is fighting to keep every ounce of fat on. Its a battle for me to try to cut back because then I am constantly feeling like I am not getting enough protein in or I feel "cheated" (and I am not really I just feel that way) if I try to cut back. I have never really focused on calories but instead on protein so to me its super hard to try to cut back because then I am afraid I am shorting myself something necessary...... I know in my heart of hearts I should focus on working out more but I am just not a fan of exercise ....that may be the answer for me and that sticky 15 pounds.
  2. Betty1971

    Bowel Resection

    Hello, I had a bowel resection myself. I went in to my consult certain I wanted the bypass and after the consult the surgeon helped me decide that for my situation the sleeve was a better fit. My surgeon said the resection did not take the bypass off the table for me BUT due to the number of issues I have had in the past with diverticulitis and other abdominal surgeries he thought that it was best no leave them alone and do the sleeve. I couldn't be happier with the results!! Your surgeon will look at the portion of bowel that was removed and the reasons it was removed, those are the two big factors
  3. Betty1971

    This can’t be normal

    I am not sure what program you were put on but at two week post up I was still at a liquid diet. I hadn't even attempted soft foods. Didn't your surgeon send you home with a detailed diet plan? I would surely contact your dietitian, your stomach is healing and solids could do damage to the internal incisions.
  4. All right; today I had to call my husband out to the field and ultimately we called the case technician for a tech call. We couldn’t get the tractor to shift into gear, I tried everything. I have ran tractors my entire adult life!!! after a service call here was the problem, when I pushed in the clutch There was no longer enough WEIGHT on the seat to be detected by the sensor for the tractors system for the computer to allow it to shift!!! Whoop whoop!!!! The fix, push my ass down harder on the seat and let up on the clutch!!! Yippe!!!
  5. Betty1971

    TMI....BM/POOP!! Read on...

    BUT....the majority of the food you are eating now is.........protein. The foods you are eating right now are super high in iron .....therefore you have been eating low amounts of food but the ratios of iron is high. Your body flushes the iron out every day that is does not use therefore you poop it out.......and it is dark in color.
  6. Betty1971

    This train is slowing way down

    Thank you but good golly gosh lord god its hard!!!!! I am just beside myself, I feel like I am killing myself with no results!!!! I know the scale is going down so I do see some progress, just so slow. I am constantly afraid that I am stop losing at any given time and its the end of its my new normal.....the head games never stop.
  7. Betty1971

    Plateauing & Aggravated

    I can only imagine your frustration. Try not to be so harsh on yourself, we all know how a good poop can be the difference of that last pound. How fluid retention can can push you up a few pounds.... You are there...you have come so far.....celebrate!!! crank your scale back a pound or two (old fashioned scales) or throw the scale out the front door and just celebrate your success!!!
  8. Betty1971


    So we got the Magic Spoons today and here is my honest opinion. I bought the four box set and almost choked when I paid 10 bucks a box for breakfast cereal, but everything protein is high and I am starting to get use to that. I also eat such small amounts this is enough cereal to last me two months or more, probably more than two months so it really isn't that bad in the big scheme of things. I have never been a super big fan of cold cereal but I am sick to death of eggs right now and needing to change things up a tad here and there, it isn't low calorie but I am not counting calories right now so thats not an issue. I tried the fake fruit loops in almond milk and they stayed pretty crunchy, they tasted pretty close to fruit loops, they do get a little gummy when you chew them really well, I am a texture freak and that is a little different but as far as a high protein food low carb fake fruit loop I give them a 7.5 out of 10. My hubby tried the frosted O's and gave them an 8 out of 10. I am not going to say everyone will love them and I will not eat them every day for every meal but they make a sweet crunchy breakfast when your sick of eggs and the protein is high, carbs are low and the taste is pretty good
  9. Betty1971

    social life?

    I am even looking forward to mowing my lawn! I feel all caged its supposed to get above zero this weekend so thats a plus. We live quite a ways out in the country and bought home gym equipment so I cannot even use "going to the gym" as an excuse to get out and socialize. When the neighbors call and want to get tougher and have drinks or supper I am super stand offish? I guess eventually I will have to get used to socializing and drinking ice water and watching people eat?? It just seams so odd?
  10. I had a few stalls and its super normal!!! Just focus on the NON scale wins. Try measuring yourself, or just notice how different you feel!!! Non scale wins count as well!! The scale will follow suit in time!
  11. Betty1971

    Gas! Ugghhh just Gassyyyy!

    It does, best thing you can do is walk it off. The more you move around the more it dissipates. It sounds funny but walk it off. I had it bad in my upper chest and shoulders so I felt better after I would lift my arms up over my head as much as I could, just moving around. It does get better, every day.
  12. Betty1971

    A jumble of emotions!

    First of all you will soon find you that it is not the easy way out, so for anyone that says it is they don't understand what you are going through. WLS is just a tool. You will be doing all the work. Don't let others get into your head. You will have enough on your plate (ha ha) so you don't need to worry about what others think. In fact it really isn't even your business what others think. That is truly their business, just let it be. Be excited, your about to set off on a whole new part of your life!!! Get excited!!! We are all here going through this roller coaster together. We have good days and bad days, we have successes and failures but everyone understands because we are all in the same boat. Remember the pre surgical diet and all the stages after surgery are just stages and will pass. They all have there ups and downs and just keep your eye on the healthy body in the end!!!! congrats!!
  13. Betty1971

    Post op

  14. I guess we are in different places in our weight loss journey. I will not use the word "diet" ever again in the form of calorie restriction. I try to think of food of just plain fuel. I spent almost 50 years using food as a crutch and ate my feelings. I ate when I was happy, bored, sad, glad, mad....any reason I could find to eat I did. Now I think of food as just fuel. I will only use good fuel in my vehicles because cars are expensive and I only have one body so I will just use good fuel in it. I am almost 6 weeks post VSG, in week two I completely purged my house. I got rid of all garbage food. I boxed up all the unopened foods that I wasn't going to use anymore and took them to the local food bank and trashed all the opened stuff. I went on a grocery haul and filled the cupboards with low carb and high protein foods. We live about 60 miles from town (in the middle of nowhere in ND) so if we don't have it we don't eat it. Congrats on not gaining!! That in itself it a huge win!!! I would just focus on protein and fluid and get back on track with your physical activity and keep your mind and body busy. Your so close to your goal just focus on that and run with it!!! I cannot wait for the day when I can see my goal weigh!!!!! What a feeling that must be!!
  15. Betty1971

    800 calorie

    Its not just water, I get at 90 plus of liquid in. My mornings start out with a big mug of bone broth instead of coffee and that is about 12 ounces, and we farm so this is my "off time". By off time I mean I am in the house most of the day. So I am up about 6am and after my bone broth I fill up my cirkul bottle with just plain ice water and it holds 20 ounces. I make a reminder on my phone to chime every hour (not an annoying alarm, just a light chime) and when it chimes it just reminds me to check where I am on my bottle. I have black sharpie marks on the bottle to kind of show where I need to be and now I am normally further along than where I need to be, by 10 am I try to be done with that bottle. I refill that bottle and turn up the flavor on it, I was getting tired of plain ice water so I pick a different flavor every now and again and set the reminder on the phone again for 2pm. By to 2pm I am past 50 ounces and just keep going until bedtime, I actually take a bottle to bed with me as well. I do another bone broth in the evening for more protein and water. I do spend a lot of time peeing. I don't know how this will work once I am out in the field this spring unless I wear a diaper but as long as I am in the house it works. I have also found it does help a lot with the constipation
  16. Betty1971

    800 calorie

    my calorie count went down when I went from full liquid to soft because I quit the protein shakes, and now to go up to 800 just seems like a big jump. I will slowly climb and get there but its going to be a gradual climb!!! LOL
  17. Betty1971

    7 days post-op.

    All I can tell you is just keep your mind busy. You can drive yourself crazy wondering if your hungry, sore, full or constipated! If your busy this month will go by quickly and life will get better. Just drink lots of water, try to get the protein in, but walk around ALOT and keep busy. time is your enemy, the more you think about things the more it will bother you. your job is to drink water, protein and walk and before you know it you will be at week 5 sitting down to supper with the family eating 1/2 a chicken breast and carrots and will have forgotten all about the liquid diet I promise this too shall pass.
  18. Betty1971

    inches instead of pounds?

    WAS being the key word.......the progress is insane!!!! it makes it all worth while
  19. Betty1971

    inches instead of pounds?

    Its out right shocking. I actually used an old string out of a pair of sweat pants and then measured it against a tape measure when doing the measurements and logged them into the app but I was shocked. It gives you a reason to push away from the table and do something when everyone else is enjoying their dinners and such. With the holidays and all the big food events coming up I was starting to have a little pity party about not being able to join everyone with all the goodies but this made me realize that its is worth it and it paying off big time. Summer will be here and I will be at my goal weight and be able to wear those cute summer outfits without trying to hide behind big baggy t-shirts and such. @FindYourFire it will all be worth it in the end!!!
  20. Holy Moses, I am three weeks post op and I JUST started soft foods!!! I was lucky to get two full protein shakes in a day during my full liquid days!!! I was on clear liquids for the first week after surgery and then after that full liquids for two weeks....I cannot even fathom soft foods three days out. I was also given a scrip for omeprazole 40 mg to take for 3 months post op and then he said we would discuss it.
  21. Betty1971

    Am i gonna puke all the time??

    They have a med for nausea that works great in case you get the pukes. I have only had them a couple times and both times it was when I did something that didnt agree with my tummy and it was over super quick. But they normally give you a med called Zofran after surgery to take home just in case.
  22. Betty1971

    OJ is a no go!

    Holy Moly my husband and I are traveling this week and I brought most of my own food. I needed to take my meds this morning and grabbed his orange juice to take them with...... I am pretty sure that is what HELL feels like!! Within minutes I was gagging and throwing up (sorry for the graphics here) and I felt like I drank 10 too many screwdrivers!!!!! when I got in control of my gagging I made a cup of the good old chicken bone broth and sipped it slowly and in about 30 minutes I was good to go. moral of this story: Betty can’t drink OJ!
  23. Betty1971

    OJ is a no go!

    I have found when I get that gagging sensation if I drink something warm and salty like the bone broth it goes away pretty quickly. I have tried hot tea and warm jello but that doesn’t soothe it as quickly for me. I carry a little zip lock baggie with instant bone broth packs in it for emergencies!!
  24. Betty1971

    protein = $$

    Thanks for all the awesome ideas, how do you guess the protein content on the broths then.....I am trying to be pretty careful with getting in the right amounts of protein. I would much rather make my own because I know where all the animals in my freezer have come from and how there were fed but I just don't know how to count the nutrients in them?
  25. Betty1971

    Pre-op blues

    I went to my consultation hard headed and wanting the bypass and the surgeon was just as hard headed and wisely said the sleeve because of my previous bouts of diverticulitis and previous bowel resections. I wanted the "whole deal" I wanted to be all in and now I am super happy with the sleeve and realized I should have understood that the Dr probably has his reasons for his recommendations and I am just an armchair Dr. Tell your Dr your reasonings for your choices and listen to his reasonings for his choices and spend some time researching both......remember that procedures are not what they used to be yesterday and both have really good results.

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