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    I am officially at the lowest weight of my adult life as of this morning! I've got a bit to go to get to goal but I wanted to celebrate this win! 🎉
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    Keto pills

    They are guaranteed to help lighten your wallet. Beyond that, it's very unlikely that they will do anything to help your weight - just like all those other miracle weight loss pills. They might have some caffeine in them to make your feel more energetic or something, but given that keto diets don't do much for your weight (other than some temporary water weight loss, which we all get when we go into a significant caloric deficit) these things aren't going to do anything for you, either. You would be better off putting the money spent on these types of things into a few sessions with an RD to learn how to eat to sustainably manage your weight in the long term.
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    Keto pills

    Has anyone tried keto pills before your surgery to help lose some weight? And did they help? Sent from my G60 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Keto pills

    Yeah, except I have to some how hurry and get 20 lbs off in 5 months.
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    Intake quantity

    soup is a liquid, so it goes right through you. You won't feel the restriction until you start eating solid food... also, the "full feeling" is likely to be different post-op than it was pre-op, and it may take you awhile to figure out your new "full" cues. In the mean time, just eat whatever your plans says to eat (or less if you feel like you've had enough)...that's your safest bet.
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    Keto pills

    My uncle had bought them so it didn't cost me a thing lol I just figure'd might as well give them a try since i didn't spend anything on them[emoji38] Sent from my G60 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My biggest gift to myself is my upcoming sleeve on the 22nd! I also LOVE headphones, I wear them to walk, mow the grass (and we have a mini farm so we mow A LOT), Zumba...so dh got me some apple air pods. I’m a loyal Apple fan. Phone, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch kind of people so they were fitting. I love my Apple Watch. I have the 3rd generation and it’s still going strong. I have no complaints! I like it when I take the kids to the Y, I can sit in the pool with the little ones and still get my text and stuff without having to worry about it ruining getting wet!
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    Incision pain

    I would call your doctor. After I had my surgery I got a terrible infection and almost died. You can never be to careful.
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    you know you are a bariatric patient when you look at a "normal" plate of food and calculate how many meals this will be for you !
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    Ha! Hysterical! Have you considered drawing a face on it, squishing it up and making it say terrible things to other people??!