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    I am officially at the lowest weight of my adult life as of this morning! I've got a bit to go to get to goal but I wanted to celebrate this win! 🎉
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    You are right in that bypass won't cure the addiction. It never promised that. It is a tool that limits intake and creates a bit of malabsorption, but does not cure the head part. That is the work you have to do and it will probably take a good amount of therapy. You are clearly getting the endorphin/serotonin/dopamine release from the sugar. Sugar stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain as cocaine, which is why it is so addictive in its own right. The good news is that if you can avoid all sugar for 3 solid days, the cravings will actually decrease. But you can't let it creep back in, or the cravings come back as strong as ever. The bad news is that you are going to have to work on figuring out another way to relieve stress, boredom, anxiety, or whatever else might be triggering the need for this sugar hit, and to find better coping mechanisms for dealing with the triggers. You are not alone. Many people deal with this and are able to overcome it. Congratulations on your weight loss thus far. The tool is working for you, but it can only do so much. Best of luck and I really do encourage you to get some therapy to gain some insight and tools to help you be successful for the long term.
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    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    Very frustrating. Finally made up my mind to move forward with weight loss surgery. Jumped through all of the hoops.Date set for December. Then the hospital canceled all elective surgeries through the end of the year because they need all available beds for Covid patients. The doctors office can't tell me when they will be allowed to start up again. This was devastating news. Like most, I have struggled with my weight all my life. I finally thought I was going to take back control and now it feels hopeless again. I am trying to remain positive and remember that it will happen at some point... Anyone else get postponed or have to wait a significant amount of time before your operation? What did you do during that time? Sent from my SM-N976U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Not as far out as some of you but yes there are issues - For me 1. Definably Drink more now - 2. Very Thin and bump stuff and it dang hurts 3. Became more isolated since happy hour and food bashes are a thing of the past But I agree love the new me for sure! Would do it again
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    I'm with you on this. I'm only 5 weeks post-op but have realised things I didn't know before my wls. I thought that I ate when I was "down" or depressed. Actually I've realised since surgery that I want to eat when I'm bored. But I've been more weepy than usual since surgery and I think that the sweet stuff must have been releasing serotonin which helped my mood [although it's hard to tell at the moment as the lockdown /situation we're in here is so depressing anyway]. I doubt that I will become addicted to exercise to fill the serotonin gap as I have never liked sport, so my only real option is not to have the trigger foods in the house at all.
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    I was thin when I was teen, but that was 20 years ago. I danced, I sang, I showed horses, heck I did beauty pageants...it all seems so long ago What I miss most though, not just being a horse show mom, but showing myself. I have been so embarrassed about my weight for so long I quit showing, and I was fortunate enough to have been very very good at it. It was what made my world turn from morning to night, and I miss participating as an actual showman tremendously, but not anymore. I will be back In the ring showing this coming year. To say I’m extremely excited is an understatement.
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    Intake quantity

    soup is a liquid, so it goes right through you. You won't feel the restriction until you start eating solid food... also, the "full feeling" is likely to be different post-op than it was pre-op, and it may take you awhile to figure out your new "full" cues. In the mean time, just eat whatever your plans says to eat (or less if you feel like you've had enough)...that's your safest bet.
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    My biggest gift to myself is my upcoming sleeve on the 22nd! I also LOVE headphones, I wear them to walk, mow the grass (and we have a mini farm so we mow A LOT), Zumba...so dh got me some apple air pods. I’m a loyal Apple fan. Phone, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch kind of people so they were fitting. I love my Apple Watch. I have the 3rd generation and it’s still going strong. I have no complaints! I like it when I take the kids to the Y, I can sit in the pool with the little ones and still get my text and stuff without having to worry about it ruining getting wet!
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    Incision pain

    I would call your doctor. After I had my surgery I got a terrible infection and almost died. You can never be to careful.
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    you know you are a bariatric patient when you look at a "normal" plate of food and calculate how many meals this will be for you !