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  1. I just had my 6 month check up with my Dr and I had the chance to ask them what my goal weight should be. Their "goal" for me is to be comfortably in the overweight category - somewhere around a BMI of 27. This seems high to me, and my personal goal is to be in the healthy weight range, around a BMI of 22 (which I know is aggressive). Her rationale is studies show people who are overweight but exercise, and people who are of average weight but don't exercise have about the same morbidity. So, they focus on getting us firmly out of obese, then worry more about activity. For those of you whose Dr's gave you a goal weight or BMI, where did it fall?
  2. I am officially 7 months post surgery and am incredibly happy with my progress so far. I'm down 122.4 lbs total, and 80.8 since surgery. A few of my NSVs: - The arthritis in my knees causes significantly less pain - I am walking 2 miles most days, and hiking when I get the chance (up to 6 or more miles) - My strength and endurance is increasing. I still get winded and need to take breaks (especially on inclines) but there's no way I could have done some of the hikes I'm doing pre-surgery. - I'm down from a tight 2X to a L or XL. - I have collarbones again Below pics is from shortly after I started my journey (pre-surgery) to this morning.
  3. I am almost 6 months post op and took my first vacation this week (Drove up to Tahoe). I went with some friends who did not know about the surgery but knew I was actively losing weight and trying to eat healthier and it wasn't awkward at all. I didn't snack, but I did eat some meals I shouldn't have. But between watching how much and exercise, I was down just over 2 lbs for the week. In the past, anytime I vacationed I would be up so I'm super excited. I had some great NSVs while I was out. - Hiked almost every day - around 5 miles, intermediate hikes, at elevation. Still hard, but I did it. - Kayaked, and was able to get in and out easily. - They had standard size bath towels in the bathroom, and it wrapped all the way around me without a gap! - It was my birthday and I didn't have any cake, and really didn't miss it. I tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. I had a glass a wine a couple of times and did fine. However, I had about 1/3 of a margarita and felt awful. I don't think I full on dumped, but I think if I had drunk any more I would have. It's the first time I've had any amount of sugar so lesson learned. I'm going back to not drinking for a while (it will continue to be an occasional event going forward).
  4. Congrats on your surgery! I'm now thinking of all the beautiful towels I could have at home since I don't need bath sheets anymore
  5. Without a protein shake? I know I am early out, but I can't imagine what you could eat to get that much protein in a day without some sort of supplement. Would love to hear from the veterans.
  6. loridee11

    Gastric bypass july28,20

    I had bypass on 12/31. I was SO nervous the morning of surgery but overall I had a pretty easy recovery. I made a commitment to myself before going in to the hospital that any time they asked I would walk (and I would ask to walk if they didn't ask at least every 2 hours). I think that really helped keep the gas pains down and set me up for an easier recovery. They had me drinking water & crystal light and eating SF Jello in the hospital (maybe 2 tiny bites is all I could get in with the swelling) and they had me taking my vitamins the next day (I triple checked since that seemed crazy but I had no issues). My program also had us on modified liquids from day 2, so I had a tiny bit of greek yogurt my first day home and it was fine. I took tiny bites, and waited to see how I felt between bites. It's crazy how quickly you get full but makes sense when you think about the size of your new stomach and the swelling. I always had water by my side and sipped pretty much every 10 mins (aside from 30 mins after eating). The first week I walked around the house 5 or 6 times a day and then I moved outside and quickly got up to a mile (I still try to do around 2 most days). I was definitely tired and fatigued the first month or so, but after the first day home I didn't need to nap or anything else - just took it easy aside from my walking. Congratulations and good luck!
  7. loridee11

    What to pack for the hospital

    I took WAY to much stuff and the only thing I used was my chapstick, toothbrush/paste and hairbrush. I didn't even need my phone charger or anything since I wasn't on it much and I wore the same clothes home that I wore to the hospital, and I wore the hospital gown & socks while there (they gave a second gown to wear when walking to cover up the backside.
  8. loridee11

    HAIR LOSS!!! UGH!!!

    I feel for you. I’m a little further in my journey and am still losing a ton of hair. I knew going in it was likely and I accepted it as a cost of the surgery, but it is still really disturbing. I’m using a thickening cream after every wash to fake it a bit and I plan a cut once salons reopen.
  9. My program wanted us on meal schedules so 8; 1 and 6 (keeping in mind a meal may be 2 oz of greek yogurt) and to always have water/fluid by us and to sip all day except for 30 mins after meals. They also had me on vitamins from my first day home which I thought was odd but I had no issues. The first couple of weeks I was also doing small walks 5 or 6 times a day since I couldn't go far. I did drive at day 3 to go pick my dogs up from the kennel. I wasn't on any pain meds and it was close so I had no issues.
  10. loridee11

    Cannot quench my thirst

    Maybe try a no sugar electrolyte drink. I bought Propel Zero powder and drink a couple of those a week and they seem to help more than just straight water.
  11. Thanks all. The lowest I've been in my adult life is 183, around a BMI of 27. (Even in high school I was well obese. I felt pretty good at 183, but I think I would have felt better a little lighter (I carry a lot of weight in my legs and at that point, my upper body was good but my legs were still pretty heavy). I guess I'll see how I feel when I get back around that level and decide if I want to keep going. But based on that discussion and what I am hearing hear, I think I'll likely end up over my original goal of 150, but somewhere below 183. Maybe 173, which would be a BMI of 24.8 and officially not overweight (I really want to be in a "normal" range at least once ).
  12. I had someone drive me home and then I was alone through recovery and it was fine. Just make sure your house is set up with easy access to your diet and fluids and that you don't need to lift anything and you should be fine.
  13. loridee11

    Alarming Hairloss

    My hair started falling out at 3 1/2 months post surgery. I'm now 6 1/2 months and I think it's finally starting to slow down. I've probably lost 35-50% of my total hair. I don't have regrowth yet so I am using a thickening serum to try to fake some volume. I'll also be cutting my hair to just below jaw line once we can here...
  14. Pre-surgery my ferritin was really low (11) but my blood counts, etc... were all good. I had extreme fatigue. Dr. had me take an Iron supplement (OTC but primarily referred for diabetics) any my ferritin levels rose and I felt better. I've been supplementing iron since surgery and my levels are normal now.
  15. I'm with Kaiser in Nor Cal. I met with my surgeon the first time after the orientation, but before my other requirements so not sure if the program is different. After my first meeting with my surgeon he set a weight loss goal for me, and told me to call back when I was within 5 lbs of that goal. It was only at that time that the final requirements were given (psych visit, EKG, etc...) Those were done once my surgery was scheduled so they were close. We then had 1 last meeting 2 weeks before surgery to answer any questions I may have had.
  16. loridee11

    Keeping Hydrated week 3 post opp

    At that early stage when I was still sipping, I found tips and tricks to force me to drink. I was still off work so anytime a commercial came on TV, I took several sips. Anytime I saw someone else drink (no matter the circumstance), I took a drink. Not sure if there are things you can use to help remember? Maybe every time someone on a call says "I think you are on mute". Kind of a really boring version of a drinking game
  17. Tuna at 3 weeks would have been hard for me. A few things that worked well at that stage were greek yogurt (my nutritionist recommended the OIkos Triple Zero - I'd eat around 1/2 a container for a meal at 3 weeks). Cottage cheese was also good at that time, around 2 oz. I also did beans which I pureed REALLY well and added some salsa too (also pureed) to get to a more liquid texture.
  18. loridee11

    Hair loss

    I am losing so much hair! It started at about 3 1/2 months post surgery and hasn't slowed down. I'm now just over 6 months. I have very fine hair, but had a lot of it. Now I have fine hair that is also thin. No one else seems to notice though so that's good. I'm hoping that the loss will slow down soon. In addition, as soon as we are allowed I plan on cutting it into a chin length bob. Good news is with the weight loss the shorter hair should look good with my not so round face.
  19. A couple of other cool NSVs: While out hiking, a friend was walking behind me (one of the few that know I had the surgery). She made a .comment about how different I look from behind and that my waist was cutting in I ordered a new v neck tshirt in size L and it fit perfect!!! I was wearing 2XL and many of them were too tight. I was cleaning out my coat closet today (I've cleaned out my main closet a few times, but never got around to my coats). Being in Northern California and wIth surgery end of December, then Covid, I didn't really wear most of my coats this year. I have a raincoat that last year was really tight - I could wear it but couldn't button all the buttons. I tried it on today and it was HUGE. You could literally fit another person in there with me Yay!
  20. loridee11

    Revision surgery done 5/28/20

    Hi! I had my lapband out in Aug 2019 and Gastric Bypass end of December. I hit a stall at 2 1/2 weeks that lasted 3 weeks. It's very common - search 3 week stall. Yours may have started a little later but don't worry. Keep following your plan and you'll be fine. (BTW - 30 lbs in 5 weeks is amazing!) Lori
  21. loridee11

    NSV-closet purge

    That's a great idea. My support groups is on hold for now but if it picks back up I'll recommend that.
  22. I'll be 6 months out on Tuesday, and I'm down 72 lbs from surgery date (113 from start). I've still got a ways to go as I had a higher BMI to start.
  23. loridee11

    NSV-closet purge

    I love that feeling too! I've donated a ton and am down to my smallest clothes I had pre-surgery. I'm pretty close to being unable to wear any of them (the only reason I still can is Stay At Home and not really being seen except on video). It's great!
  24. loridee11

    100 pounds down!

    Congratulations on the loss. Amazing
  25. It is probably a combination of the steroids and the 3 week stall. My "3 week stall" actually started at week 2 1/2 and lasted 3 weeks. It eventually broke and I've been pretty steady since. For Protein, I like the Premier Protein shakes in Chocolate and Latte (if your Dr. is OK with caffeine). You can find them at Costco as well as online.