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  1. loridee11

    VET Looking for Buddies and Pen Pals!

    Me too! I'm only 20 months out but could really use some connection and support. I can feel myself going offtrack with diet and exercise and would love to get back into control before I regain. Heighest weight: 333 Surgery weight: 292 Current weight: Around 160 --- a few lbs in either direction
  2. I had my band removed in August, and surgery in Dec of 2019. My surgeon had a weight loss requirement, so I had to lose weight in that time period. As others said, I began to eat my post surgery long term diet during that time and was able to lose weight. For my surgeon that looked like: - 3 meals, no snacks - 100 G of protein a day - Vegetables - Moderate carbs (between 100-150), avoiding processed carbs
  3. loridee11

    What I've Learned Four Years In

    Thank you so much for posting. I'm 20 months out and am falling in the category of bringing the 3 C's back and I've stopped exercising beyond walking this last month. I haven't regained weight yet, but I know if I don't get on top of it I will. Sadly, I don't have a support group for my diet -- I have friends I've been exercising with but we all fell off the wagon at the same time I appreciate any support and ideas from this group as I really, really want to be healthy. I don't want food to rule my life either in a free for all or too strict way.
  4. I am just over 18 months post RNY surgery and am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity for this tool, and glad I made the decision to do it. Even with everything going on in the world today, I am feelling happier and healthier than I have in a long time. I am 5'10, just turned 43 year old women (41 at time of surgery). Highest weight was 334, day of surgery 292, today I am maintaining right around 160. So many non scale victories, but a few of my favorites: - I have a ton more energy. I used to fall asleep on the couch after work most nights, and weekends I did errands and chores and rarely had the energy for much else. Now, I use my evenings to chores and save my weekends for hiking or other fun activities. - My knees and ankles don't hurt. Before, just walking around the block meant pain, and my knees ached everyday (arthritis). Now, I walk between 1.5-2 miles almost every day and rarely have any pain. I can even do yoga poses like child's pose as I'm gaining flexibility back. - I am out enjoying life more. I have always loved hike, but even when my weight wasn't as high I had a hard time as I was out of shape. Now, I hike most weekends, going 10+ miles and 2K elevation gain without a problem. Last weekend, at the top of a pretty steep hill my heart rate was still below 100! As the world reopens I feel more comfortable going to restaurant's (chairs are so much more comfortable!) and I'm sure other activities will be easier too. - I started a new job in April, and hadn't met anyone in person. We had lunch the other day and I wasn't self conscious and worried that they'd be judging me for my weight. - I can fit into cute and stylish clothes. I'm still figuring out what works on my new body, but I can go into little shops and they actually have things that fit! I'm generally a S top and 8-10 in bottoms. I do have some work to do to clean up my diet. I've slipped a little in the last couple of months and need to get back to eating healthier before it starts impacting my progress. My goal is to not have to hyper focus on food and do regular meal planning with healthy foods and just eat until I am full. Hopefully, coupled with exercise that will help me maintain. Thanks for letting me share. Lori
  5. loridee11

    A couple of questions

    1) I had pretty bad hairloss between 3-10 months. Now, 18 months out my hair is back to normal. I do take collagen but not sure it had any impact. 2) I am not perfect with vitamins --- I probably hit 90%+ and so far my labs are good. 3) I take 3-4 times a day. Most I take in the AM (Multi, Calcium, D, B12, A, Thiamin) then I take calcium at lunch; calcium and 2nd multi at night. 3 days a week I take Iron and Vit C before bed. I take Turmeric as well to help with inflammation but that's not standard. 4) At 18 months out I eat "normal" sized meals - normal people not my pre-surgery normal. I could eat again after a couple of hours but try to stick to the 3 meals a day guidance. Hope this helps. Lori
  6. loridee11

    Tragic accident

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  7. loridee11

    Any tall people who had surgery?

    I'm 5'10, started at 334 HW and 292 day of surgery. At 3 months I was down 40 lbs to 250. I was a "slower" loser, but have lost over 175 lbs and couldn't be happier.
  8. loridee11

    Struggling! Motivation needed please :)

    You are doing great loss wise- but water is CRITICAL! You really need to be getting in a MINIMUM of 64 oz, and realistically more. It does take focus, especially as you are getting used to it, but I find when I drink enough water my weight loss picks up. I also find I just feel better - my joints and energy. Best of luck!
  9. My surgeon wanted my goal weight to be mid-overweight range. They weren't worried about being in the normal range, but wanted me far enough away from Obese that if I had a little bounce back I wouldn't fall back into obese. My personal goal moved around a lot, and actually ended up just above my original goal... From 150 to 187 (dr goal) to 167 (half my previous weight) to 160. I'm pretty happy where I am (although body dysmorphia is a *itch). I may try to hit 150 so that if I do have a little gain further out I end up right around 160.
  10. loridee11

    7 days out and struggling

    I'm so sorry your frustrated. You are only a week out from major surgery, Our bodies don't react predictably from that a lot of the time. Just be patient and follow your plan and the weight will come off. In terms of your diet, of course listen to your team. I can tell you that early out I was "eating" only 1-2 oz very soft foods (like greek yogurt) and stuffed from that very small amount and waited 30-60 minutes after to drink fluids. Outside of those windows, I really, really focused on fluids. Small sips every couple of minutes as it was the only way to drink enough. It took a lot of effort to get them in until I could slowly drink more at one time.
  11. loridee11

    Hit goal

  12. I know some people experience changes in what they like right after surgery, but has anyone experienced a change more than a year out? Over the last couple months I've noticed that I don't seem to be tasting salt like I used to and it's making a lot of foods much less enjoyable. Wondering if it's just a weird thing or potentially related to surgery?
  13. I have heartburn post Bypass. My surgeon says its rare (bypass is actually a cure for people with bad heartburn) but it does happen. It's not as bad as before surgery and I manage it with 1 pepcid in the am.
  14. loridee11


    FOllowing! I think I'll want a thigh lift as part of my round two (I haven't had round one yet) so I'm following. Thanks for sharing your journey and good luck!
  15. loridee11

    Maintenance meal ideas?

    Thanks. I meal prepped last week with healthy meals, ate until I was full, and lost some weight. Still within my maintenance weight range so good, but need to add to what I did. I already have healthy grains like Quinoa and even some english muffins in what I did last week. I have enough of what I prepped last week to last this week as well. Turkey Taco Soup Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes on English Muffin Vegetable gratin with turkey dinner sausage Pumpkin and ground chicken chili (from the freezer) Quinoa and ground turkey stuffed bell pepper Chicken breast with pineapple, red onion and cilantro relish, and yellow squash with onions For breakfast I did coffee with a little half and half and either eggs or greek yogurt and for snacks I did popcorn and SF popsicles. This weekend I've eaten off plan so will probably be a little up tomorrow (I won't weight again until Saturday). I think maybe I'll add a little potato to some of the above to try to bump up just a bit. Open to other suggestions. I AM SO grateful for this tool, and know I am still in my honeymoon period so I'm appreciative, I just want to get this right before it gets harder to lose and easier to gain. Thanks! Lori
  16. Hi All, I am struggling to find balance now I am in maintenance. I either eat on plan which is too few calories for maintenance, or I seem to go a bit wild and eat in a way I know will cause me to gain weight if I continue. I talked to my nutritionist and she was zero help. All she repeated was to eat protein first, etc... and stay at 1200 calories. I am fortunate enough to lose at 1200 due to height but she simply won't adjust. So - does anyone have any ideas for good maintenance meals? I am trying to limit processed carbs as they are a slippery slope for me, but I don't want to be totally carb free. I also need around 1500-1700 calories a day and prefer to stick to 3 meals and 1 snack. Thanks in advance! Lori
  17. I can't wait to go diving again! Its been years because of my weight (I haven't been since I was around 250 which was about 80 lower than my high). SUPER excited once Covid lifts and I can go again. Lori
  18. loridee11

    Coffee after gastric bypass

    My Dr allowed it at my 6 week appointment. I'm allowed up to 2 cups a day but was cautioned to be careful of milk, creamer etc.. as it can add a lot of calories. Each cup is 2 Tbs 1/2 and 1/2 and sugar free syrup. Until I hit maintenance I also mixed in protein, fiber, and collagen and had that as my breakfast.
  19. I'm so sorry you are struggling. At 4 weeks I was eating: Greek yogurt - I liked the Fage Blueberry Beans: Pureed with cheese and onions Very soft scrambled eggs Cream soups (no lumps) Cream of wheat with cheese and thyme Protein smoothies I hope you figure out what works for you! Lori
  20. loridee11

    Need healthy chili recipe

    This Pumpkin chili is amazing! Use ground chicken instead of ground pork: https://www.aspicyperspective.com/pumpkin-chili/ Huge batch, but you can cut it in half. Lori
  21. agreed! I've had chronic headaches most of my adult life. I don't anymore. It's amazing!
  22. Glad to hear you are trusting your team. As others have said, what you are likely seeing is just water. Once your body adjusts you'll start to go down again and probably put yourself in a better position for long term success.
  23. I know others have posted about this, but body dysmorphia is so real. I am wearing size small in shirts (and some of them feel big). I do still wear a 8 or 10 bottom which isn't tiny, but was always my goal size (I'm 5'10 so would be way to thin in a 0 or 2)... And yet, I still see myself as overweight and as the biggest person in any given room. Even in pictures taken Saturday I feel like I look large. Some of that I think is due to the excess skin, especially on my legs... and some may be some of my jackets and stuff are still older and too big. But a lot of it is just my mind playing games. Anyway - has anyone gotten past this and able to recognize their own healthy body? Any tips for things that worked for you?
  24. loridee11

    Body Dysmorphia is real

    I'm in South Bay and haven't found one yet, but am looking as I notice I am struggling with the dysmorphia, but also with my food addiction. I'm far enough out now that I can eat a fair amount (nothing like before of course) and I really want to get my handle on eating for any reason other than hunger before I undue all the hard work. If anyone has a good one (really anywhere, happy to do virtual appointments) please do share.
  25. Collarbones --- I really love my collarbones now. Such a wierd thing to notice, but I didn't have them/they weren't visible for so long.

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