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    Feeling down lately

    I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I’m almost 8 months post op and so close to 100 lbs down. This past week I gained 4 lbs and it’s really getting to me. Despite losing so much, I still have 100 to go, and I don’t really see where the 100 lbs has come from. I feel so much better physically, but I feel like I look so weird. I’ve gone down only 3 pant sizes and only lost 1 inch around my calves, which seems crazy for a 100 (almost) lb loss. And I have huge calves to start with. (24 inches!!) I don’t know if it’s hormones, stress from work, or if this is a typical feeling at this point in the journey. Any advice or suggestions?
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    Most people never said I looked like I lost too much except for one person. Most would say things like “you must be close to your goal by now” and I’d respond “yes, pretty close.” The for the one person that continually told me I was losing too much I finally heard enough and said to her, “look, you never bothered to tell me I was gaining too much weight so your opinion doesn’t really matter to me and I’d appreciate it if you quit commenting on my weight because I’m beginning to feel harassed.”That shut her up. Now days people usually just say something about what a great job I’ve done or how I inspired them to stick to a diet. When people ask how much I’ve lost I always just say, “a lot” or “more than I weigh now!”
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    Husband dropped me off and plucked me up about 24 hours later. Being alone made it easier for me to concentrate on walking and getting some fluids in without any distractions.
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    JRT Mom

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    I had to have my surgery in a hospital 5 hours away due to the lack of bariatric surgeons where I live. I had to go by myself since my husband is unwell and can't travel. I took an Amtrak train and stayed in a hotel a half mile walk from the hospital. I walked in the day of surgery and then after discharge I took an Uber back to the hotel and stayed another night. The hospital tried to say I couldn't take an Uber but it was either that or walk back to the hotel since I was alone. They finally okayed that after some phone calls. As far as being alone in the hospital I actually prefer it. I like to be left alone and not have anyone hovering over me when I don't feel well. I love my hubby but I'm glad he wasn't there. Good luck, you'll be OK if you have to fly solo!
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    Preop weight loss-too much?

    Yes indeed. I copied and pasted this from another thread 9/10.I’ll follow up with more details later. I never did the math on this before. 8/18-8/19 I lost an average of 6.1 pounds per month. I had surgery at 204 and I lost s.l.o.w. I think one month I only lost 2-3 pounds eating less than 900 calories a day. I did lose it though!
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    Favorite protein bars?

    I LOVE Think! bars. They're 20g of protein in a very wide variety of flavors. The Brownie Crunch, Lemon Delight, and both Peanut Butter ones (Creamy and Chunky) are my usuals for protein bars. I just tried the Chocolate & Cream Cupcake one (18g of protein) this week and fell in love with it. I also use Built Bars, which I really enjoy and find so much different than regular protein bars. It's almost like eating a candy bar.
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    Favorite protein bars?

    I really love the Celebrate protein bars. Available from same website as Celebrate vitamins.
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    Favorite protein bars?

    I like the Aldi's Elevation Peanut Butter Crisp bars. They have 10g of protein, 2 NET carbs, 150 calories and 2.5 g of unsaturated fat. They taste like a candy bar -- similar to a 100 grand bar. I am not sure if the macros are the best? But it is good enough for me. They're delicious!
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    The Greater Fool


    You misunderstand my cryptic and leading question. I asked if you dump. Diarrhea is part of dumping syndrome. Thus, if you dump you have a solution to your problem. I dump. I have [rarely] added a sugar drink like orange juice to address constipation. I only do it in the most extreme situations as playing with dumping is like playing with fire. Good Luck, Tek
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    No bra at night. Never. Not voluntarily. Bruh.