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    Are my expectations too high?

    I haven't seen that outcomes calculator before. It's quite interesting. I'm three years post op, but I put in my data prior to surgery and it predicted that I would be 259lbs in my third year, I'm actually about 210. I think that calculator is pretty conservative, so it's definitely very realistic in what you can achieve. I think a lot of people, e.g. on these forums are doing much better than what would be predicted by that calculator, but it really is up to the individual.
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    I do think its time to talk to the office manager. Enough is enough.
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    Brand new sleeve

    I'm guessing you may have had a morphine pump in the hospital (or some other narcotic), so that's probably why it felt worse when you got home. It's most likely gas pain - it should work its way out in a few days. The getting in and out of bed thing is common. To be honest, I didn't have any pain at all other than when I was getting in and out of bed. It felt like I'd done 1000 crunches - but that'll go away soon, too.
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    You can do this!!! Whenever people talk about "food funerals" I just reminded myself that the last 5 years of my life was a food funeral. I ate so much crap that I was finally sick of it. Good luck!!!
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    Hello, I am new to this forum but I really need to warn others. I am 5 years post op from the sleeve surgery and am MISERABLE! I have also had 4 more surgeries to fix a hiatal hernia at the esophagus and stomach as well as pouches that were formed by the surgery. I have not been able to eat normally since the surgery and by normally I mean the way you are suppose to after VSG. I haven't been able to drink water without pain. My SW was 245 and now I am at 184 and losing since my most recent surgery. The recent surgery was to fix the hiatal hernia again. I was told it was a "new" way of fixing the hernia, nothing more was told to me. My pancreas was also removed at the same time. My surgery was called a Nissen Fundoplication, its pretty complicated. They use of the stomach to be wrapped around the esophagus so it won't go up into that area again. From the beginning I have had GERD very bad, it was so bad I was on 2 different medications as well as over the counter antacids so that is why the Nissen Fundoplication. It has been horrible this 5 year journey. I am getting all of my records together for a second opinion and to possibly have a revision to the RNY. This surgery was the biggest regret of my life. My life has suffered more and my relationship has also been hurt by this. I am always so tired and sick, and my husband is worried about losing me. I have also been just left to flounder. I have had numerous swallow tests and load of medications but NOTHING allows me to drink a nice glass of water, albeit a sip at a time, without pain. So in one word "YES" i regret everything about this surgery. Heather
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    Below is an edited version from 3 weeks ago when I was conceivably talking about getting a bypass with the medical group. Now the Doctor Thinks a Sleeve Would be Better Then a Bypass. With battling weight most of my life 10 years ago I got a lap band put in. I am now 57 years old, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes At the time my Lap Band was put in my weight was 230 pounds. That might not sound like a lot of weight but for a male 5’8 it was a lot for me. In addition to having type two diabetes I have also had two neck surgeries and three back surgeries over the years. The Lap Band gave me significant weight loss. I got down from 230 to 160-165. I also lowered my Metformin from 1000 mg to 500 mg. I lost approximately 70 pounds of weight and maintained this weight for about nine years. To say that it was an easy road for me would be lying, I was constantly having the band loosened tightened loose and tightened like being on a roller coaster. I had problems with the Lap Band being so tight that I was having major acid reflux problems. In addition to that I had some small ulcers around my esophagus next to my Lap Band. Last year I decided I had enough of this and had a lot of Fluid taken out of my band. The major acid reflex went away immediately however, I still have some ongoing small minor heartburn and a small cough because the Lap Band is still in place but a lot of the fluid has been taken out. Because of that removal of fluid I have gained back for the first time in 10 years 35 pounds. Now I am back up to taking the same amount of diabetic medicine Metformin 1000 mg because of the 35 pound weight gain. The bariatric center in Los Angeles is now recommending that I conceivably switch to a Sleeve. This decision is not completely final yet and the acid reflex problems I’ve had for so many years which only really developed soon after getting the Lap Band 10 years ago. As in all surgeries there are risk concerns for changing the body anatomy, any advice or opinions from anyone that has been down this same kind of road would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and concern. Hopefully one day I can help someone else.
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    Are my expectations too high?

    You poor thing! I hope they figure it out. I hope I didn't come across as flippant - as if the results are all up to the individual's commitment. I know there are a range of factors outside your control which can really slow you down. Trust me! Right after my surgery, I got a range of chronic illnesses, one caused painful arthritis so I couldn't move or exercise at all, I was also quite dizzy (which turned out to be a brain lesion) and had some vision issues (uveitis and some other inflammation which was causing migraines). Anyway, while they tried to figure it all out, I was on steroids/prednisone for about 18 months (which is a great way to gain weight quickly) and tried a lot of medications (in and out of hospital for months) for different issues which caused me a ton of side effects. However, there is always hope, I went on a biologic medication last year (took ages to get approved because it's very expensive) and am finally, finally getting on top of symptoms and figuring out my way forward with a healthy lifestyle and trying to get on top of my mental health. Hopefully, your medical team will figure it out and help you. I know that it gets frustrating because some people seem to have their surgery and BAM hit goal within a few months, whilst others get stuck with a bad deal (whether it's a medical issue or something else). Please know that you're not alone! Make sure that you take care of yourself!
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    Drive to Eat vs. Actual Hunger

    So I recently had gastric bypass and I’m recovering well. I haven’t been nauseous at all, one of the lucky ones. I haven’t felt hungry, but also haven’t felt full (still on liquids). But, I still have the drive to eat. I don’t think it’s necessarily emotional eating, because I’m feeling pretty stable and good right now. I just like food, and enjoy eating. It’s almost like I lost a hobby. I haven’t given in or anything, and it’s really not that bad. I’m trying to focus on my other interests, and I’m guessing that this will level out over time. But I’m curious, anyone else deal with something like this? Any tips?
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    How many carbs in post-op diet?

    I am not in the group that likes to AVOID carbs for all cost. There are some carbs you should actually IMO prioritize once you have started eating proper food again. In my recommended order Vegetables: Low in cal, high in fiber, keeps your bowel regulated and stool less watery. Also filling for very low use of calories Fruits and berries. Just forget all the nonsense about fruit and berries being sugar. Can't be compared. Little more use of calories, but still pretty good for you - if you can handle it Nuts, seeds Oats, barly, rye Granola What you need not try: Candy, cookies, things that are both high in easy carbs, fat and sodium, fast food, mixed products like patties, sausages and such that are commercially made. Rice, pasta.
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    Whoop! Hope I can keep this pace going. I’m sure it’ll slow, my initial rolling seven day average was around 10-12 for the first couple weeks and it’s been hovering right around 4lbs a week since. Once I got past the low energy stage I feel like hyper-mode has been activated. No food issues. I’m capable of eating anything it seems nothing disagrees with me, just making good choices every day, and the restriction is still very high, an ounce or two depending on what it is. Ate some raw jalapeños even. I haven’t been this light since college (in the 90s). Doesn’t seem possible... wish I did this years ago.