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    Oh Mark, you are looking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Way to GO honing in on your goal. Congratulations! Such a handsome Southern gentleman. Orange is a great color on you, too. Happiest Memorial Day weekend to you and yours. Y'all planning any good Tennessee cuisine or BQ bites in celebration!?
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    WALK WALK WALK................ as soon as the dr. says you can get up..... WALK the halls..... I've had 8 SX's and this i know. sip your water. never drink from a straw.
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Yay! Be proud! What a delicious alternative and so much more satisfying...looks yummy. I hope hub's homemade carrot cake he made for a January ladies luncheon for me (slices still left in the freezer) were not screaming out to you all the way to Canada! I find those especially decadent ones really do! Haha. I just laughed as you walked us thru the dilemma. Only too familiar... Here's to the VICTOR! And, pumpkin seeds that won't contribute to making us look like pumpkins EVER again. ;]
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    May 2020 Surgery

    That was a test post! Gastric sleeve Wednesday, home yesterday, clear liquids until Tuesday, then full liquids for a week, purées for a week, then soft foods for a week. Goal of 64 ounces of water a day and I’m working on it! Just finished a 30 minute walk with my family who are so motivated to help me! Feeling very positive about my new tool!
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    Body Weight Scale

    I could write for days!😂 Check it out on Amazon...over 1,000 questions answered and over 41,000 customer reviews! Good luck!
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Recipe/Pics look Soooo fabulous! So I don’t mess it up, what was approx starting weight of your brisket? And 10 hours on which setting...i.e., high an hour then low? Hubby has been asking me to do something in the slow cooker and THIS will make him one Happy man! Thanks for sharing your extraordinary culinary skill!😍
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    Body Weight Scale

    I got myself the Withings Body+ Scale a month or so after surgery. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto sync, multi-user friendly (up to 8 users) integrated iOS/Adroid apps. https://www.withings.com/ca/en/body-plus# (I have it in white, and it goes nicely with my bathroom decor, ) Between me and the rest of the fam, its probably the most used appliance we have in the house, besides the fridge, lol (we all weigh ourselves everyday, Mr. sometimes multiple times a day...cuz he likes to check his water composition before and after workouts) *though as with all home-scales, the data provided (in terms of body composition) may or may not be truly reflective of your stats. But i figure if you use the data from the same scale (and not across multiple different scales), you at least have a baseline to work with. Edited to add: oh, and battery life/usage is pretty good so far with this thing, we haven't had to change the battery yet and its been over a year of daily usage x 4 people (my old digital scale needed battery changing like 3-4 times a year)
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    Stomach churning

    You only recently had surgery... You will feel tightness in your belly youre still swollen.. I had bypass months ago but still at times my belly will rumble
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    Low Blood Pressure

    @ms.sss, I've been feeling a lot better. These were my doctor's notes from a telemedicine visit, which is remarkably similar to what my doctor friends told me. "Vasovagal syncope She reports a few syncopal events always in the morning when she was getting up out of bed. I suspect this is related to low blood pressure that is secondary to rapid weight loss and a lowering of blood pressure overall that her body has may be not adjusted to. I recommend she increase the salt in her diet. She is also check blood work to make sure she is not anemic already drinking plenty of fluids. I also recommend compression stockings to be put on in the morning. I recommend she get up very slowly from bed. If this persists despite the measures as discussed above I recommend she will need a cardiology visit with EKG and echocardiogram and potential Holter monitor."
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    So mad at myself for regain

    @Debbieduck4 PM me if you want to attend my online support meeting tonight at 6pm CST. We're a great group of committed folks who really motivate each other and help us with accountability and focus. It's hard to go back to basics, but IMHO that's what it takes. Plan, weigh/measure, log EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth for a baseline. Everything. Then look at ways to cut the trash out and emphasize the healthy stuff. Prioritize protein, water, healthy veg, healthy fats. You can do it. Seen too many people succeed in getting back to goal to believe it won't. Hang in there. These are tough days.