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  1. Sorry to hear, Meow2. My A1c was getting progressively higher post RNY also, my high number went around 5.6. Perplexed, as the only sugars in my diet at that point were from fruit. Nurse practitioner cited the watermelon I was juicing was very high in sugar, and on a lower fat, lower calorie, lower food volume intake would really spike my blood sugar. It was like putting pure sugar in my veins with little to slow, offset or balance it. To test it, she had me quit watermelon and sure enough, next blood work was impressively better. Though not fun, you might try only having fruit or sugar items AFTER, and along with, a Protein (and ideally, a tad bit of fat) intake. It helps to slow the absorption of sugar, has worked for me and better than where this was heading. Good luck!💗
  2. Lily66

    How hunger feels now

    You folks have summed up my experiences, each and all. The worst is the shaky part. Though not diabetic, I do have a mojo kit to test blood sugar and ketone strips. Next time I’m shaky I’m going to prick that finger and check the numbers. Arabesque, smart choice for protein bar in the night. A small carb may have been quicker but then we’re back where we started...blood sugar drop in a few hours. This happened to me about a month ago, true hunger from no protein since 4pm, then 1:30am and unable to sleep. I wandered into kitchen and went for ‘quick’, ate 1/2 banana. Next time I’ll go for 1/2 protein bar.
  3. Lily66

    How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

    Same, EVERY morning like clockwork. I don’t let it get me down, expect fluctuations but as long as overall trend is right I’m a happy lady. Will never, ever give it up! Waaaaay to easy for me to look the other way and bury head in the sand—been there and know how that movie ends.😫
  4. Absolutely LOVE this cut on you!! You have a perfectly shaped head for the stacked height in back. It looks like a full, thick head of healthy hair. Congrats! So wish I could pull this off but don’t think I could. My hair has been falling out terribly for past months...each week I hope it will be the last but no, shocking. I just remind myself it’s better than carrying life shortening fat. ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL NEW YOU!💝
  5. Lily66

    Regained weight support

    Once again, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s the great thing about a forum like this, as a smorgasbord with many perspectives and options sans calories. Generally speaking, with just a tad of introspection each of us know what we need to do, given the individual circumstance we’re in. There have been times in life that I needed direct straight talk and other times when ‘I had the facts’ yet needed the positive Can Do!, You Go Girl!, You Got This!, support and motivation that community can provide. Both were and are valid needs. Both were and are available on this forum, both were and are what make it a great place! Take what we need and leave the rest.💖
  6. Lily66


  7. Welcome Neller! Congratulations on your decision to be as healthy as you possibly can, and happy you have a supportive doctor. I’m 66 and have zero regrets in having this. Though I worked at it (aerobics, eating pretty well, etc.,) my weight was always in the normal range until 50’s, then hysterectomy, HRT, slowed metabolism, stresses of life, ya di ya da there I went. Many, many on this board are 60’s, 70’s, even recall one over 80. As long as you have a very good medical team and follow their instructions, I believe you will be pleased as punch!😀 Glad that you found this site, it will help you to learn and keep motivation high.
  8. Lily66

    Diet Changes Do Make a Difference

    At my June bloodwork (3 month post op appt) my A1c was 5.6 which was higher than it’s ever been. I had been enjoying watermelon as it soothed my internals greatly since surgery and gave me a bit more energy. Nut suggested I change to lower glycemic fruits such as berries, etc. My A1c on bloodwork last week has me back at 5.2. Maybe try the lower glycemic fruit & veggies.🤞
  9. Lily66

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    Love hearing this, Cheeseburgh. My DNA sounds much as yours, maybe because I was born in Illinois, lol. Realizing we are all different, my stats were much the same as yours pre-op, I’m very much limiting carbs during this WL phase, but if I can enjoy 1350-1500 in maintenance I will be a happy camper with a balanced menu. Congratulations on your stellar success! and thank you for sharing your journey!
  10. Lily66

    Does hunger come back?

    I think you’ve hit it there...stress, work, mood. The change around month 5 feels more about insides being less swollen, better healed, less nausea, ability to tolerate more foods, life “feels more back to normal”. The real work begins.
  11. Lily66

    Does hunger come back?

    I’ve noticed a definite increase in appetite since around month 5, requiring much greater diligence and am sure this becomes even more challenging over time.😖Thanks for posting Dr. Weiner reminders and suggestions!
  12. Lily66

    The Struggle is Real

    My heart goes out to you, mysuccess, for we all know what that pull and feeling is like. You’ve come so far on this journey to health...I would feel no shame and call my surgeon’s office or nutritionist, whichever you feel more connected to and that has a compassionate understanding. You deserve help through this and that’s what they should be there for. You will eventually have to discuss this with them during the periodic progress check ups, best they can help you through this now with a local recommendation. Surely they have seen this and will know how to best guide you. Hugs and more hugs, please keep us posted.
  13. Lily66

    Body Fat

    My Renpho shows I’m at 24.9% body fat but I’m still 29 lbs from goal weight🤷‍♀️.
  14. I would praise him for being “so tuned in to the marriage”! I’d then explain it takes 2 to make it work and since he IS so tuned in, he certainly wouldn’t let anything negatively affect your relationship. In other words, step up to the plate Mr Sweet Cheeks and stop depending upon my understanding for areas of life and our relationship that you KNOW you can do something about, too! What a Wonderful time to make our relationship the BEST it can be!
  15. Lily66


    Congrats, Jake! On both counts, your success and new relationship!!😍
  16. Ahhhh. Hugs and more hugs to you! Reading your thoughts above, you have a very full plate right now and “Ideally, want to finish your studies and then get the surgery”. Repeatedly you express this wish. You deserve to complete your studies uninterrupted, so then you can devote more focus to your next life milestone, WLS. IMHO, I wholeheartedly agree on that strategy. I finished my master’s at age 40 while working full time and recall the dedication, focus and discipline required to keep it all rolling at a very high level. I also had L5, S1 microdiscectomy and laminectomy 18 months ago. To add in WLS and the preparation pre and post op would have stressed me to no end, and yours is a step more intense than mine, PhD and fusion. You’ve put so much into your journey already, and we’re talking a short time frame in the big scheme of things to finish your studies. I would focus on keeping your spirits up right now in knowing and believing it WILL all be accomplished within a very near term time frame. I do recall the horror of the weight gain with spinal surgery, but again, I would strive to eat as healthy as possible but don’t stress over it. Focus on the things you CAN control, finishing your studies without losing your ever lovin’ mind is right there at the top of the list. Throw off those chains of guilt that you’re not prioritizing your health! You ARE prioritizing it in being self loving and practical to not further overload. Breathe.... You got this girll!
  17. Seems we have to find a Sweet Spot, where we can push exercise to max limit with the reduced calories we have to work with during weight loss phase, without setting our weight loss back. For me it’s a day by day adjustment.
  18. If you’re having no complications, you and your PCP may be able to monitor your journey. You can order your own labs through www.requestatest.com. I have used them past few years and very simple. Go to their website, order the labs you want, choose the lab nearest you to go for blood draw. My WLS was 3/11/20, Covid took over right then, so my follow up appointments have just been brief and over the phone with surgeon/nurse. As long as I’m not having issues, all that matters to them are the labs. You can also seek out a nutritionist if you feel you need one. So glad all is going well for you!
  19. Always amazing how people can interpret the same picture/photo SO differently. Didn’t see what you did...at all. No obnoxious lecture, no desire to punch a face. First pic, gently sharing her new found wisdom. Second pic was the old me too stuffed to move! Eye of the beholder moment.
  20. Oh my! They look SO yummy to me😁!! The macros appear to be there, but my reason for not having them around at this juncture is that they would likely join my list of trigger foods that could derail me waaaay too easily in a weak moment. If you’re more confident in your ability to discipline than that, go for it. If not, just easier to not make life more difficult than need be is my strategy. I could see their usefulness say a celebration coming up and you’d like to have your own treat instead of sitting out or eating high sugar being offered, but it would definitely be a very once in awhile not a regular thing.
  21. Lily66

    Depression, Anybody?

    Life is filled with moments both up and down, so we pick our poison so to speak. I have a boatload of pre WLS depressed memories from over the years from ‘the mourning’s after’ (pun intended) “Why did I eat & drink so much😓! This head is banging and I feel so bloated!” Often times, I had been doing so well on whatever fad diet I was chasing at the moment to lose weight, only to trash it by a day or evening of wild gastronomic abandon. I don’t miss the self loathing that went with that lifestyle, catching a glimpse of myself naked in the mirror was too much to bare (pun intended again). When I find myself “missing that life”, I grab a quick memory of ALL that lifestyle gave me—a few moments of pleasure and loads piled high of downside. Your family and friendships sound like true friendships that are supporting the new you... nurse that single gin and tonic and Smile Eternally for The Gift you are working so hard to have!! We are controlling life, it is no longer controlling us!
  22. Looks fantastic😋! Yes, recipe pleeeeez, and Thank You!
  23. Lily66

    Surgery done today

    Ugh! Life can get so real sometimes. Hugs and prayers that today is better. They kept me an extra night after surgery for extreme nausea that set in late and difficulty urinating. Can totally understand your anxiety attack as so many things going on and then this idea that something else must be wrong, it’s not like what i heard this should be.😩 I’m serious though, the ride home was uneventful and within 24 hours I felt like a new woman...nothing like the fear I had felt only hours earlier. My prayer is this will happen for YOU!💝
  24. Lily66

    Tmi . Does your private area smell stronger?

    I was experiencing same😧, found this on Amazon and it is Amazing! I use it at night before bed ONLY when i sense any odor and it really takes care of things for a good few weeks. Read reviews on Amazon...made my life 10,000 times refreshed!!😄
  25. Also, my experience with steroids for sciatica were pretty significant weight gain. Did any of you experience that?

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