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    These are the facts!

    I wouldn’t get on any hospital cruise ship, so far all they have done is shown how they spread the virus among people even when they are locked in their own cabins
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    Go to a Mexican restaurant and carry out refried beans. They are already pureed! Or if you can find an open Chinese restaurant (for some odd reason all of them are closed in our area) and get some egg drop soup. Bon appetit and thanks for thinking of our economy!👍👍👍
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    Surgery Cancelled

    I have been working so hard for a year getting prepared for my surgery now it was scheduled for tomorrow March 25. It was cancelled last week and I am very bummed out about it. I completely understand I am not the only one on this same situation. I am just anxious with out knowing when the surgery can be rescheduled for. I am doing my surgery at Loyola Hospital and they do not have dates to reschedule selective surgeries yet.
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    Stomach making noises

    LOL mine does all the time. Sometimes it's so loud my husband can hear it across the room 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Persistent low vitamin D3

    Thanks to all of you for this discussion. I had bypass, but am having some real issues with fat malabsorption and low D level which was 15.1. Doc prescribed 50,000 units twice a week of the green capsules, but it looks like maybe this is not what I should be doing. I'll check out the dry form.
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    Fat malabsorption

    My vitamin d was low for A long time. I had my gallbladder removed during surgery due to chronic inflammation and perhaps my low functioning gallbladder contributed to my low vitamin D. Low vitamin d can be symptom of an underlying illness and supplementing with high dose vitamin d can make it worse. Plus I don’t feel that the prescribed doses or form are utilized by the body very well. It needs to be in a form that’s bioavailble K2 MK7 with D3. I personally think multivitamins and any vitamins should be Whole Foods based and in chewable or sublingual or liquid when possible. i Buy this for my mom. It’s also a good value https://www.vitacost.com/pioneer-chewable-d3-k2-gluten-free-spearmint personally I was taking garden of life my kind organic whole food based (prenatal) gummy multivitamins, along with a calcium + D3 supplement and my vitamin D levels returned to normal for the first time in a long time and they were low years before I had surgery. I like the natures way alive calcium plus D3 gummies although I have been taking a tablet for the past two months. I did switch up my multivitamins for now, because I needed a three month supply but the my kind are the best.
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    When does a phase start/end?

    I felt like I was literally going to faint during the last week of full liquids, I added in a few pureed/soft foods in conjunction with the full liquids and immediately felt better. I don't want you to deviate from your plan, I shared this information to say that my body needed a little bit more at that point in my journey. I would also consult with your bariatric team to determine whether or not you are ready. Ariel (my stomach) loves refried beans and a scrambled egg. Not cooked together, in separate meals. Protein is our friend. The cream soups were delicious, but didn't givr me the substance and nutrients that I needed. I'm still drinking protein shakes, I only had my procedure on 3/3/20.
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    Thoughtfully created post. Thanks ❤
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    Yes, I have some loose skin, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I am 64 years old and I lost all my weight in 7 months and looked pretty saggy, but it has actually tightened up in the past 5 months. I lived in continual pain before surgery. I cannot remember a minute that I did not have back, knee, hip, and foot pain. I already had one knee replacement and was becoming more immobile from pain in the un-operated knee. It was due to be done very soon. Since losing the first 50 pounds, I have had NO PAIN! NONE! My un-operated knee has actually expanded in the joint space, whereas before it was bone on bone. I walk, hike, swim, and bike with no pain. I also got the doctor's blessing to discontinue my C-PAP, as my extreme sleep apnea is GONE, as is my asthma, GERD, and high blood pressure. My blood sugar, HDL and triglycerides and all normal now. I didn't get any fungal infections in my skin folds last summer! My thighs don't rub together now, so no chaffing when I wear a dress. I can ride my mule, get off the floor by myself, and keep up with my grand kids. I could go on and on and on about how my life has changed since WLS. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. A little loose skin? Really? Who cares? Not me. I have my life and health back and loose skin is such a small price to pay for all I have gained. People tell me all the time how good I look, and that I look younger, even with loose skin.
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    I confess that it brings me IMMENSE joy that I weigh less than my two best friends.