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    Almost one year post op UPDATE

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone's doing well. I'm currently bored at work and thought I'd give you guys an update of how i'm doing. I remember reading/ watching other people talk about how they're doing a while after surgery and it motivated me so much to keep going with the process and not be scared. So I hope this helps someone somewhere! Anyway, I'm 11 months and 7 days post op RNY. I've officially lost 230 lbs. I started as 415 lbs and as of today I'm 185 lbs! As of today i'm a size 6-8 jeans/ Medium tops. I'm so grateful for this surgery and for myself for not giving up on myself when it could've been so easy to do so. I wish I had taken action sooner but it is what it is and I'm happy I eventually did. I still have about 60 lbs to go to get to my ideal weight for my height but i'm not in a hurry and i'm just going with the flow. So, in terms of restriction and the size of my pouch now, there is none. LOL. At first, I was so scared to eat too much or to do anything that would stretch my pouch. I went to my nutritionalist and told her about it and how i felt like sometimes I was eating too much or i didn't feel the restriction as much and she told me not to worry and that my stomach will tell me when to stop. Unfortunately, I might've taken her advice too far. I stopped measuring stuff and just ate what I felt like. My pouch is regular sized now I think. Sometimes when I'm eating with other people I'll actually eat more than they do. But honestly I'm not too bothered by it. I know it would've been great to still have that restriction but I feel like i've learned so much about the type of food i should be eating and how to track it that I don't really need my pouch to keep me in control anymore. I started drinking soda about 2 months ago, diet of course. I know that's bad but it honestly helps me with hunger and cravings. For exercise, I do cardio about 2-3 times a week. Now, loose skin. I have tons! My arms hang like crazy. My thighs remind me of my grandpas thighs 😂 My stomach doesnt bother me TOO much (unlike my arms) but it's still a presence. But no matter how much i critique myself or sometimes hate what I see in the mirror, IT IS SO WORTH IT. I remember how miserable i was before losing all the weight. I couldn't go up the stairs to our apartment without feeling like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't walk or even stand for longer than a minute or two. I couldn't find ANY shoes that were comfortable, everything hurt! It makes me so sad to just think about what it was like to live like that. My social life hasn't changed much. I'm naturally really shy and I don't really put myself out there to meet new people. However, I have noticed how people treat me now. It's awful to say but I feel like I'm taken more seriously now that I'm not as heavy as I was. I'm treated better by people at restaurants, stores, and even at work. It's also true with people I knew before and even with my family. My relatives are suddenly so much nicer to me. Of course there are always the comments on how "beautiful i've become" and how "this is much better". I try not to let it bother me but it does. Not just the comments but their attitudes toward me as well. Why are they nicer now that I'm thinner? Was my weight really bothering them before? I can't imagine being mean to someone just because of how they look or how much they weigh. It really says a lot about them. Oh, there's also the people that think losing the weight was SO EASY for me because of the surgery and that I put zero work into it myself. I'm not even gonna talk about that because YOU GUYS KNOW. ANYWAY, that's me. I'm really proud of myself and all i've done. I hope i can lose the rest of the weight and then actually maintain it!
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    Psych Evaluation

    Somebody congratulate me, I just passed my Psych Evaluation! I used that online/phone company and I don't think our phone call was more than 20 minutes. At the end he wished me luck and i flatout asked him if I passed and he said I did with flying colors! What no ink blots? LOL
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    AJ Tylo

    Business Dinner suggestions?

    chicken parm cut it all up and drop a few big pieces in your salad bowl and hide it with salad, Not finishing your salad does not jump out.
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    Immune system support

    My immune system is slow low I catch everything going and take so long to recover from what I catch does anyone have any tips on how to boost it? Thanks xxxx
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    Immune system support

    Cocaine has a negative effect on the immune system of those who abuse it. The body struggles to fight off infections when the immune system is harmed in any way. Long term cocaine use has been linked to hepatitis B and C, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. How Cocaine Affects Antibiotics - Addiction Campuses www.addictioncampuses.com/cocaine/antibiotic-interaction/
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    Left shoulder pain at night

    It’s most like just a gas bubble. Very common. Try sleeping sitting up. Should help. It will go away in time if it is gas.
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    Immune system support

    And Vitamin C is water soluble so if you take too much your body just gets rid of it (warning: it's usually through diarrhea). I also recommend sleeping well. If you have issues sleeping at night it actually compromises your immune system so it's actually true that a good nights sleep will do you wonders!
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    Thanks! Yes, I am definitely relieved. I will still be "tentative" until I get confirmation from the Urologist... but I feel so much more confident already. And we all know even if I have a bad kidney disease, you only need 1 good one to have a good quality of life. I have 1 good one for sure! I was telling my bosses... after the first report my husband and I went out and he bought me some cute new "you have cancer" outfits lol. You have to know my husband to know he is a cheapskate and hates buying new clothing.... but he was trying to help me feel better and distracted. After I got my CT results we were looking for shoes for me, and now because he encouraged me... I also have several new pairs of "I don't have cancer" shoes lol. And of course now the novelty has worn off so I don't get to go shopping (with his approval) for quite a while lmao. Don't get me wrong... I buy what I want, when I want to... but not when he is around because he is such a cheapskate lol. For him to buy me nice clothes and shoes means he was very worried and then very relieved.
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    Congrats on 6 years! Wish you would stick around and post more! Wish there were more of you long-term vets here!!! How are you doing?
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    Coffee Talk

    I couldn’t tolerate coffee for a month after my surgery, it was a very sad month

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