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  1. Little glass of tomato juice I take my pills with. Then coffee. Then comes the water.
  2. JessLess


    I know many of us are not taking NSAIDs for pain relief and my go-to is Tylenol. While it isn't really known, some scientists think Tylenol is better to take than Advil if you have Coronavirus. Many stores are cleaned out of Tylenol in the Boston area. If it's medicine you rely on for pain relief, you may want to arrange for some now. @Alex Brecher, I don't know if you can get it or are allowed to sell it in your store?
  3. That's not smart. You can stretch it. At best throw up. At worst, ruin your sleeve.
  4. Wow, I haven't logged in in months. Congratulations! You worked so hard! Such an achievement. Screw those envious, ignorant people. I hope you are able to start far away from that nonsense. Butchered? You probably saved your own life! Good job.
  5. JessLess

    Remembering foods you can’t eat now

    I don’t have forbidden foods but I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol anymore. Probably just as well.
  6. JessLess

    Pandemic Check In

    I thought this fit best here. With the wealth of free time I have working from home, I was cleaning out a very remote kitchen closet yesterday and found a bunch of 2 oz. cups from right after my surgery... over 2 years ago. Time flew! All things considered, I'm doing well. Nipped the regain in the bud and still doing a lot of Zoom Pilates. Hope this crappy Boston weather turns so I can get back outside more.
  7. I have found I need to weigh and measure. It takes most people 20 minutes to feel full. You can eat a lot in 20 minutes. So I try to eat slowly and take breaks. You can always eat more later if you are still hungry.
  8. JessLess

    Too old for plastics?

    I got the surgery at 48 and saved up some money to do it but decided I didn't feel like I needed to. If I was single it might have been different. My husband really didn't want me to and it doesn't bother me enough for me to want to have more surgery. But if you want it, I think everyone who can should go for it, no matter your age. YOLO
  9. JessLess


    It will be MUCH easier after, at least it was for me. I wasn't hungry, just trying to get my water and protein shakes in 2 oz. at a time.
  10. When I wake up at night I have unsweetened almond milk. It's very low calorie and soothing on most people's stomachs. My dietician liked the ideal.
  11. JessLess

    robot engineering

    I had my sleeve done single incision through my navel and the robotic option isn't available for that. If it had been, I would have deferred to my surgeon since I trust her.
  12. I agree with everyone and my "exercise" was physical therapy when I started because I have a bad back. Two years out I do Pilates on Zoom with some friends about 3x a week and walk my dogs anywhere from a block to a couple of miles most days. I motivate myself by putting on my Pilates clothes and a "Zoom shirt" for work in the morning since I WFH. If I'm already dressed to go, it's easier to get myself to do it.
  13. You need to go to your doctor, sorry! There are a lot of minor bacterial infections that could cause the odor but you need to be on the right antibiotic. The bleeding could be something more serious.
  14. I never told my job. A medical procedure of none of their business. My CEO at the time was a total weirdo and I thought he might resent our health insurance rates going up (if they did) as a result the surgery.
  15. Do you have a psychiatrist or therapist outside of the bariatric office? What do they think? As long as you are not suicidal or self harming, I would move ahead. I also have chronic pain and depression and I'd rather have them without also being obese. How many pounds of ugly fat would you lose if you lost your husband? Good luck and feel better.
  16. JessLess

    Severe LPR 3 years after sleeve

    If it were me, I'd look into a hiatal repair and a revision to bypass surgery. But I'm not a doctor! Good luck and feel better.
  17. JessLess

    2020 Major Holidays During Pandemic

    For Thanksgiving we often have 8-12 people over. This year we are having dinner with one other couple. They get tested weekly for work and we recently got tested too. We formed a "vacation bubble" this summer because we are all about equally cautious. I will miss seeing all my friends. I'm Jewish so I rarely do much around Christmas, but normally my husband and I would take a nice, long vacation somewhere warm, which I will miss. We also usually have Chinese food with the same family on Christmas, but we won't be eating inside at a restaurant. Not sure is they will be up for getting together for takeout or not.
  18. First of all, I am very sorry for your brother's diagnosis. I lost a close friend to ALS and it's an awful disease. I do not think there is any causation between his WLS and ALS, but I'm not a doctor.
  19. JessLess

    Hate bypass

    He was a self-appointed expert on WLS before he had his procedure.
  20. It really depends on where you live and the precautions the hospital is taking. I'm having a routine procedure done next week in Massachusetts, but my town is "green" and it's considered safe enough with masks and such.
  21. JessLess

    Why Isn't Surgery More Common?

    I thought self acceptance was more important than living with being fat for years. I had my surgery two years ago and have been very happy with my decision.
  22. JessLess

    Gastric Sleeve - Outpatient

    I had laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgery through my navel (no scars) and I spent 2 nights in the hospital. It's helpful to have a nurse measuring you out 1 oz cups of juice and protein water. I was also on an IV for a lot of the time. I was exhausted from the surgery and anesthetic and I probably could have gone home after one night, but they suggested I stay since I was not functioning at a very high level.
  23. JessLess

    Favorite protein bars?

    I try to limit my consumption since these are basically candy bars, but when I am really hungry, Quest Nutrition Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bar (fake Nutella) or Built Bar Cookies 'N Cream.