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    Hey 👋 Your stomach capacity may change over time. So the first 6 months may feel different from the next 6, etc etc Ah to be young and in love...You and your GF don't have to be on the same diet, but you do have to stick to yours. DO NOT switch to her diet unless your Surgeon agrees. So this is a where real life sneaks up on you and sadly can't always meal prep... When eating out, I ALWAYS ask for the plainest preparation possible (burgers: everything on the side no sauces, chinese food: just the meat and VEGETABLES- you knew that was coming 😅, mexican: no rice,chips or extra sauces & cheeses, etc.) This way i can try to estimate the cals in the food easier The hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium, consult- Dr. Google Body Dysmorphia likely will stick around maybe therapeutic treatment exist but I find photos help immensely because you can actually compare the differences Good Luck💚
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    It feels so good to feel good about oneself! Enjoy your awesomeness (and the attention it brings) 😎
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    Welcome! My first suggestion is to get a handle on what you are eating by tracking your food. I use the Baritastic app. It's really easy and you get used to it. Can you get an appointment with a dietician? Maybe make a list of all the foods you do like and pick the ones that help you achieve your goals. Have you ever tried V8 or other vegetable juices? Losing/thinning hair is totally normal even if you are doing it right. It will likely grow back. I lot of people cut their hair shorter while they are losing some. You are right on schedule for that. If you are unhappy with your loose skin after you are done losing, a lot of people get plastic surgery. Good luck!!!
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    What the Prep...

    I stocked up too. I wanted to be prepared, especially since I knew I shouldn't be lifting big cases of vitamin water or protein shakes and things of that nature post op. Overall, I was glad I was prepared. BUT... The only caution I will give to others pre-op who are reading this thread... be careful not to stock up too much! There were several things I had and liked pre-op that did NOT sit well with me post-op. For example: Chocolate Premier Protein Shakes and Premier Protein Water. I liked and drank them pre-op. I hated them post-op. I forced myself to finish the chocolate shakes, but I gave the protein water away. And that stuff is expensive! I also didn't like the bariatric soup mixes I bought and some of the goat cheese crackers Still have them, but they aren't getting used up. The protein oatmeals are way too much for me to eat, so I don't eat those. Luckily my daughter likes some of them. I bought WAY too much jello and Popsicles. Still have the jello, but the popsicles were taking up valuable freezer space so I threw them out. Oh... and I have an abundance of tuna/chicken packets which I will use, but I was using them much more in pre-op diet mode and I am sick of them now.
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    AJ Tylo


    Congrads - The comments about you looking more healthy and happy do feel good and I am a ice cold guy and it still makes me feel good, Glad you are having such good success wish you all the best
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    Complete lap band failure

    I’m so sorry ur experiencing this with the LB n it’s unfortunately cuz u’ll continue with all those symptoms until u make the right choice in removing it n instead settling for a revision. I can fully relate to ur experience/symptoms cuz I too had the LB for 11 yrs n all my symptoms started a few months after getting it. So, I just put up with all the symptoms n tolerated the band cuz it was a nice little tool that DID the JOB in helping me loose weight by not OVER EAT or able to eat anything at all. I was 210 lbs when I got it. I went down to 135/40 lbs n loving/liking the way I LOOKED even though the symptoms SUCKED. I became ANEMIC n at one time got an AWFUL BACTERIAL infection that I DON’T wish on anyone. Believe me it was a SACRIFICE having the band. But unfortunately n cuz I had no other choice; in 2018 I had the band removed due to LOTS of problems with the port after getting a tummy tuck n too was tired of all the TERRIBLE/AWFUL symptoms that came with it. If I would’ve FULLY RESEARCHED n known of all the LB symptoms; I would’ve instead OPTED for a bypass. Unfortunately I did gain ALL my weight back but that was only due to lots of medical issues once I entered MENOPAUSE n being put on medication. So now, due to all my weight gain I REFUSE to let myself go n NOT EXHAUST all options for OVERALL BETTER HEALTH. Therefore, I’m currently being monitored by a nutritionist n dietician along with my bariatric doctor for a possible GASTRIC BYPASS that was recommended by my doctor. Hope my sharing helped n u make the right choice for ur OVERALL HEALTH. May God illuminate/bless you in DOING THE RIGHT THING.🙏🏽
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    July Sleevers

    Great Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    skin removal in mexico

    O wow thank you. I have an apt with my dr. I will def get clarification on this
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    July Sleevers

    I'm doing great, feeling great....lost a few pounds in the past 2 wks. Totally enjoying the journey [emoji16][emoji16] 5'4" Starting weight 297 VSG on 7/31/19 Surgery wt: 266 CW 208 GW 135 Sent from my [samsung Galaxy] using BariatricPal mobile app
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    2020 Vets Updates

    I'm 22 months out from RNY (Feb 20, 2018). I walk 60min/day and slow jog. I am making a commitment to do core strengthening 3 days per week. I also still identify as a WLS patient and always will because it DOES keep me honest and keeps me focused on living a healthier life that continues to grow and evolve. I am a daily weigher. And this morning was 130.4lbs. Lowest weight was yesterday and was 129.4lbs. I maintain in a range of 130-135lbs. Oh an 8 years, late stage cancer remission continues. Check up in 2 months.