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    So cold and rainy out today, I actually wore real clothes over my athleisure wear 😂
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    Gas in shoulder

    Heating pad. Or 'wet' heat. Like a rice pack or a gel pack. In the hospital, I was given a large gel pack to use. Whichever, the heat works wonders. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Fresh from surgery

    I just finished mine yesterday. Still trying to get used to eating.
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    Hey everyone! I am nowhere near where I want or need to be but I am doing okay. My goal is around 175 but my scale keeps fluctuating between 197-202 and it’s been this way a while. This is me currently. Still fighting the good fight. You all look amazing. Hope all is well with you all 🤗🤗🤗
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    Funny how each of us approaches this differently. It’s also a shame that we have to have this conversation. Think about it— if someone were to need surgery to have an appendectomy, a hysterectomy or have a tumor removed or have any other physical condition corrected there wouldn’t be this level of discussion. But WLS is still so judged. No matter where people are— whether they’ve never struggled with obesity or have struggled their entire lives, they will be all over the spectrum from extremely positive to negative. I’m generally a pretty open person, but sharing this is difficult. I too find myself more able to share with complete strangers than with people I’ve known. Maybe bc I don’t have anything invested in the strangers. I’m also a natural empath and I feel like I can read most people when they comment or ask. If one of my patients comments and I can sense that they genuinely care and are concerned (I am after all a cancer survivor and a lot of people know that) then I tell them briefly about the WLS and that I’m “okay” and “not sick again” If I feel as if the person commenting doesn’t deserve the info, then I tell them I’m on a medically supervised diet and exercise regimen. When the inevitable “oh, so you’re doing keto?” comment follows, I nod and tell them “yes” because I don’t eat carbs anyway due to the restriction so I figure that’s as accurate as I need to be. There are some patients I have who are MO and weirdly enough, many of them don’t ask. Maybe they already know, but I think mostly they understand the burden of MO and know better than to ask or comment. Almost every single of my close friends are MO, and they all knew. Sadly most of them are avoiding my right now, but that’s the topic of another thread and I’m working my way through that
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    October 2018 Sleevers

    This is probably the best benefit from this surgery ❤️
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Dinner last night: Made beef soup with veggies. Finished it all
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    Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Balloon

    It sounds from your past experiences that the sleeve would be nost helpful for you. It will force you to change i think you will be hapoy with the sleeve. My mom had the lap band seceral years ago and had complications from the band and had to take it out she gained back alot of the weight and wish she could have the feeling the bad gave her. I dont believe the balloon is worth the money and with you bouncing back to your old ways and gaining then losing i dont think the balloon would be best. Personally i feel like the sleeve which is minimally invasive will push u to lose the weight. And then u will belosing so fast and be so happy you did it.
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    A year ago...
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    Rice hurts my stomach. I have a sleeve and am five years out.