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    Thanksgiving Staples and WLS

    Yeah, I know that it's only September, but this will be my first Thanksgiving post-op. Of the standard stuff, I know eat in small amounts, moderation, and stop when I'm full, but what sorts of alternatives do people suggest making?
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    Thanksgiving Staples and WLS

    Thanksgiving is MY holiday. People can keep Christmas, way to much stress for my buck. Hopefully, this thread will be full of great ideas:)
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    Thanksgiving Staples and WLS

    In fall/winter, I make a sugar free sweet potato or pumkin pies with whole wheat or almond flour crust
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    Day one of 2 week pre-op liquid diet

    May I suggest-- Do not go into the surgery looking forward to WHEN you can eat again. Instead, concentrate on HOW you eat. You MUST learn to have a new relationship with food. If you don't change that, you just might be setting yourself up to fail. Before my surgery, besides being on this forum & reading about the experiences of those who have had the same surgery, I spent a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. There are so many! I have my favorites, of course, but I still check out others. There are even photos of the actual surgery! Don't watch if you're the squeamish type. LOL! My point is, you shouldn't go into this as if it's some magic wand. It's a tool. You still have to work. You MUST get your HEAD in the game!
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    Cardiologist Requirement for Surgery

    I had to have a cardiac clearance as well but it just consisted of an EKG. Since that was all normal along with my chest x-ray and my pre-op lab work I didn't have to do anything beyond that.
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    Favorite Scent of Poo Pourri!

    I have Holiday sets to all 3 of my adult sons one year. Talk about a “crappy” gift. We all laughed about it. Within a week all 3 called to find out where I got it at. They liked them & their friends were asking about them. Until my husband showed us all the Unicorn Gold YouTube videos. Then we had to buy those to check them out. So, one of our holiday gifts to all three families in 2018 was a package of Unicorn Gold. Yet another “crappy” gift from Mom.
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    I'm now 36 days post OP and down 28 lbs. My water intake is much better, I'm able to get 64 oz of water most days. I'm still struggling with my protein. After a few bites I'm immediately full. I'm doing protein shakes to help meet my protein goals. I've been working out everyday and walking alot. Its amazing how much energy I have these days. I have not bought any new clothes yet but I really need to, everything hangs off me. I'm truly blessed to have had this surgery! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me! Hope everyone else is seeing progress as well [emoji847][emoji106][emoji123] 5'4" Starting weight 297 VSG on 7/31/19 Surgery wt: 266 CW 238 GW 135 Sent from my [samsung Galaxy] using BariatricPal mobile app
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    You are looking amazing, girl! Great legs!
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    WLS 8/19/19 who’s with me???

    Hi everyone!!! RNY scheduled for 8/19/19. I was rescheduled from 8/12/19 due to insurance wanting more info. I’m actually relieved because this extra week is giving me more time to prepare mentally & physically. I was a little freaked out last week but I’m settling in as I check more things off the list . Who else is scheduled for 8/19/19 & How are you doing? 5’2 58 yrs 235 lbs BMI 43
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    Body Twins

    I’m a newbie here....so this may exist already or just be a terrible idea. Help for me in this pre op stage would be seeing photos reading experiences of those with similar body types as myself. I been over weight so long I don’t even remember/can’t envision myself at a healthy weight. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 5’2” 240 Apple shaped