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  1. Orchids&Dragons

    Weight-loss funnies

    We've got a thread for inspiration, I wanted to start one to keep us laughing! Feel free to add anything that makes your heart smile!
  2. Orchids&Dragons

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    If you just hit "report" post and then when they ask why, say "duplicate", the admins will delete the dup posts.
  3. Orchids&Dragons

    Oh, Just Another Plastics Story

    Bathing suits and wine bottles - my kinda party! You look amazing, girl! Even a little deflated!
  4. You look awesome, Sophie! Congrats on your excellent recovery!
  5. Orchids&Dragons


    Congratulations! It was, by far, my favorite milestone!
  6. Orchids&Dragons

    The Maintenance Thread

    I was so impressed by the new you that I didn't even notice the view!
  7. Orchids&Dragons

    Slightly Discouraged

    Explains why I'm an accountant!🤪
  8. Orchids&Dragons

    Slightly Discouraged

    Maybe they can remove the pancreas (if that's the desired treatment) at the same time that they do the sleeve? The pancreas is very close to the stomach.
  9. Orchids&Dragons


    Helllllooooo CURVES! Looking fabulous!
  10. Orchids&Dragons

    Oh, Just Another Plastics Story

    Not if he's lookin' at boobies!
  11. Orchids&Dragons

    Oh, Just Another Plastics Story

    Wow, super sexy!
  12. Orchids&Dragons

    Food Before and After Photos

    Baby seal poop on rice cakes! 🤣
  13. Orchids&Dragons

    A Tale of Two Arm Lifts (rs & ms.sss)

    Yup! Makes you a bad@ss!
  14. Orchids&Dragons

    A Tale of Two Arm Lifts (rs & ms.sss)

    I was thinking Jedi-chic!
  15. You are looking amazing, Sophie! Thank you for sharing!
  16. Orchids&Dragons

    Nausea vomiting one year out

    Mine was laparoscopic
  17. Orchids&Dragons

    Food Before and After Photos

    It was! But, unfortunately, too spicy for my hubby 😟
  18. Orchids&Dragons

    Nausea vomiting one year out

    I agree that you need to see a doctor. In the meantime, you might try sleeping on a wedge to elevate your head. That can ease the symptoms. Also, don't drink within an hour or two of bedtime.
  19. Orchids&Dragons

    Having a hell of a time lately

    I don't think you'll find anyone on the forum who not only struggles to make good choices consistently, but also to accept that you can make a bad choice, forgive yourself and move on. This is the nature of the beast. It is really difficult to try to stay on very low calorie intake before your surgery. I'd focus more on high-quality choices, maybe trying out high-protein recipes, getting in more water, etc. Instill those habits now. The drop in calories will happen naturally after the surgery. One warning - do NOT get in the habit of protein shakes now or you will be sooooo burned out by the time you actually need them! Best of luck to you!
  20. Orchids&Dragons

    Has to be seriously flawed research

    Most servings of fruit are in the 60-80 calorie range. How did you get 5 fruits a day from 900 calories? I often eat 5 servings of fruit, but in the neighborhood of 300 calories/day.
  21. I'm asking because I'm 60, and I want to be realistic. However, I've had 4 kids, including 15.5 pound twins (total weight)! My belly muscles have been stretched to h3ll and back! And if I go to the trouble of plastics, I'd like it to be worth it.
  22. Sophie, you're looking amazing! Did the doctor have a lot of muscle-tightening to do for your abdomen or was it primarily excess skin removal?
  23. Orchids&Dragons


    You look like a star!
  24. Orchids&Dragons


    I don't think anyone but you will notice your "problem" areas. You look fantastic and that's all they'll notice!
  25. Orchids&Dragons

    Life Taken Away

    My deepest condolences. I can't imagine what you're going through.