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    What have I done?

    I’m laughing at this because I saw the ads too and thought: Hell no, I’ll die. I’m SO proud of you for trying something new. You CAN do it!!
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    it's pretty common. I had a breast lift as part of my body contouring surgery. Ta da! They look better than they did when I was 20!
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    Got my date!!! August 19th

    Hey guys, sorry it's been way too long, but I'm checking in. Feeling great!!!! But..... just wait around for 10 minutes and I might bite off your head!!!!!! So, mood swings have been going for the last few days, I'm not a scientist or doctor but I pretty sure I know why they are happening. Other then the swings and sometimes lack of energy, it's been so much better than I originally thought it might be. I've been slowly been getting more active again, taking long walks and can't wait for my 1st post-op visit. I'm still on liquids(anything that goes through a strainer) and will be until my 1st visit. I'm guessing I will remain on liquids until mid-September, but who knows. I really feel like I'm recovering at a fast pace, but not going to take any chances. We all work so so hard to get to this point and I know the cost. I really hope everyone is doing great post-op and off to a great start! Can't wait to post my 1st before and after photos too!
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    I am having quite a few BMs today.
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    Bianca S.

    Surgery Today

    🤔 hmmm
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    Surgery Today

    It was chest stomach area. The water is all room temperature. It was definitely crampy. But the Toradol Definitely made a difference. Glad to hear your experience.
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    Pre-Op Appointments... DONE!

    Getting excited and nervous! Surgery approved and scheduled for September 4th with the possibility they may move it to the 3rd due to a cancellation. All my pre-op lab work and testing is done and without any concerns. Same for my psych eval, barium swallow, chest x-ray, EKG, and EGD. Did all my pre-op nutrition appointments (I was fast tracked, so there weren't as many as most of you had). Did the pre-op group class where they explained my pre-op diet and what to expect at the hospital and post op. Started my bariatric vitamins last week. Purchased any food/supplies that I think I might need for the first couple weeks post op (my husband even told me to get him a new bigger TV so I can have a TV in my room the first couple days lol... and he got a 65" screen out of it lol). Today I did my final pre-op weigh in and doctor visit. Saw another doc first (teaching hospital), then my real doc. Signed my surgery consent. Too my surprise, the doc also told me that it doesn't matter how much weight I lose now, I am totally approved for surgery (before I had to be careful I didn't put myself under a certain weight and disqualify myself). YAY! I also asked him about how much time I can take off work (I have 14 weeks of sick time saved up and a supportive employer- not that I actually want 14 weeks off, just didn't take all my sick time over the many years I worked there). He said a minimum of 2 weeks but up to 8 since I do have a fairly physical job. YAY! I could probably get away with going back early, but why push myself when I have the time and support? I would rather heal, adjust to my new diet(s) over the next month or so, and slowly build a new fitness routine before going back to the craziness that is work. Not sure how many weeks I will actually take off, but good to know I have options. And then finally, I went to a pre-op anesthesia appointment. Answered all of their questions and signed their consent. So... all that is left is to call and confirm the time of my surgery the afternoon before! And how did I celebrate? I got my last meal of my favorite Indian food. Yum! And my husband is TRYING to be supportive of all of this, but he really doesn't want me to have what he considers to be elective surgery. I understand where he is coming from, especially since every one of his surgeries has had some sort of complications. But my surgeries have all been routine and without complication. And I really need to improve my health and this seems to be the only way to get me there.
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    Fabulous! Congrats!!
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    Got my date!!! August 19th

    I think you just drank too much of their proverbial sugar free kool aid. Sleeve is the more modern procedure.
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    I'm soo happy to read this and impressed overall with where you started and where you are. It all sounds so encouraging[emoji2] Sent from my BLA-L29 using BariatricPal mobile app