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    I have read articles saying the sleeve has more restriction then the RNY . I am 23 months out and still have great restriction. Before the surgery my portion size was huge and I loved cake, ice cream and candy lol. Now I keep all that stuff out of my house and when I want something I go out and get a one serving. Either surgery will work and you get out of it what you put into it. You have to remember its a tool. Good luck to you !
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    Atkins taking on the pyramid

    https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/452495-dont-listen-to-atkins-call-for-cutting-carbs-in-the-dietary-guidelines?amp Well Dr Jason Fung would disagree with this article entirely as well. https://obesitycodepodcast.com/
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    Hmmm, sounds like the woman who wrote the first article was paid to do a hit piece on the low carb proponents.
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    That is so good to know! Thank you for your response!!
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    Can you switch doctors?? If not, your mom's got it right, you do you! I'll preface my experience with: I got my gastric sleeve in Mexico, no insurance/approval hoops to jump through. My doctor was cautiously on board with me having bariatric surgery, but was wary about the Mexico part. He gave me all kinds of horror stories, personal "aftermath" ones that had shown up at his office after assorted procedures abroad. Then he thought about it...said at least Tijuana was super-close to the US, and all of the horror stories (abcesses, drain infections, etc) were from getting plastics overseas. He wished me luck, and today he took out my stitches. He was impressed with how neat, clean, and minimally invasive the work was and said he looked forward to seeing me for my post-op blood workup.
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    https://www.bmj.com/content/366/bmj.l2408 bad news for fruit juice drinkers - sugar is just sugar -source doesn't matter
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    8 hours after surgery

    Ughhh that fresh surgery pain -_-. Dilaudid (IV) was my jam tho.
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    when you ate eggs..

    It tasted amazing but I was super careful to take the tiniest bites and chew like crazy. I also have been lucky with a smooth recovery and likely less swelling than some experience.
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    I went to my General Practitioner for the first of my 6 months of observation. I already knew that it wasn’t going to be a great visit, but I was shocked at how badly it actually went. First let me say according to the nurse at the surgeon’s office, my surgeon can’t be the one to monitor me for 6 months. My GP is a former army doctor. I usually try to pick a female (sorry guys, there is a difference) but after my last doctor misdiagnosed my hernia as a fold of fat, I went to my husband’s doctor. Unfortunately I feel like he is a pill pusher, and today was another “let’s take a pill” kind of day. He tried to prescribe phentermine again but I hate how it makes my heart race. He then went on the prescribe belviq because it supposedly has some mood stabilizers in it because I “obviously eat my emotions” so I need that. He wouldn’t listen when I told him I had already been To see a surgeon, that i’d Been to a support group, that I have a nutritionist appointment in a few weeks, and that I have a scope right after that. He wants me to lose 20 by December or he won’t sign off. I tried to explain to him that if I lose 20lbs my insurance will no longer cover it because I will be under 40 BMI, and his response was “thats dangerous game you are playing there.” I can’t afford this surgery otherwise. He also told me that I would be “subject to regular bloodwork for the rest of my life” and that since I am HIGHLY allergic to sulfa, multivitamins would be difficult to find. All things I know from research I’ve done. I left and and called my mother crying. I felt like it wasn’t going to happen at that point. She told me to stick with it because we have been praying for this so it has to work out. Show him that you can lose the 14 lbs (and no more) and see how it goes. Anyway, any stories of difficult doctors with positive outcomes would be appreciated! TIA
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    Change of primary

    So I have to change primary doctors whom I don’t meet till next. This would be 6 days Pre-op. Can he stop the process?