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    A few random thoughts in no particular order - Does your doctor have you on a PPI acid reducer medication such as omeprazole? Excess acid can mimic hunger. In the early post op time, our sensations of hunger, satiety, fullness, etc are altered due to what has been done to us, so these feelings are not a good gauge as to what we need, This also means that any appetite suppressor would unlikely work on whatever you are feeling. Many experience "head hunger" which is more psychological than physiological hunger. There are literally hundreds of protein supplements out there, so it is likely a matter of keep looking to find one that suits you, or try a different approach to it. I never go along with the ready to drink products, but found that I could adapt most any powder to something that I could use. Unflavored powders can be added to soups or broths (and there are chicken broth flavored ones out there, too), flavors can be added, temperature and consistency changed, mix with water, milk, fake milk, etc. There are clear liquid varieties such as Isopure which I cant take on their own, but mix in with Jello quite well; my wife makes a smoothie with vanilla powder in some juice and a banana and frozen strawberries (may be a bit early for them, though - ask your doc). Unflavored powder added to oatmeal, cream of wheat or even mashed potatoes are classics; make protein pudding with powder of your choice.
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    slow loss?

    I don’t remember how quickly I lost weight with my Gastric Sleeve 10 years ago, but I am losing fairly slowly with the bypass. Since I went on the pre-operation diet on April 30, I have lost about 9 kgs - nearly 20 lbs - but in the last couple of weeks, only about 1 kg per week. Not worried though - I am in this for the long haul. The doctor and dietician are telling me I may only lost another 7-8 kgs, but I plan on proving them wrong. I am currently just over 80 kgs (176 lbs) and my first goal is 75 kgs, but my actual goal is to get into the 60s. I’d like to be somewhere between 65-68 kgs (143-150 lbs). I will enjoy proving them wrong!
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    according to NIH, the "normal" weight range for a 5'7" woman is 121-153lbs. you are 170. so you still have quite a ways to go (50+ pounds) before you are considered underweight. while most people 6 years out struggle with regain, you admit you can basically eat anything you want and keep your weight down, if not still lose a little. i'm sorry... what's the problem here?
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    Are you drinking enough? Dehydration can cause headaches.
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    slow loss?

    I do know lately I have slacked on my good/better eating habits so hopefully it will get back on track....
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    Drinking Post Op

    How much are you drinking? Do you stick to one drink or do you have many? I'm thinking a lot of drinks have high sugar contents and you might be responding to the high sugar load if you have multiple drinks.
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    First appointment

    Well mine Was the opposite. At the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS you don't meet with the actual Surgeon until your PreSurgical physical assessment. I did all my pre- consultings, met with Dr Needleman July 17th, got my surgical date confirmed yet before I left. Spent the Entire month of August 2018 on a liver-shrink diet. Dr Needleman , when he palpated my abdomen, found the edge of my liver could be felt This meant I had NASH, which translates to NonAlcoholic Steatohepatitis , in lay terms big fat juicy liver, given a choice of 2-4'5 weeks, given the choice, I opted to do the whole flippin"month and it worked well. I lost 15 pounds, me who,had no successes before, and having the natural B.M.R. of a Sick,Sea 🐌 Snail, yes children it can be done. And MY Wonder Wednesday came, on September 5th 2018 at 7AM EDT I received what I had worked towards for 3 long and tearful years---- My RNYI And am I sorry? Wasn't then, am not now and never shall be, It ranks up there with my marriage and the birth of my. 3 Children as a Personal Historic Day, and I will be unceasingly-grateful to Bradley J Needleman MD who took the chance on a 72 year old woman, too old by many program's standards, and performed a beautiful smooth surgery to helped me gain a future. In 9 months I have lost 114 pounds ,multiple dress sizes, and ready to break into Onderland and head toward my goal of 175. Really he and his Head N.P. Valerie who is also his Right-hand woman, w o Ulf be satisfied with anything less than 200, that's an 165 pound loss from my highest recorded weight but I pray I have strength to make it to MY GOAL. Can I make it? I believe I can, it was the making of me to finally believe in and trust my own strength after being my,family's DoorMat for years, never making a fuss and letting walk all over me, wipe their shoes on me and not let out a protest. Not raised,to make waves- Now I am An Motorboat, I stir up waves but I get somewhere too. And Honey, it,is SO FINE!
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    Not going to be Popular...

    Isopure has a natural line of powders that use cane sugar--and a surprisingly small amount per serving. 25g of protein and 3g sugar. Mixed into water or skim milk it 1000x better than a premade shake--no thickness or off taste (other than one would expect from whey isolate).
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    Three weeks

    Post- op three weeks. I am ready to loss more Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Am I the Only One?

    It took me a good 2.5 months and two fills before I started to feel a major restriction. There was some before, yes, but not what I was expecting. Try your best to be patient. It is a journey, not a race, and that is one of the reasons the procedure has worked for me. Yesterday was my 4-year bandiversary and I am on a slow on downward weight trajectory. Good luck!