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    What will satisfy my head hunger?!

    I think a big part of it is the actual chewing sensation. We have our teeth to chew something on after all, LOL. How long is your liquid/mushy phase? Mine was 4 weeks and it tremendously helped to know that after 4 weeks it would be over. Limited time periods are easier on the mind than "forever" or "never again". What I also noticed was a craving for salty things (the protein drinks are usually either sweet or neutral in taste).
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    hitting a stall

    hit a small stall but didnt give up upped my protein and exercise and kept on
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    I still drink a protein shake for breakfast each morning because it's easy and it's 25 or 30 g of protein depending on which shake I drink (GNC Lean Shake 25 g protein; Atkins Plus shake 30 g protein) so that's already have my daily goal right there. Then I eat ham and cheese wraps (no bread) for lunch, and I sometimes make "fudge" out of protein powder and peanut butter, so there's more protein. Your body needs it.
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    Hi 2Bsmaller18! Sorry can't answer your question coz my surgery was a day after yours... I'm still losing weight but so far this month has been the slowest! But, I want to Congratulate you.... you're almost to your goal weight!!! Great job!
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    Hi all, I had a total hysterectomy years back and have been on estrogen pills since then. My surgeon asks that patients stop HRT or estrogen 1 week before surgery, to help minimize chance of blood clots. Does anyone else have any experience with this? It has been pretty rough... the headache was sooo bad after just two days off and has not relented at all. Migrain like I have not experienced in years and years, though I used to get them frequently. Throwing up, light aversion, the whole ball of wax... I might have attributed it to the liquid diet I am also on, except I was a week into that before stopping the estrogen and had not experienced headache up till then. I am going to do what my doctor advises and stay the course, just curious what others experienced and were advised. Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading a hungry, hurting, stupidly weepy girl's post. lol...
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    What will satisfy my head hunger?!

    Just taking it one day at a time is hugeeeeee! Thanks for the awesome perspective. Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    What will satisfy my head hunger?!

    Congrats! You just won the internet! Let's all go home now. ((hugs))
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    Protein powder. Added to smoothies, soups, beans, yoghurt, anything I can. Most people use a whey protein. It must be Whey Isolate. The stuff I use is from grass fed cows with no artificial flavors, and 99% lactose free. 90 calories and 20 gm protein per scoop. Once in a while - like rushing to work or just wanting to give my pouch a rest, I will drink a Premier Protein shake - 160 calories, 30 gms protein.
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    I still don't do pasta at four years out. Empty calories that take up stomach space. I have eaten zoodles a few times, and they're a decent substitute. condiments - they do have sugar, although I still used them occasionally. As far as spicy things, if you can tolerate them, there's nothing wrong with eating them. My sense of taste intensified after surgery, so sweet things tasted sweeter and spicy things tasted spicier. I couldn't handle spicy things quite as well as I could pre-surgery, and to top it off, I couldn't slam a glass of milk after eating something that was too spicy for me since we're not allowed to drink right after eating. SO...I did shy away from spicy things for awhile (I still don't eat anything *super* spicy, since I can't drink anything afterward to cool my mouth down!!)
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    You’ve lost 23 lbs in less than a month. This isn’t an issue with WLS, it’s an issue of having unrealistic expectations