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    All the time, hence why I am gaining again. I had lost 110 pounds and have since put 20 back on. If you do not address the mental issues as to why you eat you will not have success.
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    Plateau since month 6

    I can only share my experience. This is what works for me. I am just over 8 months out. I CANNOT EAT OVER 1000 calories on the reg and lose weight. I can maintain at 1050-1100. Anything more and I gain. I'm at 126 lbs. My original goal was 150. Crushed it. My surgeon said I was perfect at 135lbs. Good for him. I WANT to continue to weigh 125-127lbs. But, to maintain this weight, it takes constant vigilance and work. It's a drag sometimes. Isn't everything?! For me that means I have to eat high protein and super low carb. I have to be very strict almost all the darn time. Like, under 55 carbs a day. And, those carbs have to come from good foods. I enjoy Friday Funday every week with my husband now that I'm at my happy spot. Here's what that looks like; the toppings from two small slices of supreme pizza. One small bite of thick crust, (my only bread, ever), a 2oz cup of trail mix (the kind with dried fruit AND M&M's) and 1 tiny handful of popcorn. This is over 2-3 hours. I also have a double Tito's screwdriver--light on the OJ/heavy on the ice--long before I eat anything. Add to this a protein shake and a Keto Coffee with Chocolate Greens throughout the rest of the day and you have summed up my wild and crazy eating adventure day! I usually gain 1/2-1 full pound. Then I have to lose it! You can imagine the rest of the week. That's how I maintain my ideal weight. If I feel like losing a pound, I cut a few carbs. If I feel too slim, I add some. I never worry about fat...never buy/eat low fat products because they have added sodium and sugar. Good fats are good fats. I don't cook with salt, eat fast food (except a few bites of Wendy's chili every now and then). I keep my bag primed with protein bars. And I don't put junk in me because I didn't come this far to fail my body after the amazing response it's given me with this fab tool. But, it's not for everyone. I have a butt ton of support from my husband. I am retired and control my environment. I have a "piss off you psychos" attitude that makes me hard to corrupt when I'm out with girlfriends who are trying to get me to drink or eat crap. To most people it sounds like my food situation sucks. To me, I finally feel like food isn't controlling my life. I don't live for it anymore. It's just a survival mechanism. It's not a pleasure or a comfort. It just keeps me alive and healthy. Then on Fridays? I add a little sparkle! (It's always enough.).
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    NSV (nothing major)

    It's a great NSV. Celebrate! BTW your face beautiful.
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    @Walter.Sobchak i've watched your journey, you starting as a newbie -- going to success - now acknowledging you haven't always made the best choices/quantities knowing the prob is half the solution - staying on this board is great for you (and OP) too, gets/keeps you motivated!! start to get back on board, eat and drink right - you/I know what to do - you CAN/will be successful again!! you lost 110 lbs total - the weight you put back on - done and over with. don't look back - only look forward, straight ahead. You can do it. You don't want a 20 lb regain to go up to 30, 40, 50 lb etc - nip it in the bud NOW!!! i know you are aces, and you will be a success again!!☺️ my fingers and toes are crossed for you good luck kathy
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    NOT FULL & always hungry

    Most of those are sliders. And in my experience, it takes a while to feel the restriction from your RNY. I kinda "think" the nerves have to wake up. That's why it is really important to follow your plan and only eat the quantities it tells you to eat. Also, eating as low carb as possible will help with the hunger. Hang in there!
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    NSV (nothing major)

    Aww thank you! I’ll stick around, i love hearing about other’s NSV’s too. I missed this group so much too! 💖
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    Weight Loss Too Fast?

    Your Weight loss is Dr Supervised. You can call him with any concerns. He can diagnose if anything is wrong. . Your sleeve restriction will become less over time. you will be able to consume more calories and the weight loss is slower.
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    We have the best intentions to stock up and prepare before surgery, but learn from my mistake and don't buy too much. I found Premier Protein the most palatable, I bought a metric shiz-ton of it, and now I have to hope that I can return it because your tastes change and I can't stomach it. Many people like Premier Protein, especially when mixed in coffee. I've been making my own with Greek yogurt and Fairlife milk. Fairlife milk is really helpful to have on hand, it has more protein and less sugar than regular milk, it is lactose-free and it tastes like regular milk. I've been using it to thin out other products that are too sweet and to use instead of water to give things a protein boost.
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    Matt Z

    Big Pants Small Guy.jpg

    From the album: After Revision to Bypass

    Size 50 pants