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  1. Healthy_life

    Weight gain !

    This is just an observation talking with people over the years. Many of us have eatting disorders pre surgery. It's not suprising to find some have them post surgery.
  2. Healthy_life

    Weight gain !

    Going back to basics, keto and weight watchers did not work for you. It may be time to seek counseling.
  3. Healthy_life

    Weight gain !

    Your not the first person that has experienced a gain.
  4. Healthy_life

    Weight gain !

    @scarlett63 I'm sure you are frustrated. Reality , Any one of us can gain. Have you contacted your surgeons office/dieticain? They may have some good advice on getting back on track and ruling out medical issues. Counseloing/therapy is an option to fight the mental side of weight loss. You already know your baraitric plan. Time to put it into acction before 210 becomes 240, 260 or 300 Get rid of temptation food and go shoping for healthy whole foods. Get healthy options for sweet and salty cravings. Being off plan your body is used to the extra calories carbs and sugars. You will feel crappy as you detox off them and get your body back in to weight loss mode. Embrace the suck! it will get better once you are consistant and back in your weight loss zone Log and weigh your food, hydrate and exercise. We also have a group weight loss challenge. Its a good way to support each other as we lose weight https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/422620-❤-february-2019-challenge-❤/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-4743640
  5. BMI Calculator https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm BMI Chart
  6. Healthy_life

    Weight Loss

    Lose excesses belly fat. I had no contrl of where I lost weight on my body.Started with my face, then my arms/legs and my belly was last. I followrd my plan and exercised. I do cardio and lifting.
  7. Healthy_life

    Baby food

  8. Healthy_life

    Diet Soda after VSG

    Sweet leaf stevia cola flavor. Add it to water O calories O carbs O fats. O guilt. https://www.amazon.com/SweetLeaf-Sweet-Liquid-Stevia-Sweetener/dp/B00B7V6YHY
  9. Healthy_life

    Diet Soda after VSG

    Are you using baritastic or myfitnesspal as a log?
  10. Healthy_life

    Clothes Cull Catharsis

    It's hard. But you let them go. Oh yes, I wore black as my everyday uniform. 🙂 Soon you will be filling your closet with new clothing and new colors for spring/summer. Your sizes will be dropping quickly. Buy at discount stores and thrift stores until your weight settles.
  11. Healthy_life

    Diet Soda after VSG

    Could be a stall. if you work your plan it will break. Do you log your food? You need to know if you are hitting your calorie and macro goals.
  12. Healthy_life


    February 4th sleeve 2014 - Maintaining, Start of challenge 136 todays weight 138 Ugh! up two pounds - Goal weight 130 #Self love #4 What I feel guilt for and forgive yourself - keeping this to myself # photo of me laughing Skip # No junk food fail - Super Bowl party now back on track
  13. Healthy_life

    Tea and Weight Loss

    I drink jasmine tea in the morning. Before bed, lavender chamomile with a bit of unsweetened cashew milk. The smell and taste is comforting.
  14. Healthy_life

    Range of pre-op diets!

    @NH1 Congrats on your surgery date. This is exciting, You will be on the other side of your sleeve and losing weight in days! Sounds like the standard diet progression. 48 hour liquids to shrink the liver pre surgery. Liquids, puree,soft foods, as you heal from surgery. Then onto real foods. You can do this!
  15. Healthy_life

    Range of pre-op diets!

    Be prepared, SO much variation on post-op diets as well. They vary massively from 500 calories until you get to goal to no restrictions at all. I want to know what the long term success rates are.
  16. Healthy_life

    1100 calories in a day!!!

    FYI Dr Vuong. Note Alex Breacher (founder of this site) knows him personally https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/420312-dr-vuong-seminars-who-has-been-what-are-they-about/?tab=comments#comment-4707590 Posted October 24, 2018 I know Dr. Vuong for over a decade. He is a very nice and entertaining guy who IMHO gives out so-so medical and surgical advice. He bounced around from practice to practice and has never been able to make it as a bariatric surgeon. 2 2 elcee, Christabelle, GreenTealael and 1 other reacted to this Quote Alex Brecher Founder & CEO BariatricPal BariatricPal Store: Huge selection of Protein Supplements and Bariatric Vitamins. BariatricPal Hospital MX: The Most Experienced Bariatric & Plastic Surgeons in Mexico!
  17. Healthy_life

    Weight Loss Too Fast?

    Your Weight loss is Dr Supervised. You can call him with any concerns. He can diagnose if anything is wrong. . Your sleeve restriction will become less over time. you will be able to consume more calories and the weight loss is slower.
  18. Healthy_life

    Dr David N Dyer

    To his patients. I'm not intending on making you feel negative about your surgeon's instructions. I apologise if this thread offends anyone. I'm just concerned.
  19. Healthy_life

    Dr David N Dyer

    Has anyone used Dr, David N dryer located in and affiliated with Centennial Medical Center. TN Looking to get printed instructions from this surgeon/dieticians office. Do they say 500-700 until you get to maintenance? Maintaining calories 1000 life long? I've spoken with two patients. These are their instructions after sleeve surgery. @mama3beartn @dashofsunshine @Ron Eddie @Larryh @EddiesAngel @Dee_Climer
  20. To be strict or to be lax in this process is a personal choice. We are all adults and make are own food choices. The only one that has to be happy with your weight loss is you. Maintaining : I indulge once in a while. If it causes weight gain, I go back to bariatric food plan to get the weight off. Weight loss mode: I was consistent not perfect. I had slips and got right back on plan. We do have a cheats thread that shows you Yes, people eat foods that are off plan. I'm a bit conflicted about the thread. https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/417492-confessional-lets-post-our-cheatsconfessionsetc-so-others-can-see-that-we-are-all-human/?tab=comments#comment-4667931 Things to think about in going off plan or indulging once in a while: Adding carbohydrates and sugar makes you crave them more. It takes time to detox and get back on plan your first few months is your best weight loss. You also have your golden year. Weight loss is harder after your first year( still can be done) Monitor if indulging is slowing your weight loss down. Will it make getting to your goal take more time? WIll indulging become habit? Every weekend? Every month? How solid are you in behavior change? Going off plan can be a slippery slope for some. With the sleeve, you will get to a point that you noticeably can consume more food as your restriction becomes less. What has made people successful 2 years + out
  21. Healthy_life

    Plateau since month 6

    You got this! Maintaining calories /weight loss calories are not as simple as a one size fits all. I had to dial in what works for my body physiology.
  22. Healthy_life

    Weight Loss Pills and surgery

    Another example of a Drs meal plan https://www.ucsfhealth.org/education/dietary_guidelines_after_gastric_bypass/
  23. Healthy_life

    Dr David N Dyer

    @Alex Brecher You have Dr, David N Dyer and other surgeons at Centennial Medical Center. TN advertised on your site. Have you ever seen instructions of 500 calories until you lost 75% of your weight??? I thought this was a mistake. But here is the surgeons instructions that patients are following.
  24. Healthy_life

    Dr David N Dyer

    How did you do on 500? Was it realistic and sustainable ?
  25. Healthy_life

    Dr David N Dyer

    I'm also concerned.