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    Ditto on getting help sooner rather than later. This journey is so complex and can be difficult to navigate as is, getting help would definitely be a benefit . I am sure They’ve seen it all before and can help. Get help before it is further along and much harder 💕
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    Oh man, you need to seek professional help. Psychologist? Therapist? Support group? Something. That is a serious disorder, keeping quiet about it is not the answer. Which would be worse, to be slightly overweight again or to be dead?
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    This is your friend... Happy hunting! There are TONS of posts on this subject. Congrats on your successful surgery and losses to date.
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    Keeping food hot?

    Back in the day, we used to have baby feeding bowls you put hot water into the bottom of. Shame they don't seem to make them anymore, I think they would be perfect.🍝
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    Ya know what's awesome????

    I am 2 weeks out and every time I get on the scale the number is lower. Once or twice it's been the same, but never HIGHER! When has that ever happened in my life? Nearly never! What a wonderful Christmas miracle that has been made available to all of us so we can get started on a losing journey! I already barely remember the pain and discomfort and am now just looking forward to being cleared to work out. I never could have done this on my own and I'm just so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please help

    I'd find another doc pronto. Surely your lab work was terrible.
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    I'm still in liquid phase, just starting soft foods phase 18 days post-op. I'm drinking GNC Lean Shakes (chocolate), eating cottage cheese, and have eaten a couple of scrambled eggs. Sam's Club offers a fruit-punch flavored clear protein drink by Premiere Protein. Thinned Oatmeal is okay in liquid phase and has some protein
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    I'm required to take a multi with iron. @paulamelton If your surgeon has recommended one with iron, I would follow his or her recommendation.
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    My wife stayed with me until about 5 pm and came back the next day around 9 am. It wasn't bad at all. The staff were great, but just keep in mind that it's a hospital and the 'squeaky wheel gets the grease' when you need something. They're busy and you won't exactly be a high priority (at least that's the way it seemed). Bring things to keep you occupied; iPad (don't forget the charger), books, music, etc. Or just enjoy the narcotic haze every 4-6 hours. 😵
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    How did you learn about surgery

    The nurse at my docs office suggested it after 2 years of trying on my own