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    Pre op diet

    I'm worried suddenly. First of all, my surgery date was set for December 13th on November 30th. So I was told to start the pre op diet on December first, but then they couldn't get me in to a Pre op diet class until December 6th. I did start on the first, but that was not two weeks out, then when i went to the class i found i was not doing it quite right. I was eating 2% cheese, but "not the right kind" and my protein drinks had to many calories. My powder is fine,but then adding it to a drink made it more calories than they allow. So what I'm saying is, I'm basically only getting one week of pre op diet before my surgery this Thursday. Should i consider asking my surgeon to reschedule so I can try again and get that liver all shrunk up like they want? I want to do everything right, this is kind of a kind about thing! I'm worried 😟!
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    I am 2 weeks post op and am staying sooooo thirsty. I can’t seem to find anything to quench my thirst. Any ideas on what to try??? Help!!
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    I had my VSG on 11/19/18. All went very smoothly at the hospital, I was able to get up and walk a bunch, and was discharged at 11 am the next morning. Unfortunately, at about day 6 I noticed that I had thrush and am still taking meds to get rid of it. The first was Nystatin and now on Diclofenac. I also got VERY constipated from the iron supplements, but luckily some Miralax unclogged me. My highest ever weight was 319lbs, I was 282lbs at my first visit with my surgeon and 270lbs on my surgery date. As of this morning, December 9th I am 245lbs.
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    Weight by date: 270 1/4/18 253 2/15/18 242 3/22/18 (surgery day) 233 4/2/18 228 4/5/18 219 4/17/18 212 5/6/18 189 6/24/18 181 7/13/18 170 8/26/18 162 9/19/18 158 10/13/18 154 10/26/18 153 11/13/18 151 11/29/18
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    Johnny B

    January Sleevers Unite

    I'm scheduled for January 2nd. I sure hope my surgeon isn't hung over.
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    (VSG) To those who were successful..

    This is such great advice! Especially since I don't have as much restriction...I could get up to severe shenanigans if I didn't weigh and measure everything! Even though I CAN eat more, doesn't mean I have given myself permission TO eat more. Nope, I still try to stick as close to my doc's and RD's plan for me.
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    Panni denied by HMO

    You need to look at your policy too they will often spell specifics out. For example mine only covers if your pannus hangs 3” past the pubic bone and will only do a breast reduction not a lift and they have to remove a certain amount of tissue for it to me a reduction.
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    Don't remember how long. I'm usually a size 0-00. After surgery I was a 4 for quite a while, then 2, then eventually back in 0-00
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    How soon before you were able to wear a size smaller pants/tops? Even with the swelling?
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    When I had my TT/Panni, I was so worried that I'd be completely debilitated and that the drains would gross me out which causes me to pass out. Actually there was barely any pain, just a tightness from the muscle repair. Be prepared to walk/sleep in a slightly hunched position. They won't want you straight for at least a week. Woke up with a compression belly band, which had to be worn 24/7. I was told that the longer I wore compression, the better the final result. Once the drains were out, I bought compression body suits and waist nippers. The drains, while being annoying, were not that gross. Never even felt queasy, and for me, that's saying something!! Had a long piece of gauze, tied so it's a big loop, and a safety pin. Would put it around my neck so that I could hang the drains while showering. Make tabs from cloth tape around the drain tubes. I was shocked at how easy the recovery was! Felt like I barely skipped a beat, just moved slower and hunchy. Best of luck! Keep us all posted on how you are doing.