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    I had my VSG on 11/19/18. All went very smoothly at the hospital, I was able to get up and walk a bunch, and was discharged at 11 am the next morning. Unfortunately, at about day 6 I noticed that I had thrush and am still taking meds to get rid of it. The first was Nystatin and now on Diclofenac. I also got VERY constipated from the iron supplements, but luckily some Miralax unclogged me. My highest ever weight was 319lbs, I was 282lbs at my first visit with my surgeon and 270lbs on my surgery date. As of this morning, December 9th I am 245lbs.
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    @Matt Z I think 1 month liquid diet is NOT the norm all peoples directions from NUT are different I was on liquids for one week PO kathy
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    Yes. I had pain with swallowing and going down in the beginning if I swallowed too big a bite and didn’t chew enough. The pain was bad. I hope things gets easier for you soon.
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    Yes, go and see. For all I know (which isn’t much), your youth might allow you to get the results you need with less than a full tt. I think with my age (over 50) I need the full tt.
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    Don't remember how long. I'm usually a size 0-00. After surgery I was a 4 for quite a while, then 2, then eventually back in 0-00
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    About how long did it take for you to start noticing swelling going down and get some relief? I'll be one week post op tomorrow, and still feel like a Macy's thanksgiving day balloon, lol. I'm trying to increase my fluids, but I don't feel like the swelling is getting any better. I know it's not unusual, this was a major surgery and will take time, just looking for a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks
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    How soon before you were able to wear a size smaller pants/tops? Even with the swelling?
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    The worst of the swelling lasted 3-4 weeks. After that, it was mostly when I over did it that the swelling would come back. I'm almost 4 months post op, and swelling isn't an issue. Give it another week or 2, and then look at swelling as your body's way of telling you to slow down!
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    Good thing to remember for my future, thanks!
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    When I had my TT/Panni, I was so worried that I'd be completely debilitated and that the drains would gross me out which causes me to pass out. Actually there was barely any pain, just a tightness from the muscle repair. Be prepared to walk/sleep in a slightly hunched position. They won't want you straight for at least a week. Woke up with a compression belly band, which had to be worn 24/7. I was told that the longer I wore compression, the better the final result. Once the drains were out, I bought compression body suits and waist nippers. The drains, while being annoying, were not that gross. Never even felt queasy, and for me, that's saying something!! Had a long piece of gauze, tied so it's a big loop, and a safety pin. Would put it around my neck so that I could hang the drains while showering. Make tabs from cloth tape around the drain tubes. I was shocked at how easy the recovery was! Felt like I barely skipped a beat, just moved slower and hunchy. Best of luck! Keep us all posted on how you are doing.