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    Frustr8, you always have such a great attitude! I really appreciate you!
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    The stall officially broke yesterday and I'm down to 234! So 3lbs lost in 2 days! HALLELUJAH!
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    Apollo Overstitch in Tijuana?

    This is from my doctor's ESG FAQ https://bmiclinic.com.au/endoscopic-sleeve-gastroplasty-faq/ Can I have an ESG following a gastric balloon, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass? ESG following gastric balloon: Recent research has revealed that people who’ve had a gastric balloon do less well following ESG in terms of weight loss. For this reason, we do not recommend ESG to anyone who’s has previously had a gastric balloon. ESG following gastric sleeve: Endoscopic revision of a gastric sleeve is possible, however the weight loss that results is only approximately 10% of the baseline weight. There are likely more effective options which you can talk through with your Bariatric Specialist. ESG following gastric bypass: Endoscopic suturing is possible via a procedure called TORe, Transoral Outlet Revision.
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    Can’t believe it!

    I was sleeved on 10/2/2018 and am down 47lbs. I feel like my progress is slow but steady. I’m actually in the 250’s for the first time in YEARS! My hubby and I have a Vegas trip planned in January and my gift to myself if I’m under 250 is to go horseback riding for the first time ever. I’ve never been under the maximum weight in my adult life so I’ve always avoided doing it. I know it will be cold but I don’t care. My butt will be freezing doing something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m so excited. Now to continue this hard work. I’m about 60ish lbs from where I think I want to be, which is under 200, and it finally feels like a realistic goal! Here’s to being sexy in Vegas. To all my fellow sleevers “We’ve got this”! HW - 306 SW - 298 CW - 259 GW - none (just to be under 200) Height - 5’8 1/2
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    Apollo Overstitch in Tijuana?

    How long was your recuperation before going to work? Sent from my LG-TP260 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Vitamins & water intake

    Thanks everyone so much for your comments!!!!! What a big help!
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    Sizing is so weird! I've lost 177 pounds, so you think I would be down a ton of sizes right? Not really. I started at a 4x shirt, and I'm now in a 2x shirt. Pants, I was in 32s and I'm now in 26s (3 sizes down). I'm keeping at it though. You've got this! Also, I see the original post was a couple of months ago; how are things going now?
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    Cheez its, my little snack

    They're highly refined, high calorie/low nutrition, high in polyunsaturated fat. Nutritionally? They're kinda...poison junk. I think they're tasty, but they're so incredibly awful nutrition-wise. If I'm going to do something that naughty, it's going to taste a hell of a lot better than a Cheezit. LOL Also...we all need to work on better ways to find pleasure/reward....than food. Particularly, crappy food that hurts us.
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    61 lbs in 6 weeks!

    58 days since surgery. My total weight loss is up to 69 lbs. It really hits home when I see photos. The left was the day of my surgery (May 10) and I was 477. The right is today, I was 408 lbs. I am almost in the 300 lb club again!
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    Vitamins & water intake

    Im scheduled for sleeve surgery end of Dec. Ive watched several videos from sleevers and will ask my surgeon this at my pre op appt in a few weeks, and this might sound foolish, but since we have to wait a half hour to drink after eating and can only SIP not gulp water (for life), if we choose less expensive vitamins over chewables forms, do we just sip the water when we take the vitamin? Or is it a couple of sips with each vitamin pill? And we are to drink 64 oz of water a day and thats sipping only, a half hour after meals. So is a cup of coffee Im seeing sleevers have, with a pure protein shake as an option for a protein liquid breakfast (when they dont want a solid once out of pureed stage), taking hours to finish b/c of sipping? I take vitamins now and know the feeling of taking them without food to attach to. I certainly dont want to make myself sick (esp at work in my office for 9 hours a day) taking vitamins (in pill form) with only one sip of water and no solid food to attach to. Your feedback is appreciated😊