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    Help with H20

    Over the past month, I can’t seem to drink room temp water anymore. Feels like a rock hitting my stomach Looking for suggestions other then ice water which can be tough on my belly sometimes too. I have to make sure I’m hitting my water intake Thanks
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    Frustr8, you always have such a great attitude! I really appreciate you!
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    The stall officially broke yesterday and I'm down to 234! So 3lbs lost in 2 days! HALLELUJAH!
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    So cross at myself

    I'll just back away quietly from that one :-P This is so true. I'm quickly discovering that whilst a portion of chicken breast might fill me up very quickly so that I remember "oh yes, hello stomach the size of a small peach", crap slider food is still the devil. My bypass isn't going to stop me putting it in my mouth, only I can do that! Sent from my SM-G930F using BariatricPal mobile app
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    So cross at myself

    I get it with the Doritos. That’s the one food that I can NOT resist. I have decided - for me - I can NEVER eat Doritos again. Not ever. Not even one! I am thinking of Doritos like my “drug”. For the first month or two (after swearing off them forever) I thought of them every day. If that’s not addiction, I don’t know what is!! Now I’m down to thinking about them on occasion - like maybe once a week. It might be something for you to consider if you can’t control yourself around them. Now other chips? I haven’t had them yet but I know I could have a few. I’m only “addicted “ to the damn Doritos!!
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    I'm whining about large pouch

    Yes, absolutely! If I eat protein like chicken or beef first I feel full almost immediately. I'm 1 yr and 4 months out. Still feeling full quickly but I still have to watch what I eat. I could not even eat cheese at 2 months out. I was forcing myself just to drink protein shakes. I think alot of hunger is actually a need for water. I would try drinking first and if you're still hungry then try eating. Sent from my N9560 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Vitamins & water intake

    Thanks everyone so much for your comments!!!!! What a big help!
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    Vitamins & water intake

    Generally immediately post op you are told no pills bigger than an m&m...i think my nutritionist gave an ok for larger pills around 1 month out. Also as you move farther from surgery you can drink more normally, not just tiny sips. I personally would consider a small drink to take pills/vitamins with food ok...just not having a full on drink with the meal. Alternatively you could possibly take the vitamins 30 min or so after the meal-when it is ok to drink again, but you still have some food in your stomach.
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    ? for people with Reflux

    I had it for about 15 years prior to the surgery. It has improved somewhat since the surgery (I’m able to take generic omeprazole and the symptoms are improved).
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    Vitamins & water intake

    Im scheduled for sleeve surgery end of Dec. Ive watched several videos from sleevers and will ask my surgeon this at my pre op appt in a few weeks, and this might sound foolish, but since we have to wait a half hour to drink after eating and can only SIP not gulp water (for life), if we choose less expensive vitamins over chewables forms, do we just sip the water when we take the vitamin? Or is it a couple of sips with each vitamin pill? And we are to drink 64 oz of water a day and thats sipping only, a half hour after meals. So is a cup of coffee Im seeing sleevers have, with a pure protein shake as an option for a protein liquid breakfast (when they dont want a solid once out of pureed stage), taking hours to finish b/c of sipping? I take vitamins now and know the feeling of taking them without food to attach to. I certainly dont want to make myself sick (esp at work in my office for 9 hours a day) taking vitamins (in pill form) with only one sip of water and no solid food to attach to. Your feedback is appreciated😊