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  1. ummyasmin

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I mean MGB (brain broken)
  2. ummyasmin

    Calling all vets- where are you

    Only popped back in now, I’m two years since my MSG revision. I’ve spent the last year hanging around 84 kgs so I’ve another 20 to go (was 135kg at MSG surgery). I have to get back on track as I know how to cheat 🤣
  3. This needs to be replayed on loop for every douchebag who makes fun of fat peeps.
  4. ummyasmin

    one year surgerversary

    Wowwwwww you look fantastic!! Well done!!!!
  5. Snap! I'm 11 months out with Dr De Bruyne, so we have been on a similar journey. Although when the doc took it my blood pressure was normal, I have been getting orthostatic hypotension for the past few months so I do wonder if it's related. I've much improved since going keto so I just wonder if I've become ultra sensitive to carbs. It's a bit weird having changes this far out from surgery hey. Hope you feel better soon too!
  6. OK this is a new symptom that has started over the last couple of weeks. For those that have had reactive hypoglycaemia you know that slightly jittery feeling you start to get that tells you it's on its way? Well I've been getting that on and off lately but it doesn't become hypoglycaemia and my blood glucose levels are fine (eg. 4.8 mmol / 86.4 mg). It's not affecting me dramatically, it's just more annoying than anything. I haven't changed what I eat. I am exercising more but it doesn't seem linked to exercise that I do. Like, I could wake up feeling this way. I'm not drinking lots of caffeine. So what gives? Anyone else have this happen?
  7. I used to have difficult veins to find for blood draws. Now my doc didn't even have to do the pressy pressy thing, he could see the vein right through the skin. Skinny arms FTW
  8. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    @sillykitty now that's a list I can get into!!
  9. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    @Deedee12 yikes!! How did your friends respond when you rushed to the bathroom???
  10. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    Yes when it comes to the Muslims. Those women love feeding people and don't understand when I don't want to eat their delicious home-baked goodies. They usually settle for letting me take away a goody bag for my fam. Others not so much 🤣
  11. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    He's a keeper my hubs. But I let him watch the sport on the telly afterwards 😆 (All Ireland Final Rematch, Dublin won). I have to say, while I enjoyed Downton Abbey it felt more like a Christmas special than a proper movie. But had a good time AND I didn't buy anything to eat and didn't even bother with the protein bar and keto crisps I brought.
  12. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    Good Morning Beauties! B-Side Question: Did you form any completely new habits pre/post op? Totally weigh and log everything. Swapped to skim milk in coffee (altho now on almond milk). Small plates and utensils mostly.
  13. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    Well if it were up to me I'd be Day 13 distracted by DOWNTON ABBEY squeeeeeee but hubs doesn't like Fri night movies coz too busy. Poo bum. So going tommoz.
  14. ummyasmin

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Woot Woot. Just concentrate on how FINE you'll look after recovery!
  15. ummyasmin

    Stopping Omeprazole-

    Don't ask me why but my (Belgian) doc put me on Omeprazole for life. I had a MGB which has a slightly higher risk of bile reflux.
  16. ummyasmin

    Now when I see MO people...

    You got this! Having that extra time to do head work will really pay off in the long run. And if you're evenly proportioned, please God you'll lose it proportionally as well 👍
  17. ummyasmin

    Now when I see MO people...

    Oh it cuts to the quick!! I hear ya. If our societies didn't place moral worth judgements on people because we struggle with obesity, I'm sure there are many many many more people who would seek proper medical help and we would be able to recommend it without the stigma.
  18. ummyasmin

    ❤My Revision Story❤

    Oh wow, glad to hear the stricture is being sorted. You've had a bit of a rough time of it hon! *hugs* from one Semitic sister to another...
  19. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    I don't know anyone in Florida or the islands but my prayers are for y'all!!!
  20. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    Planned healthy meal eating out: fam took me to Japanese and sashimi is PERFECT for halal keto bariatric diet!! Had a brilliant time and was only mildly jealous of my daughter's veggie bento box (that General Tso's tofu is SOOOOOO good)
  21. ummyasmin


    Yayyyy well done.
  22. I went to the doc and had my bloods done (find out in a couple of days) but I'm starting to suspect it might be hyperinsulinaemia. I've been low carbing now for three days and the jitters have decreased considerably!
  23. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    B question: Does your complexion look clearer/better post surgery? Not sure. I think coz there is less far, all the bumps and wrinkles are more noticable. Also a few months back there I was naughty with carbs and my forehead got really bumpy (like those doodads are called - acne underneath the skin). I think it's more related to carbs than weightloss itself.
  24. ummyasmin

    💜 SEP 2019 CHALLENGE 💜

    Awwww shucks thank you. I couldn't do it without you. I'd like to give a big shout out to my agent who made it all happen, and the director was a dream to work with. To my fellow nominees, this one's for you.