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    Oh my goodness... I am no longer obese. Holy freaking cow. I feel like this needs a celebration this weekend
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    Matt Z

    7 hours for my sleeve!

    Congrats, Good Luck and here's to a smooth surgery and recovery!
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    My face especially and my hair isnโ€™t shedding very much at 2 1/2 months post op. Nails strong again as well. Iโ€™m doing intermittent fast 14 -10 which also is suppose improve the saggy skin.
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    Before picture

    I am glad I did, not that I would ever forget.
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    I've never had problems with this, although I know some people do. I wonder if part of it might be due to too many carbs or sugar alcohols - I know the latter, at least, are tough on some people's GI tracts.
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    Has anyone been a long time user of collagen in your foods/drinks and notice it has helped prevent sagging skin and wrinkles once your weight loss got in gear? You can mix it in anything hot or cold plus thereโ€™s usually about 10g of protein per serving. Only downside is the extra expense Iโ€™m willing to endure again if it truly helps. Thoughts?
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    Right I get that. I was just asking for otherโ€™s personal experiences.
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    December Bypassers?

    Hi there! I also am getting my by-pass on December 3 in Danville, PA!! Best of luck to you!
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    BariatricPal is launching our own PodCast. The first 12 episodes for season 1 have already been taped. Stay tuned for that announcement ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Jimmy Keller

    catching a cold before surgery

    Anyone get sick before surgery date and did they postpone or keep your date?I am scheduled for November 19th and I think I am getting sick.I thought it was just allergy but not sure .I guess i will see how I feel Monday and call the surgeon .