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    Oh my goodness... I am no longer obese. Holy freaking cow. I feel like this needs a celebration this weekend
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    Oldie but goodie, read carefully Google terms you don't understand http://www.pnas.org/content/94/26/14930.short
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    Just sleeved monday

    first month for me was challenging. YES, it does get better! I'm 3 months tomorrow and boy life is GOOD! no regrets here. Hang in there. Everyday seems like eternity but then starts to fly by .....
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    So I am really, really struggling with liquid protein and I'm trying different things. I have found that bariatric hot cocoa, while a bit too sweet, is much more tolerable, and it has 15 grams of protein, and if I make it with Fairlife milk instead of water it has even more. The thing is, the protein source is calcium caseinate, and I see things like whey protein concentrate or milk protein concentrate in most products. Is calcium caseinate an adequate source? Does it even matter what kind of protein it is: whey, soy, pea, rice, etc.? Thanks in advance!
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    Matt Z

    Post surgery 4 months mini stalls

    For me, I'm doing a light IF, I eat between 8am and 6pm.
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    I've never had problems with this, although I know some people do. I wonder if part of it might be due to too many carbs or sugar alcohols - I know the latter, at least, are tough on some people's GI tracts.
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    Matt Z

    Post surgery 4 months mini stalls

    Hunger is an odd thing, I was getting hungry a lot more, then I started with the Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the hunger went away. This weekend I stopped with the IF because it's a celebratory weekend for my wife and I, and today, trying to get back into my typical routine, I'm hungry already when I'm usually not. Look for things to swap, that creamer, is it sugar free and low cal? If not, that's something to swap out for a better option. Chips... find the veggie chips, again not "good" for you, but "better" than corn and potato chips. If your protein levels are high, it doesn't matter where you are getting them from. What I don't see here, is your water intake. Water is super important. The human body will not process fat correctly or efficiently if it does not have enough to perform it's normal day to day. If you aren't getting upwards of 128 oz of water a day, I highly suggest doing so.
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    December Bypassers?

    Hi there! I also am getting my by-pass on December 3 in Danville, PA!! Best of luck to you!
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    BariatricPal is launching our own PodCast. The first 12 episodes for season 1 have already been taped. Stay tuned for that announcement 😀
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    Hungry after surgery

    I'm 9 days out and I hear you about the water. I barely drank water for the first week, it hurt going down. Powerade Zero is my new favorite beverage. I got tired of super-sweet crystal light. I don't really feel that hungry so much as I miss eating I think. I do find myself watching lots of cooking videos and looking at restaurant yelp pictures. I have a feeling you're experience the same "head hunger" type thing.