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    It's getting closer to my date and I am more excited than nervous thankfully. Luckily or maybe not so, I have had major surgery before where I have been cut open front and back ( spinal surgery for inquiring minds) and I had no complications, healed up very quickly. so I know I tolerate anesthesa well just not the morphine pump, hopefully, I won't be in too much pain. I am more nervous about the liquid diet and nawing off my left arm while I am asleep due to the food depravation . I am left handed so that would be a big problem. I am more nervous about afterward, like what if I don't lose weight? My mother says (she's a nurse) that it is impossible but that irrational fear is still there. I am looking at this surgery as the last option so if it doesn't work, what then? But for the most part I am confident it will work if I work it. I am really looking forward to eating less, I have done enough eating for a few lifetimes. I rather live my life fully now. God Bless you all, Love Linsey!
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    Not A Nobody No More! :)

    I am looking forward to people treating me better. I am tired of having my weight be the first thing people notice about me. It is sad though that people are affected so much by it, and I will try and remember this when I'm thinner. I don't wanna turn into the same person that has been ignoring me for years because of my weight =p
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    Stupid Mistake!

    I didn't think it was bad. I've watched 3 or 4. Actually it made me feel better knowing exactly what they are going to be doing!!
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    Aahh I Get Banded Aug 21St!!

    I've been off 10 days and I love that I have taken so much time off. It makes me only concentrate on recovery and proper eating. I was banded on Aug 6.
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    Work, Haters And Motivators

    I've only told 3 ppl at work and they are soooo supportive, even offering to pick me up from the hospital or drive me to my EGD if I can't get a family member who can do it. I don't think I'm going to tell anyone else at work until after I have the surgery. I'm just taking 1.5 to 2 weeks vacation time. I had some problems with my one sister. I asked her if she would be able to drive me to my EGD if I needed it and apparently she thought I was opening this up for conversation and asking for her blessing (which I wasn't). We had a heated email exchange but now I think she's come around. My other sister - will support me even if she doesn't agree & she keeps it to herself. So I'm pretty lucky for that. Good for you though - that was a great comeback and you're right - she's probably never had anyone call her on her rudeness. Good for you & good luck with your surgery!!
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    Stupid Mistake!

    Ouh! That was brave of you! I did that too and was totally turned off about surgery for weeks! I actually had to pause the video and take a deep breath after watching just seconds once I saw the doctor cut the skin to create the first incision. I felt sick watching too. But I am 1 week post-op now (still can't believe I did this!). All I remember is some guy (the Anesthesiologist) telling me, "I am going to give you something to relax now!" and that was it! All the sounds around me became louder than usual and everything went blurry, I could not lift my head (my arms were already tied down) and I was out! I then woke up in a different room with a different gown on and my stomach incredibly sore. I wasn't dizzy but I did have a lot of acid reflux. That is because I vomited the water they used to test my pouch for a leak during surgery. The other 3 people who had surgery the same day did not experience this and were charged from the hospital a day before me. After two days of throwing up (was pretty painful), I was finally able to keep liquids down. The only pain I have now is at my biggest incision (I only have 3 plus my drainer site). The only incision that hurts is the one my old stomach was pulled out of. When it hurts, it's healing so it's all good. I have gone from 199 lbs (gained weight from being on IV for 4 days) to 191 lbs in a week and today, 9 days post-op, I am 187 lbs. Stay strong! You will do great!
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    Tanisha Nolen Sanyang

    I Cheated?

    I catch it to from ppl.thy always say wen thy loose weight thy wil do it the rite..so wat their saying is I did it the wrong way and it always be overweight ppl who make silly comments and sum men r hatters too. I was surprised to c that like wen ppl say u don't need to loose no more..u just need to tone up..wat the hell that mean or een thy say u gud but only ur stomach is the problem now and thy be the fattest ones..ppl need yo stop hatein and learn to except change as thy c it.
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    AT THE GYM 7-13-12

    From the album: SML1997

    Trying to get another 30 lbs off before I have surgery.

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