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  1. Ok, all you sea-faring sleevers- I'm the queen of queazy here, and I have not been on a ship since getting sleeved. So- my question is: Does the sleeve (a.k.a. "smaller stomach") mean LESS sea-sickness, or is there no change because it's an inner ear thing, or what's the scoop? I get all kinds of motion sick- airplane, car, small boat, big ship- you name it. Capt. Derel, I hope you see this! What are your best tips to avoid getting green on the high seas? (Do I write for a tabloid or something? WTH?)
  2. Thanks! LOL Yes, it IS a slippery slope. Here's my advice: If it tastes good, spit it out!! Ok, not quite that bad, but close. Food is no longer a tool of soothing the psyche and de-stressing. It's fuel for the body. I have trouble looking at it that way. I get a craving for something with frosting and LOOK OUT. I'll mow ya down. That's my battle right now. The stinking cravings. If you increase your calories, do it with Proteins, veg, fruit and quality carbs. (brown rice, whole oats, quinoa, etc). Preaching to myself. God help me. As far as foods being left permanently in the past? In theory, yes, all the "bad" food should be left behind, but I tell you, as soon as you tell me I can't have something- that's all I want. SO- I have to learn to have an altered relationship with these foods. Maybe...get to "x" weight and you can have such and such small treat. I don't know. I'm still learning dude. i'm 45 and still learning to live with food. It's not like crack or booze, you can't just walk away. We have to eat. It will be a life long battle and lesson. I pray you have great success.
  3. Ok, I want to hear from our experienced sleeve people: If you've been sleeved long enough to have returned to a "normal" capacity- let's say...a year or more? How much can you hold at once? I've heard different things from everywhere on this forum. Some say you can hold as much as you ever did (SCARY!!!!) and some say "normal" is like, 4 ounces (sounds better!). Input please. Lots of it. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. -danielle
  4. OK, Well here's a guideline for you... right now my waist is 42 and my hips measurement right across the hip bones is at 45 and the very widest part of my butt about 6 inches below the hip line is at 52. With those measurements I fit in everything and only on one ride, two of them had to press on the bar to get it to smash down and lock. That was getting a little close for comfort, but it was a way smaller car than all the other. So, if that helps allay your fears any...
  5. Good job.. You'll do GREAT!! You got this!! Patience.....
  6. Breathe, woman breathe!!! Everything is going to be ok. (It is too early to be eating chicken! You can hurt yourself badly!) The grehlin is still working its way out of your system, and you're having thin foods (or should be), so hunger is inevitable. I felt ravenous for weeks. Be sure you are taking acid reducers and staying well hydrated. You WILL lose weight. Your body is trying to figure out what the heck you did to it and is rebelling by trying to hold on to what you're putting in. It WILL happen. Just relax, follow the plan and exercise. Not vigorously yet. SLOW, careful walks, but KEEP MOVING. Your exercise plan starts NOW. It's very vital to the loss. Most of all- be calm. Stress hormones will fight your weight loss as well. Just keep swimming. K?
  7. Dooter

    Difficult question to ask.

    Ummmm.. Nooooooo. No problems whatsoever. In fact I feel completely normal now except I have to stop eating long before others do. That's it.
  8. Hey all!! It's good to see my familiar peeps on here!! Does anyone know if the elliptical is useful for this purpose? It's my main form of exercise.
  9. Dooter

    Tampa Fl Area?

    WOW!! That's a LONG vacation!! Have fun!
  10. Well, i'm a little taller and was a little heavier- 5'6" and 349. I lost 100 in the first 10 months. From pre-op to week 2 after surgery, i lost 40.
  11. your hunger hormones are still floating around your body also. that takes a while to go away.. its pretty normal. besides, you're on liquids. thats not going to make a full feeling stick around. it gets better. then the surgical swelling goes down and you get hungry again. at that point you'll want to stay full on proteins. hunger is something we're always going to battle, unfortunately.
  12. Dooter

    Disgusting Protein Shots Beware.

    HAHAHA He gave you the serious face now!!!
  13. Dooter

    Disgusting Protein Shots Beware.

    My cardiologist put me on Pea Protein by SunWarrior. It's the "Warrior Blend" plant based protein. It's not delicious per se, but if I do protein shakes, it's usually not for taste or meal replacement, but energy for workout or just trying to keep my protein levels up. (which usually means i'm not eating quite right. ) Those shots are horrible. It's like drinking syrup and like OTR said- garbage.
  14. Dooter

    A little discouraged....

    Ya. Even paying cash i had to do the cardiologist clearance. I still see him. He likes to keep track of me even though i've never had heart issues. It'll all be over before you know it!
  15. Dooter

    Feb 2012 Sleevers

    I have not tracked or logged my food in a looooong long time. I probably should, but I'm guessing I'm over 1000 calories a day. Which I know is why my loss has slowed so dramatically. I just get so hungry! I AM trying to keep up with the exercise, as that seems to be what keeps me moving downward. I'm finding myself fighting some old habits and mindsets. This is where the battle really begins for permanent lifestyle change. :s I've gotten bored with my good routine, but i need to get back to it.
  16. Dooter

    Fl Sleeves

    Well, so far it's quite loved by this New Mexican! We can't WAIT!!! SOOOO excited!
  17. Dooter


    Yup. It happens. This is the point though, where you have to remind yourself that THIS is it!! This is your shot. You've fought this for so long, now you've got a solid, effective tool, and you can NOT let it go to waste. You have no choice but to buckle down and get to work. Hit the gym, hit the bricks, get moving and eat proteins first and drink that water. Plateaus happen as a normal part of the weight loss cycle. Some people do not get them, but most do. I'm preaching this all to myself mostly....
  18. In the early months I used to get a pain behind my eyes that told me to stop eating. Nine months out now and I feel full the same way I used to, just much much MUCH sooner. You HAVE to eat slowly, because if you start wolfing something down and you haven't given it all a chance to register.... You will be in trouble. (Great pain and misery, throwing up possibly, etc)
  19. Dooter

    Plus Sized Mannequins. Offensive?

    Eh. People thrive on being offended at SOMEthing or other. Personally, I like to see what the clothes will look like more realistically. Even "plus sized models" are smaller than my goal weight. It's like everything else. If they don't like it, they don't have to look at it.

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