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  1. I know exactley how you feel, I am barber and see people on dailey basis. Last Nov I wieghed 458. Today I am down 278. Had my sleeve on 4/20 lost 115 since surgery. Everyday I get diff reactions some good some not so good. To top it off my barber shop name is Big Al's Barbershop. So everyday I hear your gonna have to change name to little al's. Kind of tired of hear it, but I just smile and say thanks. Sometimes people ask hey your loosing lots wieght, I joke and say I lost few pounds. But funniest is when they come in and ask where is big al, and I say right here. They says oh I didn't recognize you. I always smile and say just still me. But I feel terrific and don't regret a thing. I went from size 58 pants to 44 and 6 xl to 2 xl......big diff ..I love my sleeve.
  2. i strarted walking but now i jog about 80% of the three mile. at first i would just jog from telephone pole then walk to the next. Work at it i use an app on my phone called map my walk and gets some ear phones and your ready. I actually jog with my two boxer doggs. there great the pull me into jogging longer. Good luck start small and work your way up, i think that my high weight loss is because i jog every morning.
  3. alovio

    No Straw Ever!

    i use straw all the time, i too dont like drinking out of cup. my surgery was 420 but i waited about a month before i started using straw. But everyone is diff try it and if you dont feel discomfort youll be ok.
  4. alovio

    Addicted To Exercise

    i feel the same
  5. alovio


    From the album: alovio

  6. alovio

    Loosing To Fast?

    Yes I do a premier shake am , cup cottage cheese then an isopure threw out day. I'm getting my 90 grams protien for sure
  7. alovio

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    yes my bmi when i started was 58, so i dont think there should be a problem.
  8. Your numbers sound like mine, you'll do great. Goodluck and god bless
  9. alovio

    Kaiser Preop Diet

    i had my vsg on 5/20 threw kaiser west LA, my surgeon did not put me on 2 week diet. i just had to do a one day liquid diet.
  10. I am about 5 weeks post op. I am starting to try different foods. But chicken that i use love so much doesnt sit with me well anymore I have tried it different ways and each time it makes me throw up. Does anyone else have this problem. Eating is really becoming a chore. On the brighter side I am loosing weight just sometimes I smell something and want some but I know I cannot handle that any longer. I guess I'll just stick to protien shakes and cottage cheese.
  11. alovio

    3 Lbs Down In One Day?!

    its normal i lost about 2 pounds per day first week, then you'll hit a stall in two weeks, good luck.....dont forget to walk alot its good for you
  12. So today is my one month post op, I was sleeved on 5/20. First let me throw some numbers at you. 6 months ago I wieghted in at 458. I lost 68 pounds getting ready for surgery, mostley by calorie counting. on 4/20 I was sleeved my weight was 390. Today I am weighting 358, lost 32 pounds in first month. First of all I have been pushing myself. In the morning before work I walk/jog 3.5 miles before work. And then after work I try and do 1 hour of cardio. So far its worked for me. When i started this journey I was wearing a size 58 pants, today my friends that also had sleave gave me some hand-me-downs to wear because my clothes are getting baggy. I couldnt beleave a size 48 fit me good. WOW!!! Made my day, starting to really like the way I look again and i feel 100 times better than last year at this time. Really excited about the future in a really long time. Just feeling grateful and happy, havent had that feeling in a long time. Just to give you a sample of what i eat , never more than 1/2 cup of food. And beleave me I have gotten sick my share of times. I Am I have 1/3 cup of egg whites with a slice of ham. mid morning I have my premier shake. for lunch usally a soup or a 1/2 cup of beans. then next few hours I take down Isopure drink. then after gym I make myself a shake with frozen fruit and frozen veggies with whey powder protein. I think key to my success is the walking and cardio. I am walking/jogging about 15 miles a week. I havent jogged in 15 years. It amazes me that i can jog. Life is good. Everyone good luck dont mean to brag but hopefully motivate. Walking is the key people. I feel like the weight of a teenager is off my back
  13. alovio

    Second Thoughts...

    i lost 65 lbs getting ready for surgery. like you i had second thought considering i lost 65 maybe i could continue loosing and do it on my own. But i have been overwieght most of my life and had'nt done it yet. Always going up loosing 50lbs then gaining back 60. I am only 1 month post op but have absolutley no regrets it is a big change you WIL NOT be able to eat same amounts of food. you will be amazed how fast you will be full. The hardest thing for me so far is knowing when i am full, usally too late. in my mine i am still that fat guy overfilling my plate. But I am down 32 lbs since April 20. I am starting to like the way I look again. The pain was only about 10 % of what i expected. So have no regrets you can do this you will love what you look and feel. Good luck
  14. i took mine with but nurse said that i didnt have to use it. with help of morphine pump i selpt like a baby first night. take it with you just in case. But i never used mine. Back at home i still continue to use it daily
  15. today i made turkey chili beans, but im only 7 days post op. so i blenderized them to a puree. man oh man yummy. plus its great protein turkey and beans. i can only have half a cup but it filled me up.
  16. alovio

    1St Day Home From Hospital

    your not suppose to eat anything, just drink. i hated chicken broth so i put a can of campells chicken noodle soup in blender and liquified it, yummy. popsicles were easy for me. I seem to like cold liquids more than warm liquids. you'll get better i am 7 day post op today, just remember if you crave something dont do it you'll get sick . let your sleeve heal. good luck .....oh walk walk walk......i am walking six miles a day as of today good way to release the gases
  17. alovio

    Post Op Exercise

    yes i had my sleeve on 4/20 i lost 63 pounds pre-op and curently have lost 11 pounds since surgery. I worked really hard pre-op but of course when you have more to loose it comes of quicker. Thanks for noticing
  18. I too am having pretty VIP sucess I have been loosing about 3 pounds per day since surgery. Mine was Friday 4/20. But I actually feel good today I've been walking a lot yeasterday I did about 4 miles broken down to 4 diff walks. But Congrats and I too will keep monitering scale down 11 pounds since surgery and 75 since Nov.
  19. alovio

    Today Is My 1 Month Surgerversary

    wow i am 3 day post-op cant wait to get to 30 days sounds great. glad for you
  20. alovio

    First Day Sleever

    Thanks everyone. I am off the morphine pump now and starting to feel some soreness. I am being discharged at 2 pm. I was just here overnight. Thanks again I will keep posting progress
  21. my surgery is friday 420, ive done everything they asked of me including loose my 10%. But i cant seem to kick the coffe, will this affect my surgery, Will i still want to drink it after surgery? Can i say goodbye tomarrow? One last cup wont hurt right?
  22. I'm going April 20 friday, not nervous but very anxious to get started on my new life. I am down 63 pounds since i started progam. Good luck to you and me
  23. Wow so happy, just got my date April 20 in Kaiser West LA .......I am som ready
  24. So when i started my treck first doctors app. was on Nov.9 I wieghed in at 459 (bad shape), Today I wieghed myself and I was 395, I cracked the 400's. I havent been under 400 in ten years. I am so ready for my sugery, that by the way should be next month. I just want to thank all the people that post there stories they are truley motivating. I will keep everyone posted . Cant wait for my day.

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