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    Starting Day 6 of liquid diet. It's not easy; but I've been fairly active and not cheating, so that 800 calorie limit is making the weight fall off. I've lost almost 10 pounds since Monday! Seeing those results makes it a little easier. I can remember losing a few pound in past and then justifying something I shouldn't eat and undoing most of my hard work. I pray I never again adopt that mindset.
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    Hello All. Well, my weight loss is slowing down. However, I still feel like I'm losing and my clothes feel like I'm losing. I'm working out daily. Not eating much. I have to get back to the basic of eating protein first and then veg and fruit. I really think my body is just adjusting and trying to hold on to weight. Other than the lb numbers, I am down from a size 20, often times it was a 22, now to a solid size 14 jean!!! Pretty darn awesome, I think! I still have over 50lbs to get to my idea weight of 145 or 150. It's crazy to think of what I will look like at that weight as I am loving how I look now and how i feel. One Love.
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    Tiffany Next Journey

    Yesterday was the start of a new journey for me. A client/gastric bypass paitent asked...." When do you stop being a patient and start being a normal person again?" My first answer is that you are always a patient. From a Dr point of view that may be correct. There are many out there that either the band does not take in thier body or eventually some need to have it taken out. I hold a stand so that thes people may have some support to make sure they need no other surgeries, My Life Is My Message. I no longer hold any liquid inside my band, making my stomech normal again. My goal is to maintain my wieght, Concur any new stuggels with this journey. If this can help one person out there, Its worth every step. A great thanks to all of the supportive people out there. Remember One Step At A Time! Be patient with your self. Most of all LOVE YOU! BE YOU! Tiffany C
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    Month 11 Weight Loss Added!

    SW 242 Height 4'11'' 6 month Pre-op loss (-28.6) Surgery date 8/8/11 213.4 1 month - 194.2 (- 19.2) 2 months - 180 (- 14.2) 3 months - 170.2 (- 9.8) 4 months - 164.4 (- 5.8) 5 months - 167.2 (+ 2.8) 6 months - 162.4 (-4.8) 7 months - 155.4 (-7) 8 months - 149.6 (-5.8) 9 months - 143.4 (-6.2) 10 months - 139 (-4.4) 11 months - 132.6 (-6.4)
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    Five Weeks In, Life And Losing

    Very best of luck to you. I have my surgery on Monday and am excited and nervous. It is so helpful to read this entry and hear about progress of someone just a few weeks down the road. Keep up the good work.
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    This Is Frustrating!

    I did ok on the pre op but mine was basically the Atkins diet not liquid. It was when I came home after surgery and couldn't eat anything but liquids for the first 2 weeks, my head was playing some games on me!! I cried and had a little pity party but now I'm 3 weeks out and halfway to normal foods again =) YAY! It's not that you can't have anything but liquids but that I can't eat but a few "licks" or sips of whatever and I'm done. I look at the rest of the food and get so aggravated I can't finish it or at least get a few more bites in. I know I need the protein and nutrition but it takes me all day to get down the protein and vitamins!! lol Such a weird head game, wanting and needing food but simply not being able to get it in. Good luck with the pre op and your sleeve journey, it's harder than I anticipated but I am down 32 lbs since I started pre op till now so it is all worth it!!! Almost to Onederland!!!
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    Being Sleeved In 3 Days!

    One thing I highly recommend...after surgery when you have to cough, if you have to cough, hold a pillow to and into your tummy. It helps tremendously! A heating pad was soooo very wonderful for me. The one thing I recommend...a POSITIVE attitude! Makes a world of difference. Some people don't have pain, but...most do and just expect it. Check out my blog if you want to read about my experiences. YEAH! Very happy for you. Your life is going to change...make it a positive, healthy life change. It is up to you. Congratulations and I can't wait to read your future posts. One Love.
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    Marty McSkinnystein

    Being Sleeved In 3 Days!

    And gas ex...me too...Monday!!
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    Being Sleeved In 3 Days!

    3 days!? Me too!! I have heard heating pad & lip balm are two biggies! Good luck and congrats!!!
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    Fat Slob

    Don't do it. Move away from the cake. It is not your friend! That being said.....That is one of the worst things you could say to a person. You should've told her, you would rather be overweight than have a black heart. Telling you to ignore her would be impossible but, don't let it rule you or your decisions. I am so sorry, you have to deal with someone like that.

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