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    Hey all! For anyone that needs a buddy or mentor I wanna help! my name is ashley I am 27 from NJ I am married and dont have any children yet... I am 9 months post op and have lost about 100 lbs woot! (still cant believe it) I have gotten a lot of help and support in, my journey and want to help someone else out too! Look forward to meeting some new friends
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    Well, I returned to work, arrived early - 7 AM, since I had insomnia last night - I figured I'd make the most of the day. After I got my walk on with the love of my life. My hubbage has been super awesome supportive. I am blessed. I keep my big GNC MIO flavored water at my side where ever I go, and I have a bottle of Isopure on my desk. I sip, sip, sip and that does the trick. I had egg-salad at my desk - started at 12, and finished at 3 - I took my sweet time eating bit by bit. I'm so afraid of feeling uncomfortable and visiting up-chuck city at work that I would rather slowly pace myself. Granted, it is HARD AS HELL. The shadow man from stress eater land is lurking over me all the time. It is so wierd to want to eat but to not be hungry. I think that is the biggest challenge for me. Recognizing and listening to my stress triggers and not immediately thinking FOOD. I find so much support, positivity and community on this site - thank you who ever reads and comments, you are lifting my spirit as I work through this life change. Every smiley face is getting a smile right back. I talked to my HR Director, she did not turn over the paperwork to my boss, kept it confidential as requested, fully supported me. (I LOVE WHEN HR DOES WHAT THEY SHOULD). I met with my boss, the good news...well she told me about my "bonus" for the performance year - we did well. However, she "negatively modified" my bonus because she felt I "struggled" this year. Let me define the struggle. An anonymous complaint to HR w/out facts, inuendo and no specific examples to substantiate the claim. I've asked time and again - but to no avail. And I got "dinged" because she did not feel I had as outstanding of a year as my peers. She smiled the whole time she said it. She's inspires me to be a better person. Even though it was a small "ding" - it is the point none the less. I've been working on my Resume - time to be successful somewhere else. Some day. I love my staff, my team, the work I do. It is challenging, fun. I've got AWESOME health bennies. So, I shut up and put up, or I move on. I don't think I could handle moving on so soon. So I will vent, and deal. And wish the flees of a thousand camels infest her pants.
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    People From The Uk

    Hi, I had my band fitted in August 2011. Not always been easy, but very much worth it.
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    Who Says You Can't Eat Asparagus?

    I can asparagus like candy! I made it into a soup the other night, roasting in oven at first for the flavor, then simmering in veggie broth until super soft. Blend with an immersion blender and VOILA! I added 1/2 scoop of the unflavored Unjury powder for protein and didn't even taste it. Looking forward to summer!
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    That is incredible!! I get so excited reading stories like yours. Tomorrow is my surgery and I can hardly wait to be posting this same story. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment.
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    New guy here from Plano, TX

    Hey Man, I am in Longview, TX. I am 5' 11" and 405lbs. I am similar to your weight. Can you give me any advice? Are you glad you have done this? How long were you in the hospital? Any information you can give for a fellow Texan would be great. I believe I am about to endure this journey and I believe I will qualify with my insurance, just freaked out a bit on where to start and where to go to even begin. Thanks in advanced. God Bless you and may he grant you strength and consistency through your journey.
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    Port Placement? And Friends?

    Excuse my language but Screw Them. People just want something to be nasty about. People dont' have the right to complain I'm fat and then complain when I loose weight. Choose a side you can't have both.
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    First Bad Fill...4Cc

    My surgery was Jan4th and had my first fiill early Feb, 2.9 cc and I feel no restriction. I have lost 10 lbs since surgery but zero since my first fill.... I go back march 9 and I hope I start feeling something....I pretty much can eat what I want. I would like to feel full
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    Insurance Approval

    Congratulations! It's a great feeling. And you'll do great! You have the good mental attitude already!
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    Well...this is definitely NOT the first time I have heard that! Let's see, since I have scheduled my lap band surgery I have had folks exclaim, "but you are NOT THAT big?!"...or "jeeze, just go on a diet"...or "but YOU don't need it!" (this last one typically comes from folks that are bigger than me). *sigh*...deep breath...OK, it took me a minute to think about whether or NOT I should even reply. I mean, come on! I am ashamed that I am unable to diet and KEEP the weight off. I feel like a total failure. Sure, I can diet and I will lose some weight, but then my willpower cracks, I get hungry...and the rest is a history of up and down. If my weight is down, I feel great about myself...but if my weight is up...forget it, I am miserable - God forbid I run into someone I haven't seen in awhile, I just feel like a pile of failure. Trust me I have tried EVERYTHING! (here is a quick sampling) * I am a lifetime member of Jenny Craig (bought my membership when I was 21, I just turned 38 yesterday) * Starvation * Sensa (that stuff is disgusting, makes me extremely jittery) * 7-day miracle diet (not what it sounds like, it is a diet where you eat every 2 hours, very low calorie, and quite balanced, however, like I said, VERY low calorie) * Atkins diet * Stopped eating dinner (for years...because doctor recommended this in order to lose weight) * Diet pills (worked great, until you stop taking them...but I was basically high all the time) * Lots of exercise (I was teaching aerobics twice a day...lost weight, but I wasn't able to spend the time I needed to spend with my daughter, she was 3 at the time) * Cabbage Soup diet * Diabetic Diet * Weight Watchers * Ali (gross) * Relicore So I have made the decision to get the lap band. I am only about 40 lbs away from my goal weight. But I am tired of never reaching my goal. I am tired of never having enough willpower to succeed. I decided on the lap band because of the way it acts like a tool to help you achieve your weight loss goal and most of all maintain it! Yes, I can make the decision to eat only 800 or so calories a day without a lap band...but I already know the outcome if I were to take this on without the lap band. I am choosing to be proactive. I am choosing prevention over reaction. Why would I want to put this off until I am diabetic, or have high cholesterol? Why would I wait until I destroy my knees? I don't think I SHOULD have to wait. I don't think that SOME people are more "deserving" of the lap band than others. It is a personal decision. I think it is quite thoughtless and flippant to say to someone in my position that since I only want to lose 40 or so LBS that I should just go on a diet. Trust me when I say, I WISH, I really, really WISH it were that easy!

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