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What was the first thing to give you dumping?

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Hi all

I am 4 months post gastric bypass and so far so good. The first couple of weeks were hard but I’ve got into the grove now. I don’t seem to have any kind of issues with meat, fruit, fat etc. but I haven’t really tried anything with sugar yet apart from the occasional spoon in a cup of tea now and then. Does anyone find it’s sugar that causes dumping? Not that I intend to go on a sugar binge but the occasional sweet thing would be nice, just scared of dumping!

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Yep. Too much sugar will get me every time (esp if its on an empty stomach).

My first dump was about 2-2.5 months post op with like a couple sips of a sugary soju/sake drink. It might have been like 1/8 cup in total. Kicked in about 20 mins later and it felt like death (heart palpitations, nausea, extreme lethargy, over-heating and eventually barfing). Oh it was not pleasant.

…..but my WORST dumping episode ever was about a month later when i had maybe 1/8 - 1/4 cup of a dairy-based fruit salad my mom made. That time i think i may have actually died. I had the same symptoms as the drink from earlier, but much more intense and long lasting. And i was spewing “stuff” from BOTH ends. Yikes.

Mr. had to pick me up off the bathroom floor and carry me upstairs to bed, where I promptly fell asleep (passed out?) for a couple hours.

Ugh. Not Pretty.

P.S. The bright side of the story here is that this was the first time in forever that Mr. was able to pick me up without struggling nor breaking his back! 😂

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I have been extraordinarily lucky in that I have never had any dumping at all, and I've occasionally eaten one or two things that I really shouldn't have. After eating something "bad" I always feel a little off, but nothing even close to the dumping symptoms I've heard of. I read that some people just don't get it, so maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.

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I had the same symptoms as ms.sss. At 3 & 1/2 months on Thanksgiving, I tried Ben and Jerry’s lactose free ice cream. I had 1/4 cup and it hit me half an hour later, maybe less. I’m finding any sugar/carby food can trigger it, or sometimes it’s a reactive sugar drop a few hours later. Air popped light salt popcorn triggered it last time. I was never diabetic. I find dumping does keep me on the straight and narrow which is good! If you do want to try new foods, it helps to be at home with a time block of a few hours and a Protein Shake to counter the sugar lows.

For those who think dumping is a get out of jail free card; there’s no weight loss. There may be a slight loss sometimes, but it’s Water from the both ends pushing it all out. Mostly I find I still gain weight and trigger an asthma attack from all the inflammation. I have even measured my ankles and found them to be 2-3 centimeters bigger the day after a carb incident.

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      😫 Hi, I’m new to bariatricpal! I am 8 days post op VSG. I am struggling very badly. I’ve been so emotional because I feel like I’m doing wrong. I’m afraid I’ll eat or drink to fast or eat the wrong thing. I’ve been on Pinterest and YouTube constantly for help. I have followed all of my surgeons and dieticians instructions. I just don’t know if my body is getting enough. Today, I am weak, sore, and just exhausted. 
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      1. Tara A

        It passes!! Everyone goes though it! It is a short term emotion! I'm almost five years post op! You made the right decision! Don't focus on the change right now. Try to entertain your mind. What your feeling only last about a week. It's related to your body adjusting and you mind adjusting. You got this!!

      2. SleeverSk

        I agree with Tara it's hard right now but it gets better do t forget your hormones will be all over the place you may even feel depressed. Be kind to yourself reach out and talk to people how you are feeling .

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