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Complications 8 years out and depressed!

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I had my sleeve 8 years ago and have been battling severe GERD for two years and serious weight gain since my hysterectomy just last December.
Now, I am miserable and weak. 10-20 tums a day, unable to properly take my medications because I throw them up. Cannot eat because I throw it all up too. Just ordered some syntax iced tea and Protein Soups. I’m taking 80mg protonix daily and wake up choking on my bile bile at night.
My PCP dismissed me. Saw her PA and at no time did she even look down my throat.
Got a referral to a GI and they called to have a consult in a month! A consult! Only!
Called my old bariatric surgeon and he’s not in my insurance network and I can’t afford him. Called one in town and have an appointment on the 9th. But if it requires a revision, I don’t know if it’s covered on my insurance.
I’m losing hope. I feel like everyone else has since I’ve been dismissed at every turn.
My brain is fuzzy, my eyes are sunken. Work is hard. I pretend I’m fine and eat at company meetings then go quietly to the bathroom to throw everything up. I’m miserable.
I need an answer but no medical professionals seem to be in a hurry.

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So sorry to hear about the pain and suffering you are going through.

I know that your GI appointment is a month away, but if the GI doc is any good, s/he may be able to diagnose your problem and help you. I have chronic nausea and gastric cramping. I visited my bariatric surgeon, PCP, and a GI doc. They all ran tests but the GI doc did the most thorough job. Both he and the PCP suggested prescription meds for me which have helped ameliorate but not resolve my condition.

If you can, ask to be placed on your GI doc's cancellation list so you might get seen sooner. And you can call the office every once in awhile to ask if any appointments have opened up.

Best wishes to you.

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It could be a number of things, most common this far out would be a hiatal hernia that could cause these problems. Is your protonix once a day, or split into two doses, morning and evening? If it is consistent with the labelling, try taking it in the evening, as that is where your biggest problem seems to be, or splitting it morning and evening (if it is two 40mg pills.)

Short term to help with the overnight problem, try elevating the head of your bed 3-6", or elevate your head and torso with a wedge pillow, or sleep in a recliner if you have one - anything to get your upper body (not just your head) angled down toward your stomach. Avoid eating anything 2-3 hours before bedtime. These are classic DIY reflux mitigations that the gastro will probably also suggest.

You can consider going to the ER and hopefully they can get some of the tests done necessary to diagnose your problem (likely an endoscopy and/or barium swallow imaging. The may also just send you home with a larger dose of protonix or maybe a switch to dexilant and possibly carafate. An urgent care clinic may be able to help, particularly if you have one affiliated with your hospital - they may be able to short cut getting the tests done that you can then take to the bariatric surgeon (who would likely order the tests anyway. Many hospitals run these clinics for just this purpose - not really an emergency, but too urgent to wait a week or two for an appointment. This may save you a couple of weeks.

Don't worry about insurance coverage as if a revision is needed, it would not be considered a second WLS (which some insurance limits) but as corrective surgery for you complication.

Good luck in getting some resolution soon (er, rather than later)

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Posted (edited)

Ugh, I am sorry that you are dealing with this problem. Rick's advice is solid. I suspect that he is correct that this nasty reflux is probably happening because you ended up developing a hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernias seem to be a VERY common complication of the sleeve long-term sadly, and reflux is the number one symptom they cause.
You will very likely be offered a revision to bypass, since that is the "tried and true" way of fixing this kind of problem. However, some people have had good results just repairing the hernia and not doing a whole revision.
If it does turn out you have a hernia, check out these recent discussions we have had about the issue:

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    • Meganator

      Just deleted all of my food delivery/ordering apps and unsubscribed from several restaurant emails. I start my pre-op diet next week- unsure what that will look like until I meet with my dietician on Monday, but I want to be prepared for success. Let's go!
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      Just logged into my insurance and found out I'm approved! Yes!!!!!!
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    • echubbythighs

      FYI. I'm going to discuss poop! I'm a Registered Nurse x16yrs.  It's possible this might be to much information for some but I'm not gonna sugar coat my info/experience. I hope some find this much detail helpful.
      Post op gastric sleeve 8 days out. The first day/night was AWFUL. I believe the majority of discomfort was from all the gas placed in the abdomen during surgery. Day 3 I started have less pain from the gas yet the spasm/pulling/tightness in right lower quadrant of abd. continues to this day (maybe a 4 on the pain scale w/ 10 being worst). I recommend WALK, splint your abdomen w/ a small pillow to cough/sneeze/laugh/try to have a bowel movement!
      Speaking of bowel movements, my Doctor did not have me do a liquid fast 2 wks prior to surgery, only 24 hrs prior to day of. I was unable to pass gas or have a bowel movement until day 6 and that was with the help of Miralax on day 5 ( note I did take the pain med's/Lortab the first 3 days). I have no problem taking in H2O as I'm a water snob so this wasn't the issue.  FYI. Narcotics can increase constipation. I recommend the Miralax, I purchased individual dose pkg's which make it simple to take on the road/convenient. Bowel movements should return to pre surgery consistency if not discuss w/ your MD. 
       It was difficult to urinate ( minimal volume/stream) the 1st 3 days as well, I assume due to gas and swelling in the abd. cavity, 8 days out and the all things back to normal in that department. 
      No appetite, only thirst first 3 days. I started the Protein shakes my local health food store offered NutraBio 100% whey protein iso. 25 grams protein in one scoop and it tastes clean no after taste/grit. I started to notice a desire to eat on day 3. I found heating up Lipton soup mix or ckn soup from a can and straining out the solid bits extremely fulfilling. Now day 8 I want to have something of substance in my belly. I'm not sure if it's hunger or habit. I am still cooking meals for my family. I bought some ice cream last night and that made a huge difference in my attitude/energy/outlook. I've noticed many different diet recommendations throughout my research in regards to the liquid phase of the diet. My surgeon wants everything low carb, low fat, calories 700-900. That is a bit extreme for me I beleive. I've already gone back to work (day 5/modified w/ no lifting over 15 pds) and couldn't make it through the day on that limited amt of calories. I've been blending canned soups to liquid consistency the last few days, loads of yogurt, popsicles and yes protein shakes. Tonight I needed something with richer consistency so I made myself a small bowl of mashed potatoes maybe 2oz. I felt so Satisfied and afterward, the idea of another week on a Liquid diet didn't seem so disappointing/unattainable. 
      The most dramatic changes I've noticed to my body since having the surgery is the overall inflammation/bloating in my face/abdomen is 70% resolved, my skin is 90% clearer and I don't feel the need to take my bra off the second I put it on ( strange I know). I am thrilled with my choice to have this procedure thus far. I feel much better when I listen to my body and not just blindly follow the strict eating regimen ordered by my MD. I'm not encouraging anyone to go against your MD's recommendations but for me, listening to my body and making small adjustments is making this journey more positive/manageable.  
      To date I've lost 13 pds and it's only day 8 post op. 
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    • JLynnWilson

      Surgery is set for 10/4/21. At this point I haven't had any coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, or caffeine in general for over a month. Too bad it just hit pumpkin spice season! I'm missing my coffee!
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      1. hopeainsley

        I have been a regular coffee drinker for 20 years atleast. Transitioning to no coffee is going to be so difficult. How did you do it?

      2. JLynnWilson

        I've been drinking about two large cups of coffee at day minimum for about 15 years. I also drank probably one-two cups of soda a day, but i've always drank a ton of water through out the day. I think what helped me was telling myself "the end was coming" and i stopped soda/alcohol first. I gave myself one last weekend and stopped. During that week I had my "favorite" coffees and said the upcoming weekend was my last. That Sunday i had my husband put all my coffee on the top shelf in the cabinet and I haven't had any since. It took about a week or two to adjust, especially with the caffeine withdrawal. I think it just helped me to space things out instead of stopping everything at once. I also drink warm tea that doesn't have caffeine in the morning, helps to trick my mind I guess!

    • LindasBlu

      I bought a box (7 servings) of peaches and cream oatmeal (used one) and pumpkin spice pancake mix (none used).  I no longer want them.  The exp dates are 4/2023 and 10/2022, respectively.  I live in Manatee Co, FL.  Will take $10 for all.
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