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Thoughts on having "the works"? (multiple procedures during one surgery)

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I'm on team, "the works". I had a lower body lift and breast augmentation done at the same time. My main concern would be getting optimized results with so many procedures at one time. I know some surgeons won't perform certain combos because the skin tension is in different directions. So they either can't get the desired tautness, and/or have risk for wound openings.

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@sillykitty your thought process is similar to my own. I've been corresponding with the surgeon I'll go with if I go down the road of a MASSIVE surgery and he's very honest that the absolute best results would be having a surgery for each procedure. If I got "the works" he doubts I'd even recognize where the compromises were, but he said he'd know and they'd be noticeable to HIM. So I think there IS a difference, but don't think it's a radical difference. If I were to spread things out then I think I'd probably wind up doing three surgeries over the course of a year and, in theory, that would provide the best results, but that is SO MUCH time when I can't exercise and I worry about losing progress that I've made and I worry about regain with that much down time. Let's be honest, I'd also like to get this behind me so I can get on with my life. That would probably wind up being 18 months of time that I spend doing some combination of preparing for surgery and recovering from surgery.

I'm not convinced that the risks involved in the massive surgery are much, if any greater than spreading things out once you do the math of comparing a lesser risk three times versus a greater risk one time. I crunched some numbers based on some figures I was given by a couple of surgeons and it looked like a wash to me (I have to take it on faith the numbers I was given are accurate).

I'm really torn, but I'm certainly leaning toward the massive surgery. The whole thing is a bit terrifying and I'll eventually have to make a decision and take a leap of faith. On the positive side, I think the surgeons I'm looking at are pretty terrific based on everything I've read. I'm hoping if I stick with one of them that there isn't a "wrong" decision.

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