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New Protein Water at Sam's

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Just made big presurgery shopping haul. Found new READY Protein Water at Sam's club. Great price.
$14.88 for 12-pack. Three flavors. Orange Mango, Blueberry, Lemon ice.
15g Protein, 1 carb and no fat. 70 calories for 16.9 bottle. No sucralose. With electrolytes: sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and Calcium. Ingredients: filtered Water, whey protein isolate, phosphoric acid, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia extract, fruit & vegetable juice (color).
I can add unflavored Isopure to increase protein so won't have to drink so much. Haven't tasted yet. My local Sam's Club had them in stock. I start my two days clear fluids tomorrow. On my 3rd day full liquids.

Also found a great low fat cream Soup at Kroger. Smooth as silk, no lumps or pieces. PACIFIC Creamy Butternut Squash Soup. Yummy. Does have some cane sugar but not a bunch.

910511307_Screenshot_20200525-123958_Sams20Club.thumb.jpg.84f5798015417365f23016e7163b90dd.jpg 20200525_125837.thumb.jpg.71ee1f41bc3471eab34c4a6f1984b131.jpg 20200525_125820.thumb.jpg.2d6b19292c71b19ba162c94785b0ab31.jpg

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saw that Water last few weeks have cases in my fridge - so far good taste Great choice as for the Soups let me help you out a little

I have found that if you get the pre made one cup ones - Freeze dried for WLS much easier to use. I used them Pre Op and still to this day use them every day. quick go to for me

One thing you are not going to want to do is eat the same broth or Soup Nice thing is with the packets you can use your kurig to make them in one minute. I got the Instant hot water machine mainly cuz i do not drink coffee. My daily go to around 9 am is one cup of the packet soup, I pre make shredded chicken or pork or beef and a little rice. They are ready to go in plastic ramekins and just drop in cup with soup mix and add hot water. quick 1 minute meal and I am good to go


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I was very disappointed with READY Protein Water. Taste was awful to me. I returned two cases to Sam's Club. Still have 9 bottles in fridge. Will probably dump it. The Blueberry was the worst. I also don't like having to drink 16.9 oz to get just 15g protein. So bust for me.

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