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    Never could have done this PRE OP

    For all of you just starting out or on the fence want to share something that hit home today. at 377 i could not go on my kids skiff boat To much weight, I could only go on it alone. So i never used it. Today as we sit here i am physically able to get on and off the boat and enjoy things i could not. So today was the Naples Florida Trump Boat Bash and Parade. My 17 year old came to me and says you want to go with me and savannah to this circus. I was shocked but i said yes. Cool as hell to see billions of dollars in one area, Of course this is Naples Florida so we have Yachts everywhere. Great thing to do The moral is life is so much better being normal weight and healthy! Just do it - do not miss things in life cuz your overweight BTW - This is not a political post we just wanted to go have fun. Everyone has there own views and the rule in this house is Do what you want but do not express religion or poliitics views to each there own!
  2. Sorry missed that will delete it
  3. WInston223322

    Still in shock

    Great Job I also am in Shock so i know how you feel. Is it not the weirdest thing to pick up a pair of shorts and see how tiny they are now? Freaks me out every morning
  4. Get that fixed My mom did and so did i was a easy surgery. as for slowing down I have seen people use plastic cups to seperate food and only get 1oz per 10 min on here
  5. dumb idea those are the rattles to the play pen! As i a guy i want to have direct fondle ability! So my vote is No! I also should not have any input but having fun
  6. WInston223322

    Can anyone help, or....

    Just did this post last week - I went thru the same thing and it took me a long time and even with a Nutrioshinist was a b***h to figure out. You are way worse then i got but here are my specs Started 377 6 month later 165 One year 220 Scope: You are going to have to trick your body back into storing fat. This is not easy but I can be done, First thing get a ketones strips and make sure you are not in Ketosis. I was and that was hard to get out of. Check you testosterone level If that is messed up you gotta fix it. Next thing get your throat checked out you may have throat issues. I did and this made a huge difference on what i can take in. Simple Stretch and I was good to go. Now here is where i get bashed. I have no choice but to consume unhealthy foods - I keep my Meal Plan perfect in terms of all food groups and focus on soft proteins. But i take in around 500 calories a day in bad food also with my balanced diet. I need to stay at 1300 calories a day. I keep a bowl of M and Ms on my desk, TIny little candy bars. Will take down a kids can of Chef Boy Arde. I have a cabinet full of chunky soup, canned stews, Just high calorie food, so I slip one into my diet a day. Dips and Spreads are my go to for example Bar Cheese and Crackers, I have a aresonal of crackers cheese and spreads. Even went as far to get a can of Cheeze Whiz! Just snack foods that are high in calories and they keep my body tricked from burning off all the Good healthy food that i also eat. I also tried everything to stop losing and it did not work, One thing that may also help is The MRE powder, It is loaded up with calories and good things. I take a scope every day at lunch In summary mix up what you can do, Keep you Vitamins and Minerals balanced but sending different things at you body may cause a stall. For example I went off the Bad food for two weeks and started to loose again. You will find a mixture of Calories, Protiens, Carbs and sugar that you can handle. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SUGAR, GO SO SLOW ITS SILLY IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK - For example I can only eat one peanut M and M per 10 minutes or one cheeze and cracker. You over due it you will pay for it. For all of you coming at me - This is common in Males, i have researched it and found many with the same problem, It was a b***h for me to get balanced and off the burn. He is in a Jam like i was, could not even lift a bag of dog food at 165 pounds. My ideal weight is 215-220 and It is going to take years to get the muscle back. I have incredibly will power but be careful if you can not control addiction to garbage food. In my mind it is a tool like a vitamin to keep me on course. Not for pleasure
  7. This is 100% correct I have had it my whole life, Actually ended up with 99 percent blockage of the widow maker. As you get healthy your body may stop producing it, Mine surely has. My heart Doctor has seen my levels jump around during this journey. Now as i stay at this weight my body is not producing as much anymore and hopefullly over time will slow down even more. Its a little pill every day No big deal if you have to take em
  8. I am sure you can find the food you like to eat anywhere - Just using this as a example In my area we have chinese food stores, mexican food stores, and of course whole foods that has a wide variety. I have been to Norway and this is not a third world country, I think you are letting the head games start, Also there is this thing called Amazon that you can order anything from anywhere around the world. You will be fine, just have to plan a little better.
  9. WInston223322

    Weight Loss Journey Challenges--HELP

    Welcome to the group lots of great information here
  10. WInston223322

    GELATEIN20 jello cups

    Just ordered and half the price of the grocery store
  11. WInston223322

    Things that Taste Like Peanut Butter

    I make my own so i can control the sugar - Any health food store has low cal - It is easy to make just google it
  12. You will be fine, If you can not make it get in a chair outside by your uber car. Airports have wheelchairs and pushing staff all over the place. I think you will be fine to walk it but get there early and use the services if you need them. Lay 20 on red for me
  13. WInston223322


    What is wrong with you Scared and ready? Just kidding there is not one person on this site who was not uneasy about getting this done, You are typical and as you have read most of us think its the best thing we have done, For most of us was a easy surgery also if that puts your mind at ease. You are getting a tool now get the workshop in order prior to the 12th.
  14. Do Not fret the liquid stage but this is really low - I was running art 500 for the first few months. Make sure you are keeping the vitamins and minerals up high. You will crash if you don;t trust me I did. Yes at that rate you will shred the weight - Me and a few others here Ran low calories for the first 5 months and shredded the weight. But you have to keep balanced vitamins and minerals and supplements, that was the hardest part for my journey
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    Congrads welcome to the club
  16. WInston223322


    I say ask a doctor - But the sooner the better you will love it
  17. WInston223322

    Working out again question.

    Cross fit is to much - I actually do cross fit but had to do One on One cross fit for about 3 months daily before i could go into a class. No I am in the Legends class ...... Ok not because we are all legends just because we are over 50 - I would suggest you stay clear of cross fit and do elliptical and tread mill and machine work outs for the next 8 Months - Once you get your cardio way up then try a one on one cross fit. My kid is a cross fit super member insane and even he suggested i do not do it in the beginning.
  18. WInston223322

    New Member, Revised!

    Dang i hope you have great insurance. Welcome to the WLS jungle -
  19. WInston223322

    💙Pregnancy 11 months post rny 💙

    No wonder why my Girlfriend could not find any Pregnancy tests! Congratulations and enjoy it!
  20. WInston223322

    1 year post op- not at goal

    I agree with above! You body is fighting back and you need to fight back harder! A few things that worked for me at the end was to do some Intermittent fasting, Mix up my calorie intakes one day really low next day 1200. Worked for me
  21. WInston223322

    Making your own protein shakes on liquid diet

    Yes there are tons of ways to make your own - Use the liquid flavorings you can get online - Works great My go to is the Peanut butter protein powder - Bannanna liquid flavor and Ice and Almond MILK - I have like 15 different liquid flavorings Got em on amazon - Not sure why you Nut said you could not grind up Fruit? Use Fruit Juice if you have to -
  22. Its Official I am a fellow Chaffeler - As a trained chef going to master this will agree they are good ----- Under a heat lamp so that is the light issue
  23. Ok I got one of those little things the other day when you posted they were on sale Gotta give this a go!
  24. WInston223322

    Does Food Still Bring You Joy? a newbie wants to know.

    I can honestly say now i enjoy food better the pre Op. Prior to surgery food was Food i consumed garbage food, bar food, Junk food, Drive thru food, Boxed and processed food. Now Flash forward I eat small portions (NORMAL) for most of the world except the USA. I eat the good food, Shrimp, Lobster, Filet, I cook with the best ingredients and healthy. I would rather eat a 6oz Lobster Tail with 3oz Filet - Then a box of wings and pizza from Dominos You will be able to eat properly, Just no garbage. You can still enjoy the social end of food and the good times with the kids - Just not by the bucket full Well worth it in my view!

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