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On 5/26/2020 at 5:02 PM, BayougirlMrsS said:

Have a question and it may sound stupid..... but if you already had the sleeve and now have the RNY..... How can there be no restriction? Did the dr not re cut the sleeve to make it small again? or did they just do the MGB... / by pass?

No question is dumb. The restriction we feel with the sleeve is at the gate of the ending of our stomachs into our intestines. There’s a natural tightness there that allows for food to empty slowly. With the bypass it literally bypass all of that and empty into the intestines. The little gate or tightness is bypassed

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12 hours ago, DesperateEC said:

Nothing is a fact in weight loss surgery because there are too many variables. Literally everything down to genetics changes the outcome. But the sleeve is the most restrictive ( if don’t properly without complications) and safer surgery. The only thing is , is the stomach no matter how small can and will always stretch.

i really don't believe that the sleeve is the most restrictive.... personally i think the band is. sleeve i can eat whatever i want... just 3-4 bits and i full..... with the band i just could not eat certain things at all, bread, rice, some Pasta, grits, some potatoes, some salad mixes.... not even one bite without it getting stuck and throwing up. So i never ate them till i had the band removed.... I will agree with the fact that i lost a whole lot faster with the sleeve and i have only thrown up 3 x in over a year so that's a win.

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